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Sleep Rant That Makes No Sense

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So, I'm actually tired but it's like I don't want to sleep. I feel like I am always tired anyway so what's the point. I didn't take my meds and am just binging a show until I have to get up for school I guess. I do but I don't know why I feel like this if that makes any sense.

I know I have nightmares at night because I wake up cold but sweaty, out of breath, heart racing and with this terrible.feeling in my stomach. I hate it when more though because I can never remember my dreams. At this point, I think I'm scared to sleep because I hate that feeling.

I'm sorry. I know this made no sense. I just needed to tell someone and I couldn't think of a better place.

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Feeling the same way, I'm sorry about the nightmares. I get them too, but I'm not awake because I'm scared, I'm awake because I think too much. Whatcha gonna do

Watching teen wolf on amazon prime hoping my mom doesn't get up and bust my ass

Good luck, lol :)

Haha thx

I’m wide awake at 2:15 reading posts. You make perfect sense to me💛

I was doing the same thing last night. I was head bobbing tired, but I didn't want to go to sleep. Your rant reminds of my college years though after I had been severely traumatized. I needed a lot of therapy back then, but I couldn't afford it and suffered into my late twenties. Just make sure you're not in need of a therapist.

Have you tried any form of mediation to try to quiet your mind before sleep? Trouble is the less you sleep the more crappy you will feel...

Meditation has always given me lots of anxiety so no. Thank you for the suggestion though, it's very kind of you.

Yes, I have heard that from someone else. I am sorry. What about hypnosis tapes? I have a glen harrold, not the same as mediation .... don't want to make unhelpful suggestions as I know how annoying that is but would love you to be able to get through this x

Sometimes I listen to my favorite song on repeat and that blocks out other thoughts because I know every best and worst and eventually I fall asleep but sometimes it just doesn't help.

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