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Hoping to find people who understand depression and I can talk to


I don't have many friends and my fiancé knows about my depression but he doesn't understand it completely and doesn't know how to respond when I'm feeling sad. My family doesn't know either and I usually journal but sometimes I want to talk to someone who can relate to what I'm going through. I just found this site and I hope it works.

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Welcome... I’m new to this group too.

Depression (to me) is as sad as as the invisible illness of dementia. You can’t see it, but it effects not only the depressed person but also their loved ones. This group replies pretty “quick”... (which is highly important, when it comes to depression. My last few days have been pretty bad..but lots of people showed that they care..... Hang in there.. cuz tomorrow is whole new day. We are here for you

Mariposa82 in reply to Cocoon3

Omg yes it does. I'm glad to hear that because that is exactly what I'm looking for. The last couple of weeks have been on/off for me and sucks because Im not sure why. I used to go to therapy but I can't afford it right now. Thank you for your response.

Cocoon3 in reply to Mariposa82

No problem... we are all just trying to tread water !!! And this Group really does help !

so you stay in touch now OK ? 😘

Cocoon3 in reply to Mariposa82

We all have good days and bad days ,just as everyone else does (that does not fight or battle invisible illnesses).. so as one of us may be having a very bad day, another in this group may be having a good day ( but can completely understand where you’re coming from) so then ....they are able to help that person get through their day !! •• that’s how this works •••. PRETTY AWESOME HUH?

Mariposa82 in reply to Cocoon3

Yes it's very awesome. I'm glad I found this website. I wish I discovered it sooner.

I've on here for about a year now and there is a lot of people who understand and try to help in some way. Lots of people have helped me through my depression and other stuff. So don't be afraid to express yourself or just talk about whatever is going on. I really do hope this site helps you.


I do too because I feel stuck and lost.

Welcome Mariposa82 to the family......We are always here for you......

Thank you Dreamer468.

You are always welcome.......

Welcome 🤗!!! You can always message me if you need to talk. I've struggled with depression on and off for 15 years. I'll be more than willing to support you ☺.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. It's hard finding someone to talk to that understands that isn't a therapist. Funny thing I have my masters in counseling but haven't been in a good place to try to help people. I plan on getting there one day sooner than later.

You're welcome. I've had people to tell me that I was selfish, stuck in the past, and too emotional. It's hard revealing your true feelings to people who can not relate. You're in the right place for support because we won't look at you like you're an alien 👽. You'll be putting that masters to use before you know it ☺.

It is refreshing speaking to others who can relate instead of brushing you off or classifying it as something else because they don't understand or believe in mental health. I don't trust a lot of people because I've been betrayed by so called "friends". Some people pretend to care just to use things you tell them against you. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

No problem. We are all a little different. In my opinion, most people don't focus on their mental health like they should. We're just forced to pay attention to ours because our brains get worn out. 😥

It is difficult when our family doesn’t get it. My husband never knows what to say when I reach out. Usually ends up doing nothing. It is frustrating. I hope you have a positive welcome here!

Mariposa82 in reply to Jvicks

Yes my fiancé doesnt know what to say either. So far it has been a very warm welcome. Thank you.

Welcome- I’m fairly new here,too. It sucks to be struggling with depression and anxiety and not really having much of a support system.

For me it’s extremely difficult to find courage to reach out, and unfortunately when I do my family invalidates me and my boyfriend who’s also struggling with his own issues is trying to but I know he’s not really in a place to be of much help - I think my issues are just piling on his and vice versa.

I’m trying to be strong for my kids and I want to get better but it’s like I’m stuck on a sinking ship with no life raft and I’m nowhere near anyone who can help me.

Maybe there’s someone in your family that you trust enough to reach out to?

The fact that you are journaling and you’re here reaching out to others who also struggle with depression is a very good step towards understanding and managing your depression. It’s not easy reaching out, so well done. ❤️

Mariposa82 in reply to Ripley7

My fiancé knows everything and I love him because he tries but it's not the same because he can't relate. My family doesn't know about my depression I've kept it from them for years because they've had other things to do deal with and some of them wouldn't get it. My sister fails to acknowledge her own mental health plus she just got diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia so we are dealing with that. I've been in therapy and on meds for years but I had to stop taking my meds because the side effects were taking a toll on me. Journaling has always kept me sane for lack of a better word, however, the journal doesn't talk back and I need conversation sometimes. I'm here if you need to talk. I've been on that sinking raft before😊

To me it seems that none of the meds I’ve tried throughout the years have worked for me. So it makes me wonder if I’m treating the wrong thing— I figure maybe the issue could be one of two things:

A. Maybe I have some kind of mental disorder that is behind the depression and anxiety and I just haven’t bothered to consider that until now. So maybe it would be a matter of treating the right diagnoses.

B. I’d just had the misfortune of having a really crappy dysfunctional childhood like so many others and unfortunately I’d never learned the skills to deal with life in a healthy way.

That would actually be way more frustrating if that were the case because I’m just now in my 40’s. I don’t think at this point I’m going to have any epiphanies and then gain all this confidence and master my inner demons.

C. (Gonna add a ‘C’ because, why not?😏)

This would actually be a combo of both A. and B. - I have a mental disorder AND I’m major screwed up.

Ugh- so that’s me currently- all that mess just spinning in my head round and round and round...

Even though your fiancé can’t relate that’s awesome he’s being supportive. I’ve had to explain to my bf sometimes that I don’t want him to feel like he’s supposed to fix my problems- I just want him to listen without judgement. That alone can sometimes help in finding more clarity.

I definitely believe my older sister is in denial about her issues, too. She seems like she’s convinced she’s got everything under control but I think she’s just mastered the ability to internalize everything. (I’m a bit envious of that because I can’t even do that very well)

I’m really sorry your sister was diagnosed with leukemia- a rare form at that. I hope that she’ll come around to addressing her mental health just as much as her physical because it’s all connected to our entire wellbeing. Stress alone is no doubt the cause of most of my health issues.

It's never to late to learn coping skills. It's a trial and error and thing and it takes some people longer just please don't stop trying. I'm now looking at vitamins at helping me deal with depression. I found one that has some good reviews and I started it 2 days ago and I feel the difference. Of course, if you're on meds please make sure you speak with your dr 1st if you want to go that route. I used to write down 1 positive thing from each day and that helped especially considering the state of the world right now. I need to get back to doing that again. Maybe you might need to try a different dr. Some Dr's just write a script and don't actually listen and try to help. Again just please don't stop trying. Life is too short and you deserve to have some peace.

It helps a lot now that my fiancé is supportive, however, it was a long road to get there but nonetheless we did. As far as my sister, I doubt she will ever acknowledge her mental health and until she gets her physical health under control it doesn't even cross her mind. Just keep explaining to your bf it will take a few times. Have him read articles and watch videos because 5hat helped my fiancé understand. I will see if I still have some articles saved and if I do I can send them to you, if that's OK.

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