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Need Motivation to get going!


My home 🏡 got really backed up with needing cleaned. I fired my cleaning lady a couple months ago because she just wasn’t doing well. Then I started having nightmares/ terrors worse than normal like more than usual possibly from bedroom change. And relocation of therapy office. Nonetheless, my house is a mess and huge and my responsibility.

I am watching a selected program on tv as I finish my coffee and tell my dogs 🐕 🐶 how beautiful they are and how much I love them. And making a cleaning list. No nap is on my list but I am so tired I can taste it.

I will clean 🧼 as much as I can. I can get more done ✅ tomorrow. And continue daily. I am good at cleaning 🧹 and I love to do it. HiHoHiHo it’s of to clean I go ....

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Love the pic! This Friday is my cleaning day. I let go my cleaning people a couple of years ago. I had them for many years and would love to have kept them, but things just kept getting broken. Now I do it myself once a month, 4 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, etc. Takes the whole day! I joke around that I'm a part-time cleaning lady, dog groomer, and personal chauffeur.

Good for you. Will you come round after and do mine too please? 😁 x

You can do it!! I like to tackle household chores w my timer. 15 min at a time. 15 min task then, 15 min rest. This helps me not only to stay on track but also the resting helps me from not wearing myself out doing too much.

I need to get some of that motivation over here!

Well hats off to you, but I would have made a list for the cleaning lady. Cute picture.

Hi Hidden.

I will be needing months and months of motivation to go through some 30 years of accumulated “stuff”. So I will be thinking of you. Good luck to you.

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