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Always Feeling Tired Unless I have Caffeine

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Hi, everyone. I feel like I am always tired. On the one hand, it seems to just be classic symptom of depression. On the other hand, it's so chronic and constant that I sometimes wonder if it could be something else like chronic fatigue syndrome or an underlying sickness. I don't drink caffeine very often (so it's not an addiction issue), but it is only when I do that I feel good at all. The problem is, when I take caffeine, I don't feel tired or depressed anymore, but I start to feel anxious or overly hyper (like I'm on speed or something). What does this sound like to you? I really wanna just go to bed right now, but I know if I take caffeine, I will feel better. The problem is, I wanna get some sleep tonight too.

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Hi mvillarreal - caffeine is a stimulant but some people find it is a trigger for migraines.

Guess there are a lot of foods that may help you especially those high in Gaba, which are calming and influence the balance of serotonin in the brain. Some people find Gaba supplements helpful. Tryptophan foods which can help you sleep might help during the day. These are a combination of carbohydrate and protein - found in foods such as chicken, turkey, and fish. A fish or meat paste biscuit snack might be helpful. Even cheese and biscuits, might help you sleep. I find peanut butter on biscuits helpful.

If you look up articles on food with Gaba in them, it will give a lot of information which may help. Dairy drinks such as cocoa and hot milk may help. Cow's milk can contain natural opioids so the old wives tale may be true.

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Do GABA supplements interact with SSRIs though?

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According to

in a response to the question"" Do ssris affect gaba levels in anxiety" the answer is there are no negative side effects. Recommendations are to use ssris with benzodiazepine (eg Valium) drugs and cognitive therapy. The gaba is a neurotransmitter which complements the ssris working on the amygdala part of the brain to help the anxiety symptoms.

Gaba is a natural substance made in the body.

hi I was never a coffee drinker always tea but in 09/10 after my mum died I began drinking coffee I had two every morning but then it went up and up with huge amounts.when I was working I was always buzzing but as the day wore on I was feeling deflated a bit dizzy sometimes.i drink decaf as well now and that helps and I have cut down a bit and put less in my mugs and I feel better.but I do love my coffee.

I've had similar experiences. One thing that I found it is that I have Lyme disease. I went under major treatment for it, and I felt a LOT better. I'm not saying you have it, but those are some symptoms. I'm not a doctor. Lyme is very often misdiagnosed, so you should check with a doctor that is familiar with it. Good luck.

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