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New ADAA Blog Post - Understanding Hoarding Responses to Covid-19: Where Did All the Toilet Paper Go?


..."Now is certainly a time of stress for many people. In addition to health issues, people are stressed about losing employment or being over-worked. They are also concerned about having basic supplies to meet their needs. Anxiety about finances and resource availability can lead to hoarding behaviors..."ADAA member Melanie VanDyke, PhD and co-authors Sandra Carusa, PhD, & Tara Warren, PharmD Candidate share insights into issues around hoarding during the coronavirus outbreak.

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How do you find this stuff??

You tube... corona karaoke 🎤’s for pepa ...hope she’s well

I'm sure she will find it very special

For you ....your favourite ...N.D.....😀

Ty that was very nice of you.

You’re welcome....and thanks admin for a great post...need more toilet paper stuff


Nice, k3p healthy.

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