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New to site hopefully will get others dealing with this to share thoughts an ideas to no I’m not alone no support where I live at all thx


My name is Dana an I’m dealing with depression anxiety an mood swings too I have no one that understands what I’m dealing with or how to help plus the things I do as a volunteer in the summer r closed to volunteers due to cov19 an so is school I attended so that’s hard enough with nothing to keep me busy now to deal with all the issues an no support I feel I’m the only one dealing with this things i wood appreciate feed back an ideas thank u Dana

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Have u tried painting by numbers

Or looking on pininterest for garden ideas

Oh you are not alone! I live alone and this quarantine has made my depression and anxiety worse. Most of the things I’d normally do to distract myself or make me happy have been affected by COVID, including volunteering. You are not alone.

Hi Dana, Thanks for your post. I feel there are 2 issues for you if I read the post right. The first is finding something to do while Covid-19 limits freedom outside the home. I have signed up for some free online courses. Painting by numbers as mentioned by Hidden is good too. The second is support to cope with feelings about the virus and it's affects. Most governments have helplines for chats and websites for information.

I am in Australia so that makes it hard to make a relevant referral. Let us know how you get on 🐨

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I appreciate ur response an there r some good idea I have painted by numbers an it help but bc I live in an apartment that limits me to work in the garden ect but I like ur feedback I usually so busy in summer volunteering am going to school which r both closed here I love the idea of classes online that’s what I’ll look into today thank u for ur feedback 0693

You are not the only one, Dana.

Hi, I'm ella, and like you, I also deal with anxiety. Most of my activities have come to a halt due to the virus, so I do understand when you say it is hard to keep busy.

I try to stay active and keep my mind busy. Crocheting is something I normally do in the fall and winter months, but because I need to stay busy I have started to crochet small items and will donate them to those in need in the fall. Hats, scarves, etc. are easy to work up and small enough to keep myself focused and see quick results.

If you don't crochet then I suggest you go on youtube and find a tutorial, there are many, and take it up. This is what I did. I had to focus and this helped to keep my mind busy. Hooks and yarn are easy to find and just shopping for them is something interesting and fun to do.

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Thanks for ur response that’s a good idea aN it’s something I’m gonna try once I get to Walmart good to no I’m not alone sometimes it sure feels like it ya no

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