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Nothing, no feeling at all


Over the past two days I've spent at least 24 hours in bed, most of it not even sleeping, just motionless. Unable to answer the phone or eat. I'm not even feeling depressed, I'm not feeling anything at all. No motivation to leave the house or move. On the one hand it's better than being in bed and feeling depressed, on the other hand feeling this type of numbness can't be good.

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hi what sort of daily routine do you usually have.even if you can do one or two usual things it will help prevent you from slipping into a rut.hopefully you can snap out of it but if it continues then you should speak to someone closer to home family/friends.

alonensad in reply to kenster1

Thank you for reading and the advice.

kenster1 in reply to alonensad


Have you talked to your Dr. maybe you need a tonic to pick you up and give you energy. Otherwise it could be severe depression, I have been like that in depression. Go and get some help, no need to suffer all alone.....Let us know if we can be of help, we send you love and support, lean on us. Sending peace, love and hugs.....Sprinkle 1.....

alonensad in reply to Sprinkle1

That's very sweet of you, one of my (many)problems is that I am very shy (I would expect it's a form of social anxiety but I've never been diagnosed). I can't open up that way to someone face to face, if I could I think I would be in a much better place now.

Lulububs in reply to alonensad

Have u thought about therapy some kinda of hypnotherapy... i was same as u.. very shy socially and also anxious about everything.

I saw a hypnotherapist and she just made me realise we live one life and it best b lived well.

I lost all my 20s but i wont miss my 40s.

I always think “ what is the worse that is gona happen to me?” Generally it nothing.

Mayb get a routine to ur day.

I got a dog about 13 years ago at my lowest and it was the best thing i ever done

alonensad in reply to Lulububs

I'm glad the hypnotherapy helped you, for me the science doesn't bear it out. I can't have a dog where I live. I'm interested in looking into ketamine infusions as the research shows few to no side effects (a lot of anti-depressants seem to affect skin and I already have a very bad skin condition). Unfortunately, ketamine is very expensive so I don't see it in my future.

flowerup20 in reply to alonensad

I have depression, extreme anxiety, C-PTSD, panic attacks, etc. My previous psychiatrist wanted to give me ketamine, for depression. (*esketamine, which is the legal pharmacological form of ketamine. The brand name is called Spravato). I refused to take it because the largest side-effect is dissociation @ 41%. I’ve had many dissociative events in my life, so I said “No thank you!!!” Bad things have happened to me when I dissociated in the past. I won’t allow myself to be exposed to something that will most likely cause more dissociation. Good luck to you. I wish you & everyone here the best. God knows we need it!

alonensad in reply to flowerup20

That sounds like you made the right decision for you. I've never had a problem with dissociation but I have had chronic skin problems my whole life and any medication that would exacerbate those issues would be of no use to me. As it is, my skin problems can keep me up nights and that's with the strongest medication that my dermatologist can prescribe me. As it is, unless something drastic happens that lowers the cost of ketamine I suppose I won't get to try it for a long time.

When I dealt it severe depression I noticed when I shut down like this it was after a trigger. A good therapist can help you get to the core of your depression and help you work to health and wholeness. I also found that working on my soul with a pastor was most helpful because as humans we need to address body, mind and soul. Actually it was God that helped me most find true healing in my depression. So don’t give in and settle there is freedom. I am praying for you. -Rachel

alonensad in reply to Rachel2535

I'm trying to work my way to being at a point where I can see a therapist, part of my problem is that I'm very shy but I'll get there eventually. Thank you for your kindness.

Rachel2535 in reply to alonensad

You are very welcome and they are usually good about helping you trust and feel safe in therapy. I pray you will find the right one when you are ready.

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