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Why do I always feel so sick?

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I go to the doctor, they do every test known to man and then tell me I'm perfectly healthy. But I feel so unwell all the time. Dizzy and lightheaded and like I might faint. My periods are always irregular and make me even sicker. And my mental health is terrible but apparently it's just "anxiety". I'm so frustrated and sick of living this way.

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I feel like this often too (and have done on and off for many years) - even down to the irregular periods. I worry about it and it is an awful way to feel. I understand the frustration and not wanting to feel so unwell but if you’ve had all the tests and there is no physical cause, you need to try and believe in what the doctors are telling you.

It’s not ‘just’ anxiety. Anxiety is a cruel and serious illness, the same way many physical illnesses are. We have to try not to confuse anxiety (the condition) with feeling anxious (which everyone does from time to time.) Anxiety, the illness, has many symptoms both physical and mental and can be the cause of what you’re feeling.

It often feels like the after thought, the ‘just’, like you’re being fobbed off because you can’t diagnose the symptoms as being anxiety by doing a test. You have to come to the conclusion by ruling out other causes - which is frustrating in itself. But it doesn’t make it less valid or ‘serious’.

Be kind to yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to write this response and explain anxiety a little better. It helped. :)

Have you tried going to therapy and taking medication?

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Yeah.. unfortunately without much success. Meds usually make me feel worse and therapy just.. doesn't seem to help.

Don’t stop. I feel the same. I get sick every day and I’m gonna see a gastro dr tomorrow don’t give up. I’m fighting with you

Good luck at your appointment! And thank you!

First let me say that I echo the other comment about the reality of the physical manifestation of anxiety, and that it’s a legitimate illness. I went through similar trials and tribulations, only to finally accept that my symptoms were caused by my anxiety. That said, by all means, do try to rule all other medical causes, bc you know your body better than a doctor does. Just know that it could also really be anxiety making you sick.

I don’t know where you live, but you might benefit from pursuing treatment outside of conventional western medicine— acupuncture, herbal medicine, or a nutritionist, for example. I have had a lot of success with these routes for various maladies, including anxiety.

Good luck, I hope you figure out the cause eventually, keep searching.

...I should also add massage and/or chiropractor could help with dizzy/lightheaded. Good luck.


It's like Eleanor says: Anxiety is an illness.

I have been just like you with so many awful symptoms over five years or more. I've had a lot of help from people on here, in fact it's been the best help of all.

I've had many tests including MRI and

x-rays boold tests etc.

I've had terrible symptoms, muscle pain dizziness nausea, passing out feelings, stomach problems, tinnitus, can't go out, depressed to name but a few, and some totally bizarre things such as feeling as though I was going to pass out when all I needed was a bowel movement, my heart would race I would sweat, also that feeling of can't get your breath at night.

I am now I would say 95% better. Yes I have the few odd symptoms, but I have taught myself not to be afraid of them, literally. I told myself this has happened many times and it didn't kill me...

I'm not saying it's easy, and it took a long time. But all that suffering was wasting my life. I am in general a nervous personality, but I also love going out etc. This particular episode in my life started with burn out with travelling for my job, but I wouldn't give it up, until my body made me.

Next time you feel bad and panicky try not to be afraid, try and work it out why you feel that way. For me one way was, my muscles would hurt, the pain made me feel sick, feeling sick made me panic, then I couldn't breathe, then I felt dizzy like I would pass out. .... I would fear all this happening again the next day, and so it went on....

I've not explained myself very well I know, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

We fear the fear all the time in an endless circle!

Best Wishes xx

I was just telling my husband this tonight. I said that I almost want to go to the doctor again, just to make sure nothing is wrong, but I have been before many times doing all types of tests and they tell me I’m fine, but I don’t feel fine.

I too always feel sick and tired. I feel like lately the lethargy is ridiculous. No matter how much sleep I get I always feel tired. Even on days I eat well, drink lots of water, get sun, etc. I can still feel so drained and sickly. I just don’t feel heathy.

I figure it’s the anxiety but I don’t feel I have a lot making me anxious lately. In other words, I have felt more anxious before and had not had these symptoms.

Last year I went to a gastro doctor with terrible pains in my bowels. He was the first doctor to be real with me and said that it was stress and anxiety related and that he really couldn’t give me anything to fix the bowel pain, but I needed to work on reducing the anxiety. It was actually really refreshing to have an MD tell me what I really always knew was the cause and didn’t try to give me meds for something else.

I think until we can really pinpoint was is causing the stress and anxiety can we work on ourselves. Acupuncture did help me, but my anxiety would make it hard for me to go sometimes.

I'm with you constantly everyday there's no break. It's horrendous x

I have the exact same problem. It,s so frustrating I don’t What to do. I quit smoking 3 months ago and thought that would help. I am shaky, have insomnia and no appetite. I am a lot older than you so I guess age doesn’t make a difference. Depression meds don’t help me and I am really fed up.

Hi, I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I understand what you are going through. I too have extremely regular periods, am dizzy and lightheaded almost constantly, and I have anxiety as well. What you are going through is very tough. (That’s an understatement). Just remember that non of this is your fault. You didn’t choose to experience this and you can’t control it. Don’t let anybody shame you for it. It can be really frustrating with many people being misinformed about anxiety and undermining it. But I can assure you that what you are feeling is valid and serious. You are not being over emotional or over exaggerating. Anxiety is a very serious illness and shouldn’t be taken lightly from people. Hopefully one day the stigma around it will end. Your irregular periods and dizziness could be caused by anxiety. I hope you feel better. Have a wonderful day. :)

Well you’re irregular periods can be a result of stress. When you’re in a constant state of anxiety, your body sends a message that you wouldn’t be able to support a pregnancy hence the irregular periods. I get dizzy and lightheaded too and no one has any idea why, but especially since it’s summer, I focus on fluids and increasing my salt intake, I also wear compression socks. Maybe look into it? You don’t have to rely on a doctor to give you a definitive answer before focusing on your health. Although it’s significantly harder when you have to find these solutions and do this research yourself but try and focus on the general advice given. Eat healthy, exercise often, and stay positive! :)

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