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Hello everyone


Hi I'm channy. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and with depression. It's been a roller coaster and I came really close to losing tough with the world but I keep pushing my self to stay positive. I'm currently on zoloft and it works mostly but today and it didn't help my random attack at the nail salon I had which also my bf's mom was doing my nails so I was so embarrassed I could feel it turn into a panic attack. And now I'm just super upset bc I feel like living your life with those disorders really holds you back from doing what you normally need or want to do.

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What do you feel it holds you back from doing that you enjoy?

My job, raising my son, living a normal life.

I'm sorry your having a hard time. I have the same issue with the job and the normal life part. I cannot work at the moment because of my panic attacks. I don't have kids. Always hear to talk. I find I get some temporary comfort from anxiety when I talk to people who also are going through it.

Yeah it's sucks. I have better days. But when I have attacks I start to feel like I have to start back over

Hi channy, I totally understand where ur coming from, I've suffered from anxiety and depression for 3 years now and it's has its ways, I could be doing good one min, and I could have a melt down for 24 hrs straight. Not wanting to be bothered with no one

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I can't tell if it's my zoloft or me anymore at this point and medication is really taking my pride away :/

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