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Can't get anything done

It's now 2:10 P.M. on a Sunday. I live in the U.S. Aside from getting up much earlier to take care of my 4 dogs, I went back to sleep and just got up. I work from a home based business Monday-Friday and I have to get up at 6:00 A.M. every day. So I know I can give myself some leeway on the weekends. But 2:00??? Now the whole day is gone. Yesterday and most weekends after tending the dogs, I go back to sleep until 1:00. I live alone so this is not affecting anyone else. But still. Because of the anxiety and depression, I don't want to do ANYTHING. I have so much stuff to get done-household chores and business letters and things to type. My Christmas tree is still up! All of the decorations are off, but it's still up. I am going back to my gp on Feb. 6th to maybe change my anti-depressants once again. Nothing truly works. Nothing. I am SO SICK of these wasted weekends of getting nothing accomplished and just dreading the thought of doing chores and whatnot. Then tomorrow already-back to the same old workweek grind. Any advice?

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Try to pick one thing to get done. I know how you feel and your chain of thought is similar to mine. The chain is what keeps me in chains.


Thank you for responding. I am actually doing that right now. Sitting here trying to organize some papers and such. It's just SOOOO MUCH to do. And life never stops giving you work and chores. So if you don't keep up, this is what happens. I just can't give myself the motivation to get things done because my life is so depressing. There is nothing to look forward to.

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I’m in the same boat my anxiety has taken over me completely i don’t have no motivation as well I wake up and wonder what am i going to do today? I have no motivation nothing too look forward too and then makes me want to do nothing I don’t want to leave my house I’m starting to not want to dress up for what I just stay home I keep telling myself I need to find something because I feel alone and sad.


Same here. I work from home so I have to see people every day. That's the only reason I get dressed and do my hair and make-up. I notice now that since I am home so much, I get anxious when I think about going out. The only time I go out anymore is to walk my dogs.


Yes I can relate to getting anxious about leaving the house as well wished we can make these feeling going away


Well, I'm going to the doctor on Feb. 5th. I'm going to see about changing my anti-depressant again for the umpteenth time. 😕


I TOTALLY get it. I’m also single, but I don’t have a job right now because I hated it and quit at the beginning of January. I had taken disability the last few months of 2017 because of crazy anxiety. Anyway, the point is that I’m a total sleepaholic. I struggle getting out of bed every day. I sleep to avoid depression and anxiety. I can easily sleep for 12 hours and it’s worrying me because I’ve read that too much sleep isn’t healthy. I still nap every day, too. I do also get up to feed my cat and then go back to bed. I don’t know anyone else who sleeps this much. I always make it to meetings and appointments, but I get how it’s hard to get anything done. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stop doing this. If/when I get a new job, at least my weekdays will be more productive. But UGH! I feel like an addict sometimes.


Sometimes I think the more I sleep, the worse I feel. I can wake up.feeling even more tired. I'm hoping that maybe once the winter is over, I'll be more motivated to get up at a decent hour and enjoy the spring weather outside with the dogs.


Something we often times overlook is SADS. Seasonal affective disorder. It is so real. Not getting enough light. Especially sun light. Artificial light does help.

We let things get so behind then the overwhelming feeling attacks. One small task at the time. Find remember something you love. Surround yourself with it. For me it's simple as fresh flowers on my table.

Find a good joke site read a few each day. Funnies are contagious. You will smile the more you smile a better sense of well being comes over you.



Thank you!


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