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Low energy


Today I have been avoiding everything. I just cannot get myself to do ANYTHING except sleep, eat, and watch TV. I purposely skipped class and did not write the paper that was due today. Now the thought of skipping everything that I needed to do is giving me more anxiety to the point I feel frozen and still have not started anything. This cycle is hard to break from and I hate how it can feel good to sabotage yourself... it's just hard to care.

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I know how you feel, trust me. Try to take it day by day. How are you doing today?

Bluzzle in reply to Square251

Ive felt this way all week. I hate when I get into these episodes and I have found myself much more behind. I know it will break eventually, thank you for your support!

Square251 in reply to Bluzzle

I'm here if you want someone to talk to. You can do this.

Bluzzle in reply to Square251

Thank you so much for the support! it means so much! I am feeling a lot better this week! I hope you are doing good yourself!

It takes courage to break this cycle. You must remember that by avoiding you are just giving yourself more work (and with added pressure) to do later.

I'm always telling my son that for with every 5 minutes of concentrated effort, he will create up 3 times as much "freedom time". Time he can just be and do what he wants.

You think such an approach could work for you?

Bluzzle in reply to Rick1on1

That is an interesting way to look at this situation. Sometimes that kind of thinking works and sometimes I just further make everything worse by giving in. I do appreciate the advice though I will keep that in mind.

It’s okay to take a day for yourself and do nothing, but maybe in the future try to reward yourself with a lazy day after accomplishing a task like your paper. I know it’s easier said than done.

I try to listen to my body more and if I really feel like I can’t do anything, I won’t push myself too hard. Maybe I need that rest. Not to say I don’t feel guilty about it though.

When depressed it can be hard to do what’s good for yourself. Maybe try reminding yourself of the good that comes from doing what needs to be done.

I am the same exact way... I try and listen to my body and balance things but it seems so hard to bounce back this week. Thank you for understanding that really makes me feel better!

I've felt the same way now and again. It's okay to have off days from time to time. When I don't do anything, then I feel guilty and anxious and that makes me feel worse and so I stay on the couch even more-a vicious cycle for sure. The only way I found that works, is to "move". Yes, it's the last thing you want to do but if you go out the front door and even walk down the driveway and back, that small movement will help. Move a little bit throughout the day for short periods. And yes, you will have to push yourself to do it because you won't feel like it. You will need to override that feeling. If lying on the couch and doing nothing is constant, then perhaps it's a matter you could address with a professional to get to the root cause.

Bluzzle in reply to B4andafter

Yes this vicious cycle has got me in its grip this week. Everyday I come home from work and basically crash, just logging onto this site and responding feels like a lot right now and sometimes I feel so foolish for feeling that weak. I do agree with the moving idea though, that strategy is one that has always made a world of difference and I do see a counselor. I think this is just one of those cycles, but I know it will pass again. Thank you for the support and encouragement! It means a lot and makes me feel understood. I know my energy will come back again eventually!

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