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Anxiety over CT scans


Hello everyone, i am very happy to have found this community, i would like to share my story and my anxiety. I suffer from very high blood pressure and before some extra medication was added, i had suffrered from increasingly painful headaches, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision. About a month ago i fainted at work, was brought to A&E by my colleagues and that's when my nightmare started. I was paralyzed with anxiety and frear, unable to explain what happened to me, I had a Ct head scan which was normal and they decided to do another one with contrast liquid. All was normal, but since then i developped an extreme anxiety over those two head scans, i cannot sleep or live normaly. My GP sent me to a psychiatrist who prescribed some antidepressants but told me basically to get over it. I tried hypnose, meditation and relaxation techniques but cannot get rid of this huge anxiety over radiation. The headaches and dizziness are still present despite my blood pressure being finally under control. Thank you for reading my long story, i was wondering if anyone could advise me please of anything i could try to overcome this extreme anxiety or if someone had been in a similar situation and how they dealt with that. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for your kind reply. I have received some medication for anxiety but it seems to work only for a very short time. The nights are very difficult. For the moment doing things i enjoy seem impossible, reading, sport or learning foreign languages - everything seems to have lost its meaning. You are right, i should be grateful the tests were negative and try to focus on good things but it is very very hard.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It means a lot to me.

I have dealt with ongoing dizziness, and very similar symptoms.

Was first thought to be with high BP, but happens no matter what my BP is. All tests have been clear so far.

So your not alone.

Hope you feel better

Thank you and i hope you'll soon find the reason for your dizziness, not knowing is very difficult.

You too


Oh how I can understand people saying get over it. Let them have what we have. I have PTSD been though so many therapies for 14 years no one understands, or even cares not even my daughters. All I can tell you I am here for you, try to have laughs, be with the people you know really love you. When I with my two grandchildren that I know love me as much, as I love them, I feel great. We say we love each other way past infinity.❤️

Avenaire in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the encouragement, my anxiety is definitely not easy for the family, i am convinced i need some kind of therapy - is there any that you found particularly useful? It's so nice to hear about the love you share with your grandchildren.

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You can try TMS ,it worked for me for a few months. You have to have it prescribed by a phycatrics.❤️

Avenaire in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much for the tip, i will try and ask.

Not sure that I understand exactly why are you anxious, you afraid of tomography radiation or what? Anyway if this is the case, then you should know that only one tomography has no risk. I think you should take your medication which psychiatrist gave you and try to help others, take a pet, forgot about you, live for others. We all here have problems and try to live.

Avenaire in reply to abc30

I am sorry, I definitely didn't want to diminish other people's problems or offend anyone. I find the anxiety very difficult to live with and was looking for some advice. I am really not egoistic person, in my life i am always ready to help and do voluntary work. It is the two scans that scare me and nourish my anxiety to the point when i find it difficult to carry on.

abc30 in reply to Avenaire

You should not to be scared, the modern tomographic machine has a much lower radiation then older one and you performed only one or two tomography. I know people who performed more then 10 and they have nothing. When you fly with airplane you receive the same dose of radiation as from modern tomography (this is the reason that pilots retired from 40 - 45 years old). Are you anxiously from a fly? I think not. So stay calm.

Avenaire in reply to abc30

Thank you for your reassuring words, it helps me to put the fear in some perspective, i am trying very hard to reason my anxiety but it is very hard and took over my life. Hopefully with medication and some calming techniques it will fade off.

Dont ever feel like you need to apologize for how you feel. Everyone has different fears, and their own story, and path to follow.

What is no big deal for one is a nightmare for others.

Reaching out and talking is always a positive thing.

Hang in there.

ABC 30 I am sure you have good intentions,but saying to someone,"forget about you,live for others"is like saying,"Get Over It!!!!" Those of us who suffer want so much to do just that,but that is the problem,they are STUCK! Getting out is tough without the right help.Right now I do not know what that is.I think a combo of taking one minute at a time,nature therapy,breathing,knowing others share your pain,talking to those that love you.Having a pet is great,I have a "Mitzy"who I love more than anything,but she requires loving care and sometimes I cannot even take care of me.Don't give up,Avenaire you are doing the right thing by reaching out. We are together in this,always know that!

Avenaire in reply to lindaloutoo

Thank you for your kind words, i really appreciate it, it really helps in a big way to feel understood and supported.

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