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Looking for opinion on the best antidepressant for depression and anxiety.

Any experience with Prozac?

Prozac seems to be helping take the edge off the anxiety for my spouse, allows him to sleep at night. However, he’s a million miles away with his emotions. And there is zero interest in a sex life for him, which causes us a further disconnect.

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I had taking many antidepressants for years and I still got depressed.

I discovered the herb Kratom from watching the Netflix documentary “A Leaf Of Faith” I was in a horrible depression and I ordered Bali Kratom online from a company called Krave. I started taking 1-2 capsules every 4-5 hours and my depression miraculously lifted. I’d suffered for years trying everything. I shared Kratom with 2 friends who also had

Major Depression and they also came out of their horrible darkness.

I’m a documentary film maker and am doing research for a film on alternatives to antidepressants. Many cutting edge doctors and researchers now believe that antidepressants don’t work most of the time and have horrible side effects.

Kratom has worked for me, but there are many alternatives such as MDMA therapy which has just been approved by the FDA

Please don’t use antidepressants. They are highly addictive taking up to 2 years to taper off with very bad side effects. I believe history will consider these pills as a barbaric treatment.

My best to you❤️

Hopefully with a psychiatrist and therapist your husband can find the best option, whatever that maybe. Important to note that medications/therapy can take time and weighing the pros/cons of meds. I hope you guys can find something that works.🙏


It did nothing for me. I have been on about 4 different medications and none have worked. I was told that some people's brains just do not accept medicinal changes. Good luck to you and don't give up. It is a long journey but something out there may work!

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