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Managing the Roller Coast of Emotions During COVID-19


Featuring: ADAA member Bethany Teachman, PhD

The threats to our health, economy, and relationships caused by COVID-19 are unprecedented. For many people, this has created not only extreme anxiety, but also feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, and confusion. In this webinar, Dr. Teachman discusses strategies to manage each of these different forms of negative emotions to help cope during this difficult time.

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This has not covered what the collective social beings are now dealing with. The classes that I go to .. to connect with others throughout my week is no longer .. for me and everyone else.. Too much time alone with the uncertainty of 'how long will this go on for' is a major stress ... collectively. We our not only dealing with our stress anxiety but the collective fear/anxiety. However we do adjust and social media can be now a positive forum to connect as well as .. the phone and skype.

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