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Reaching my breaking point!


Even when I don’t feel anxious, I still have physical anxiety symptoms! My heart beats hard and fast. When I’m doing something so little my heart rate is 140+ bpm. It’s crazy bc the doctors constantly tell me nothing is wrong!! But I definitely feel like something is wrong! It’s soooo hard trying to adjust to this “new life” when I know 21 years out of my life I was healthy! Makes me questioned what I did to deserve this! Why am I going through this? Why can’t my body just return back to normal? I’m only 24, I have a 4 yr old that I have to provide for daily. I’m soooo tired of feeling sooo bad & horrible that I can’t give my son the best life as I desire him to have. I’m tired of being out of breathe from walking to my room from the living room. It’s sooo annoying. Idk what to do or how to feel any more. I can’t seem to get answers from doctors, so I’m left clueless. When will I stop feeling like this? When will I be able to enjoy life again?😭

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Are you sure nothing is physically wrong? I have recurring symptoms of tachycardia and bradycardia my heart speeds up to over 140 beats and I am breathless like running a marathon but I am simply sitting down doing nothing. It will at times slow down to 40 beats a minute and I am dizzy if I try to stand up the room is spinning. In the past I had it when my vitamin D levels were as low as 23. They say it caused a flare up of Hyperparathyroidism which in turn caused hypercalcaemia which causes the heart arrhythmias. Now my vitamin D is in a normal range at 102 it has again flared up thought I was going mad until it finally showed up on my bloods. In the past it would come and go and the GP sent me to the rapid access chest pain clinic where they found nothing and said it was asthma but it was actually nothing to do with asthma as inhalers don't help it's just fluctuating hormones in my case. So vitamin D is stopped for the moment on a wait and see basis if it doesn't help then it will be surgery to remove the malfunctioning gland if there is one that is or it may settle on its own as it has in the past. Hope you get yours sorted if it is just anxiety it's not fun living with no definite reason for it.

My vitamin D levels are incredibly low. I was once at a 10, now I’m at a 13. It’s just annoying. I’m not sure what it is. I just know they keep doing test & then tell me it’s nothing.

I too did go on like that for ages and then eventually by sheer accident the parathyroid levels were checked and I have been monitored ever since. Just had a call to say my HB has dropped to 86 so I now understand why I have been feeling so dizzy. Sometimes it maybe nothing more than plain anxiety which can be lived with and there is medication to help with the symptoms but sometimes there are underlying conditions that take years to manifest themselves and your left feeling like a hypochondriac until they do.

Hi! If your doctors have evaluated you, try to not keep searching for the WHY. Anxiety just might be your WHY. The way anxiety manifests in the body physically is incredible. I too suffer from daily heart palpitations and feelings of anxiety almost everyday but I am learning to manage and accept these feelings. We need to try to break the cycle, break the reactivity and therefore lessen our adrenaline and cortisol build up. Have you tried reading any books to explain the physical manifestation of anxiety? This could help you understand a bit more a reduce your fear of "the feeling". Have you tried any apps? The Calm app has been wonderful for me. Have you discussed therapy with your provider? I too have young children and often feel guilty when I am afraid to take them to do things on my own out of simple fear of the what ifs or how I feel. I use them as my motivation to keep improving.

I’ve tried reading books. I actually calmed my mind for the past two months, but lately I’ve been feelings it body wise although mentally I’m not anxious

I get the same way. Progressive relaxation seems to help with my body.

Beautifulgirl01, anxiety is both a powerful Mind/Body Connection issue. I agree with

sjkj2011 in that using Progressive Relaxation along with Meditation will help settle you

down. Wish you well xx

Hi. Ii know how you're feeling so I'm gonna share my experience with you...i've had to find that feeling between anxiety as it's difficult to pin point especially if you suffer from chronic anxiety. The emotion you're feeling is shame. Shame feels very similar to anxiety as I also couldn't find the difference until revently. It's at my core, my foundation as auch. Shame makes my heart beat fast and even hurts my sternum.... Shame is caused by being told you're bad as a child so it hits the core of you so you feel like a bad person unlike guilt which is doing something bad. I've found that I take things personally which is shame based. You need to try look at it objectively like any emotion which is, easier said than done as it takes practice. I've found through my own experience that when I feel embarrassed, that's a secondary shame emotion. Shyness is also something I feel which too, is shame. When you feel anxious or shame, try love and nurture it and try not see it as an enemy but a part of you that needs love, just like a crying child. Feels it, sooth yourself (I generally rub my arms and chest area) and sit with the feeling and name it out loud. Expressing your emotions is important. I hope this helps. Xxx

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