Feeling hopless

I'm 46 been having major heart pounding, dizziness, high blood pressure because I get scared when my heart starts going crazy on me. Full anxiety and panic attacks, feel very anxious with people even with my family. Been hospitalize for a week, they did not find anything apart from heart racing. I'm still waiting for other results to come in. It's so hard always being in your head all the time. I wish I could go back being the girl I was 1 year ago...i miss her .😔

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  • Hi I'm Sandy,I have heart pounding too,palpitations and feel I can't take a breath.it's very frightening and leaves me weak but am told,oh it's a panic attack and I get no help at all. I'm from uk.and I am trying to change gp.Please let me know if you get help and what it is.thanks,from Sandy uk.

  • I have alot of anxiety like you. Heart acts up too. More so now than ever. Exhausted from it

  • Hi Chelsey.

    I'm sorry to hear of your struggles.

    I'm glad you are having it checked out and you've reached out for help.

    I too suffer with high blood pressure, palpitations, anxiety and depression. I had a melt down around 3 years ago. I miss the girl I was too 😩

    I've learnt to manage things better and gained more knowledge about what's happening, and life has improved somewhat. Things do improve.

    I wanted to say you are not alone.

    Best wishes 🌺🌺🌺

  • I understand as well. Am having heart palpitations and feelings of anxiety right now due to an emotionally-charged family event I have coming up in a few short hours. Will try not to get too worked up, but rather live each moment today in the present, keep a good luck charm in my pocket and carry on as best I can. Wish me luck! (I'll need it).

  • I wish you lots of luck. X

  • Thank you. I got through the day....somehow.

  • Good to hear x

  • you know you can stop living inside of your head., right? you know you can take back control from.anxiety if you want to?

    recipe involved a whole lot of self-therapy in addition to consulting with psychiatrist/neuropsychiatrist who can.work with you to get that stress under control. What many ignore is that anxiety in fact induces the release of stress hormones in our body and that continued pool is dangerous in that it shortens our life span. Hence why you should run to get help for anxiety whenever you identify it.

    Of course medication alone is not a solve-all. You need to engage in some selftherapy - understand what makes you tick, any underlying fears that you need to overcome, and pinpoint areas of stress in your life that you need to change in order to decrease the hold anxiety has on your life.

    please do it for yourself so you can enjoy life and the beauty around you rather than staying stuck inside your head, watching life pass you by.

  • Thanks everyone for giving me feedback. Just so you understand a bit more of me...in 2014, lost my mom in that same year lost my cat and put my father in a retiring home do to illness a year in a half later he died. I feel so alone as I don't have siblings. I have a husband and a 20 years old son, but my parents were always the ones that understood when ever anxiety would show up....(yep I've had this a few times in my life) and they would always pull me out of it. But this time is different, I have never felt so ill. I have low potassium level and there is a blood component that is low that might sugess immune disorder. I'm waiting for a lot of results to come in. And just that alone is enough to send me downsparolling. I'm seeing a therapist, It does help to vent. I'm just glad I'm not alone in this mess although I wish we could all be fine. Thank you for the reply. Believe me it's VERY APPRECIATED. 😚

  • I just wanted to reach out, as you can tell so many people here who are available to talk to.

    Sometimes when others share stories, not unlike your own. It strikes a cord in us.

    I just lost my Dad too, he was one of my BFF's too. Moms been gone 25 yrs. Two years prior I lost my best childhood friend. During that space 2 beloved pets, a family friend, young father of two. Two incredible Docs that I've known for years. The list seems to growing. I am adopted. No Aunts, Uncles, siblings. Sometimes I feel like everyone is leaving me.

    I have Aniexty attacks and suffer bouts of depression. Boy when it happens, it's a hard place to climb out of. But so far. I'm still trying.

    I try to stay in a place (my mind) where I want to be happy, I want to be productive. I exercise, I meditate. It doesn't have to be ommmmm. It can be 5 minutes of just alone time, emptying your thoughts. Lay in the grass and stare at the beautiful blue sky. Find the right therapist to give you permission to be You. I don't think there is a perfect normal. I think there is our normal.

    I think making sure medically your ok is important too. So many things can be imbalanced.

    Love yourself, you are special.

  • Your not alone, I'm 49 and go through the same shit. Lately I have had more anxiety and depression. The sad part is my shrink had prescribed Venlafaxine for depression over a year ago. It helped until a few months ago. The doctor was like, I don't understand how you could be going thru this. The medicine also treats anxiety, so you shouldn't be going thru this..... I don't get it why I have the anxiety attacks either but I sure didn't order them from Amazon.

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