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Coronavirus almost at my breaking point.


This pandemic is really hitting me hard im so close to going off the deep end. I'm getting more and more paranoid and angry. I feel like punching everyones lights out. I feel such a terrible rage inside me. I so afraid and depressed. I'm also drinking to much as well as getting high.

People at work are coming in sick and boss isn't doing anything about. I tell them you have stay out of work for two weeks if you're sick, but will they listen no!

In addition im obsessed with the health epidemic and cant think of anything else.


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If you are at work, can you take a break right now? Just get out of your office,cubicle etc. Maybe go to a bathroom stall. If you are familiar with mindfulness techniques, try deep breathing for a few minutes. Youtube has some good videos on guided mediation, just bring your smartphone. Also, I find jim gaffigan clips help.

This won't alter your irresponsible co-workers of course but I find it always takes my panic levels down a few notches.

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Or maybe try a silent scream in the bathroom stall? (I'm serious)

Release some of that tension just piling up in your face and neck muscles!

Hello :-)

I totally understand how you are feeling and I a struggling with coping to where I just want to scream !

You are not alone in how you feel , I don't work but my Son does and I am paranoid what he may catch out there so it must be hard for you if you feel this bad been amongst people especially if they are showing signs of been unwell but your company should be following the government rules and it is disgusting if they are not !

Take Care x

Yep I get this ... i think it’s because we feel so out of control and with our normal everyday anxiety, it just all becomes too much . Only consolation is we’re al in the same boat .

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So very true!!!!!😭😭😭

David, you are worrying needlessly.

In the unlikely event you caught the coronavirus it would be mild and pass within 3 days.

It is only elderly people with a major underlying health condition who die from it. The class of people who otherwise die from influenza or pneumonia.

Coronovirus is not the bubonic plague that killed everybody it touches.

This winter in the u.k. 6000 people died of flu, mostly people who are elderly with underlying illnesses. Nobody made a big thing of it, the media weren't interested as it wasn't new.

So wash your hands regularly, keep your distance from others and don't dance with strangers and you will be fine.

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