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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone. I suffer from social anxiety, major depressive disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. I joined because I am in need of support. I have limited support in my life outside of therapy. I also wish to share and give others support.

My hobbies are meditation, journaling, creative writing, and I love animals and nature.

7 Replies
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hi and welcome scarlet hopefully the forum provides you with great comfort and support.bit of an animal lover myself and nature always helps me.

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Welcome to the site. It's a good place to be. There are a lot of caring and knowledgeable people here who will share their experience strength and hope with you. Keep posting and let us know how you're doing

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Welcome Scarlett!!!

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Thank you everyone.

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I am senior now and have suffered from Ptsd and general anxiety most of my life. However with all forms of addictions behind me and am now nearing a year off my 20 year one 20 ml anti depressant this is what I do now to manage anxiety that it does not esculate to trauma.

I have been meditating for the past 5 years yet recently happened on SOMA Meditation. Soma brings me to a faster, higher level that gives relieves me of all background anxiety.

It was difficult getting off the anti-depressant. I became quite angry for the ist 3 months . I realized then that man made pills MASK and allow no healing.

I also go to sleep with Biaural Beats music, You can go to youtube and find what you need with sound music/frequency running for 8/10/12 hour sessions.

5 Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

hope this helps

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Im here if you need!

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