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When there’s a lot of stress, do your best



Home/online schooling and kids not happy and my brain melting

Grumpy husband and walking on eggshells

I’m using running, sitting in the sun, interesting online series on Netflix for my time to have breaks from the stress.

I will be remembering and to all you out there having stress, if it isn’t working out it’s ok, you tried your best and that’s all you can do! ❤️

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Yes I need to get outside too. Good luck with all you’re doing.


Starrlight in reply to Ddorne

You too Liti! 😊

I suppose, the kids, homework and a Husband getting irritable because He is worried regards job and what is going on in Lock-down must be driving you all up the wall and back again. Do you have anywhere outside to sit on a warm day or are you really stuck inside.

Finding something together may help. I can understand how you feel educating your children is not easy, keeping their attention span concentrating of their subjects must be a problem

We do not have children, just the two of us and Pax and we are fortunate to have somewhere where we can sit down, or doing things in the garden. Studying outside if possible may also help as well

I was terrible or so my Mother would say, She was a Teacher, She taught Mathematics and English however She would never help me with my Mathematics and Physics and that was a real let down. She could not keep my interest, I was having trouble, She was bored and had no interest in me

I was trained as an Instructor, and the main thing was to keep the person interested in the subject they were doing, if you can mix play with learning, that may help you keep the children interested. Granted my limit in education was training Children ride their bikes and learn Road Safety. However I feel keeping their attention may help.

Try looking at their books before you try and educate, That may help you prepare for next day.

Can your Husband not try and help with your Childrens Education


Studying outside is a good idea, especially since I’ve planned poetry as one lesson for tomorrow. How would I mix play with learning poetry like picking out similes and such I wonder. Maybe just sitting out in the sun with it will be fun for them. I do look first at assignments I will be deciding to do with them. No matter how hard I plan I still feel anxious, maybe as time goes on it will get easier. My husband is helping a bit with math. Thanks so much for your response it really means a lot to me!!!! P.s. I’m overwhelmed and feeling like I can’t do this I am in tears 😭

When I was instructing Starlight half of the educating was done outside, by them doing what they learned in the class. I made a game of the instructing.

The same in the Youth Clubs, where most of the instruction was sports based.

In class you could try catchy rymes

For example The colours of the Rainbow

RICHARD OF YORK GAINS BATTLE IN VAIN. The first letter in each colour


There are quite a few different from above may help.

Try Rewards, that can also instigate a childs compeditive nature to learn the lesson.

Remember learning at Home, will be out of context to school you will need to understand that, the promise of play or something they enjoy may help them study.

Try not to leave them when they are working the need to play and not work will prevent them educating themselves.

You say poems, like together with art where they can draw something associated with the poem.


Excuse the spelling

Thanks Bob

Hi Star.

I can only imagine how difficult schooling the kids would be. I agree, just do the best you can. I’ll bet all the kids will have to catch up a bit once they return to schools.

I guess we all knew we’d be getting on one another’s nerves off and on during this isolation.. Hang in there. I am glad you are finding ways to get mentally away from the stress. Do something special for yourself.

Take care. ❤️

Starrlight in reply to Poodie

Thank you sooooo much!!! I’m still in tears but I decided from now on to only teach in a fun way like poetry under a tree with a picnic and such because if I do too much to seriously I break down. I will try to think of some way of doing a nice thing for myself. Today was the worst. My crying made my dog shake 😳

Poodie in reply to Starrlight

You know some parents just can not do much due to other obligations. Taking it easy and making it fun is a great idea.

Starrlight in reply to Poodie

That’s what I’m thinking!!! 🤔 I like it! My bipolar symptoms are acting up so the easier for me the more fun for them sounds right!


You sound like a good mama! Keep doing your thing! 💕🙏

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

You’ve touched my heart. Thank you sooooo! 🙏 😊 ❤️

Hidden in reply to Starrlight

Your welcome! 😊

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