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How to beat depression


I have tried 3 different medications along with better diet, exercise, good sleep habits, no alcohol.....nothing works. Please help. What can I do? Whats the best medicine to take? I have tried Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro and Wellbutrin. Nothing works

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Sounds you are trying to help yourself well with diet exercise etc. Wonder what if any the underlying cause for your depression is. If not chemical imbalance have you asked to be referred for CBT? Or even a counsellor virtual if you can afford it. If not then they obviously haven't found the right drug for you should they feel you need that.

Hi, firstly depression cant be won using drugs alone, you need to identify the source of your depression, target it, deal with it and plan for any future thoughts, easier said than done. as basten said CBT and/or a counsellor will help. something that is helping me is to talk out loud or to write down my issues, it seems easier to deal with when they are out in the open, even if it is just in your own head. accept life is a bit shit, look for the positives and plan for your future... HTH

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