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Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone. I am a small 21 year old woman. Dealing with anxiety and all that comes with it. Just reaching out for support because no one in my personal life understands me or cares to help. Honestly I have not 1 friend and no one outside of my family seems to care. Anybody want to talk to me or start a potential friendship? I promise I don't bite. I feel like if I don't make any personal connections i'll just curl up into a ball forever. I'm really close to it.

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First off welcome to the site! I know all too well what you're dealing with. Are you getting any help from a Dr., therapist or psychiatrist? I'd be more than happy to be your friend! I wish for you all the best, with peace of mind! Love & Hugs!!!

Hello there friend, we are here for you. Please, feel free to talk about your feelings on your profile at anytime or message me if you need a friend. I wish you all the best xoxo.

I am 21 too with pretty severe anxiety so if you need to vent to anyone I am always here

I have learned a lot over the years dealing with anxiety. Maybe I can share them with you. I could use a friend too.

Welcome! You are definitely not alone in this. There are so many people who deal with anxiety! Have you tried therapy or medications?

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