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I turn my pain into literature


I write poetry and shove shadows of people of people into metaphors because despite everything and my ability to express, i am incapable of saying certain things. I turn my silence into literature and compare my pain to a shattered ornament or a collapsing building because it's not as terrifying as saying my skin is a photo album of everything I have been through.

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Yes tattoos are overrated. The skin is an organ. You wouldnt draw on your liver right?

I didn't mean tattoos

So you are saying you show your pain metaphorically rather than literally because it's too painful to say it literally?

I was just about to ask this I think that's exactly what she meant, she put her pain into writing cause it's easier

Most of the times yes

By photo album are you talking about your cutting scars, I saw you post about them before

Yes I am

I like to write poetry, also. It's easier to express what I feel, but can't express to others. I have been told by therapists that writing about feelings is a healthy way to express your thoughts. I have actually started writing about my life story so I can get cleanse it from my brain. I want to be able to let the memories go away and I have been struggling with how to do it. I wish you luck and don't ever stop expressing your thoughts.

I do the same

My therapist say the same thing, and writing really helps. I hope you continue with your writing hun

I'm glad you’re writing. I think the more you write about you’re issues, and the stuff that you feel and go through, each time we face it, a little more of the pain goes out of it. It's cathartic and cleansing for sure. It's hard sometimes to put it in writing, so I like your use of metaphors, and that's the creative license of writing....we can express ourselves in creative ways which is also positive reinforcement.

It helps greatly, writing in its on way is just another form of talking, just letting things out in a different way

I hope you do the same. Good luck to you.

Writing is a form of therapy, good for you

Thank you

Good for you. I wish I was a better writer. I'm better at expressing myself with art and talking about it if I feel comfortable. Take care 💜💜💖

Perfect way to express ourselves and let everything out, take care of yourself too hun 🌻❤

That's amazing... turning pain into beauty... art (writing, painting, photography, etc) is such good therapy... I need to get back into it again. I hope you share some of your writing. 💗

I miss you Mel

💗 love you 🌻


Poetry is a good therapy. :)

Callmedanielle in reply to Hidden

Truly is 🌻❤

that's great...just keep writing and you will continue to get better and hopefully one day you can write about things being better..I think the blues was basically people writing about troubles like you in a cathartic way..HUG

Thank you, I do hope one day my writings will show happiness instead of pain

It’s beautiful. I find I can hide within the poetry my secrets to maybe or maybe not be deciphered. I love your writings.

🌻❤❤ thank you love, so true, the pain is between the lines

Poetry is a way of saying the unsayable, for sure. Perhaps more critically, it preserves for all time, what we have felt -- for feeling is the first and the last of us. Poetry "survives, / A way of happening, a mouth."

Starrlight in reply to mrmonk

MrMonk! Hi!

mrmonk in reply to Starrlight

Hello Starrlight! For some reason that song "Good Morning Starshine" from the musical, Hair, just popped into my head: "Good morning starshine / The earth says "hello" / You twinkle above us / We twinkle below..."

May you twinkle always 🌟

Starrlight in reply to mrmonk

I just watched/listened and I just love it! Thanks Mr.Monk ❤️ ⭐️

mrmonk in reply to Starrlight


I definitely say more in writing. Poetry and music.

One of the things I love about poetry is how you can say so very much in so few words. Do you write songs?

I do, and soon someone famous will be using my words, I'm officially a ghost writer

That is awesome! How exciting! How did you get involved with ghost writing?

I just use to post on a writing app just to let things out that was going on at home and an editor in New York reach out so I started getting paid for my writings and in return I wanted to remain anonymous

Fantastic, Callmedanielle -- I'm really happy for your success! 😺

🌻 thank you

That is awesome. I have written several poems and had them published in those books. They used to be published yearly, but I never got paid for them. You should be really proud of yourself.

wow awesome!

Lol thanks awesome and a little scary

While I appreciate what you do and understand the why , the visual I get from your skin is the stronger statement, It has a rawness to it that really speaks to me. Creativity has a price for the creator. If this isn't the time maybe later will do. Pam

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