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Not a fan of American mental health system

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Came home after two long years round the clock

Mash like vet intern years

We are the staff we do not have nurses

Exhausted I got dumped on by Moronic psyche docs and nurses. Wouldn’t listen to history. Completely wrong so manny biases

My family are know it alls too

Tell u how it is

Yet no experience

HAd it with America

British system seems slow patient thorough. Benevolent

Not tough love bs by joe amateur e pets who know spit

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British system... waiting lists can be long, and you may not even get a referral.

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Brig57 in reply to _Alex_

K thanks met someone years ago Seemed very kind. I can be very wrong

American is forensically oriented

Assume all men are crimSks or precitorss


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Brig57 in reply to Brig57

Tk u for ur input very helpful

Yesssss! I had the worst experience with the stupid mental health system. It made me like 10 times worse than I already was. This is not an area you can just go to work to collect a paycheck. This is a passion you need to be here. I met alot of jerks, but I met one person I will never forget, his name was Reggie and he loved his job, he was there cause he cared, and I swear he was a teddy bear. I just wanted to hug that man with everything inside of me because he was one of the best people that could have been in the facility I was at. I'm sorry you went through that because they make it a joke when you're actually trying to get help. I hope you get to a better place, sending a hug to you!!!

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Oh man a hug omg

Most of us as u know don’t even k ow what that is

Amazingly powerful Tk u so much

Returning g the kind thought



Me sooo


In memory of dolphin faux art and many others who have helped me so much

in reply to Brig57

Thank you! Hugs are underrated in the age we live in! I'm glad I could help a little bit!!

I’ve been to doctor after doctor all they do is say well that was a good session here are some pills to make you feel more numb then you already are

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Brig57 in reply to Hunt9898

I was a caretaker

HeRd the same

Our families thk we just complain or make it up

People here far better listeners




A lot!!

Very very sad to hear that these moronic Dr's and nurses are not in the jobs for the right reasons. I live in New Zealand a population of 5 million and only 1 of our cities which us Auckland has decent mental health care. It truly is abysmal.

Soooooo sorry

I’ve seen stellar nurses and doctors. The system isn’t interested or.cares

I’ve met the reprogramming and etc horrible doctors

Families don’t believe a word u say nor does the system yet were the consummer

I thought the point esp for men

Was to try and be better listeners

Even in business


Sorry sir or miss I dint know what’s wrong with ur car or horse or dog but

I believe u and will look into it

In the mental health system

The condescending doctors treat everyone like idiots

They are the ones who have no experience in the real world

Usually the best help are regular people with good ear kind heart and lots of life experience

Dictors will say u have to have degrees etc bs

I bumped into a woman yesterday

She stArted telling me how her father just passed

After her mother

After her daughter

And grandkids

Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to aporrciTe her grief suffering and loses

Her manager was totaly unsupportive as we’re typically cold doctors

Good grief how is this possible today?

Thk u for ur comments

Have a friend in nz. Very special country to me

Take care

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