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I can't get outta my head

I've been happy all weekend, but the last 2 nites I haven't been able to sleep. Last night I kept waking up every half hour. When my alarm finally went off this morning I was so depressed I called off work and just been laying around. Now I feel all panicky and don't know why.

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Sometimes, for me it’s helps to just get up and go... once I’m going the rest is slowly forgotten as I get busy with other things.. in other words keeping the mind & yourself busy? It’s helped me.. have you tried going for a run or walk before bed?

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I do an hr of cardio on my heavy bag every night b4 bed.

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Well damn... watching a documentary of some sort sometimes does the tricj

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True but punching gets the aggression out.

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Yes, yes it does! Been there!

You are likely feeling panicky from lack of sleep and worry that you won't be able to sleep. When you worry excessively, your body releases adrenaline and that is what makes you feel panicky. Sometimes exercising will help use up the adrenaline.

You can try taking 2 Benadryl at bedtime to see if that will help you fall asleep. If that doesn't work, call your doctor for meds to help you fall asleep.

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Thanks for the suggestions but I don't use western medicine. I'm healthier and happier since I stopped paying ppl to poison me.

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