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Mental Health Awareness Month ❤️

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Hi HU friends!! I know I don’t get a whole lot of people reading or commenting on my posts, however I just wanted to say that May is Mental Health Awareness month!!! 💞 I’ve been trying to be an advocate for mental health and I love sharing the facts about it with others who may not struggle. So whatever mental health disease you struggle with I just want to say, you are not alone and you can ALWAYS message me if you need a friend to talk to 💜

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Thank U so much for this post. Especially after the tragic death of Naomi Judd by Suicide last weekend, it is so important that especially on HU that we Support each other.

Yes I was sad to hear of her passing and that she had struggled with mental illness as well😔 I am just bringing some awareness that we are not on our own and we can get through this!!

I agree with you 💯 %. That’s why it is good that HU offers a sense of community especially for those who feel that there is no where else to discuss their mental health issues.

I agree!! I know I haven't found a place just like here and I'm thankful so much to have something like this community to turn to!! :)

So happy 😀 to hear that U have found a supportive place to come to

Hey friend, how are you ? Such a nice post. I love it. 💜

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I'm doing well, friend!! Just a few life changes going on recently and traveling this weekend so I'm trying to ease my anxiety at the moment but i'm sure it'll be fine. How are you doing?? Hopefully you are doing better! 😊

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I'm a bit stressed lately because of my exams 🙁

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Awww I bet! I'm sorry you are dealing with that but hopefully the stress will go away and you will do great on your exams! :)

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Thank you

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