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No Sleep

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I can’t sleep. I know that I’m stressed about things but it doesn’t feel that horrible. Yet, despite being completely exhausted, I cannot for the life of me fall back to sleep.

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I like to play games on my phone or watch YouTube to go back to bed. It stimulates me and eventually wears me out.

If you get up and watch television until you get tired fair enough, however it may be if you cannot sleep your body may consider new sleep patterns, especially if you rise and follow a habit forming way, say you get up at two then return to bed at three

It may be given that you are stimulating your brain and have problems getting to sleep

We actually learn sleep patterns, they are mostly habit forming, that is why if we go out and return late early morning the sleep pattern disrupts and we cannot sleep, or if you follow that new time period you will learn to go to bed at the later time. Eg Working regular Night Shift etc


I work night shift. And have kids 😩😩 I doubt I'll ever have a healthy sleep schedule. My new year resolution is finding a DAY shift job! It really does all tie together 😴😴

Have you tried getting sleep during the day, eating at revised times of the day so you are actually eating on work time. For example twelve hours out of phase. Your sleep would and evening would match your life


Working nights is like the pattern you mentioned.

Especially with kids it's very difficult to find normalcy.

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Dolphin14 in reply to dbeck128

I worked nights for many years. My body is still staying up after 5 years being off shift.

I don't think I will ever transition to be like other people. I'm losing hope :(

When I doing my first job, I had to do some night work, however where I used to work a continuous twenty four hours, then I had to rest, they had to give me twenty four hours to get back onto the proper time once more, for the 24 hour day they payed me double time and they had to give me regular corresponding meal breaks at night so my Lunch break at night was taken at 12;00 and my Dinner break at five.

When back at home I was to revert back to normal eating times, in the evening I was able to work nights, although if I did that my times could not go over 40 hours If I did that I was given time of to take my time back up to the 40 hour day and the standard working hours pay had to be paid. One thing when I was going to work the night they had to allow a Dinner break and travel time to where the evening work was to be done. In my case I would start work at 8;00 in the evening, then travel time came into consideration.

The system if I remember was called the overriding maximum. That was about fifty years ago


That's interesting Bob. Do you mind sharing what you did for work?

In those days I just started work for one of the Public Services, I was a Cable Jointer,

and Maintain Faulty cables.


Thanks for sharing. Those sure were long shifts. But seems like they made it tolerable with compensation.

I worked as a hospital nurse 7p-7a. Supposedly we got a break on the night part. I say supposedly because things were so busy it was never possible. We did get paid more for working nights.

Some people did rotation shifts with one shift in between.

I did it for many years. It was brutal. Especially when the kids were young.

Now I'm in a Dr office. It's a breeze:)

I get out of bed, and sit in the living room under a cover while watching something interesting on you tube ( interesting enough to occupy my mind, but not soo exciting as to keep me awake) Out of bed to break the the the association between sleeplessness and bed.

You tube because it doesn't have loud commercials that wake me up- I use an adblocker on my browser which works very well.

Sleep is better if we can follow regular times of going to bed and getting up in the morning


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