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Still new and very depressed, it is a physical feeling


It scares me. I know that I should go out and walk and see people, but it just seems to be too much. I am worried that people will notice that I am not my usual happy self, and one has actually commented on it, so I don't go out. It's freezing and I can't afford my $500 dollar a month heating bill, so I just try to sleep under the sleeping bag to stay warm and stay bundled up in this one room.. This coldness is taking its toll. I don't even want to take a shower because it's so cold in here.

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hi how is your heating bill so high that seems way to much.being out and about really will improve how you feel even if its once a week.

ovilia in reply to kenster1

I live in the Northeast and the house is not insulated. It is a rental and the owners did promise to insulate, but didn't. I did go out with 2 friends last night and stayed over. It was so warm :) And it helped, so thank you. I am looking to move, but don't really have the funds right now as I am old, lol 67,kind of, and don't have steady employment, but am looking

kenster1 in reply to ovilia

could your housing association not install insulation.

ovilia in reply to kenster1

Thank you kenster, it is just a duplex and the owners are now in florida since it's freezing here,lol good for them, so there is no housing association

I do not know if it would work for you, but long distance friends or just internet friends can help a lot in these cases. I have 2 others I contact daily where I do not worry about appearance or physical mood. I still find myself in your position sometimes but having that internet friend and you talk about some nonsense like Star Wars for an hour can really help your brain change tracks for the time being. Also despite how much I've ranted to them, still friends for years so it can be pretty solid if you keep contact.

As for money, while I really have trouble with it myself im trying to applied for any government assistance I can, despite what others may think. Perhaps you can try the same? I know its hard to get out of ruts but I think you can build some safeguards next time you're up for it.

ovilia in reply to Nerdo243

Thank you nerdo. I will get all my tax information soon, I guess, and I think that I will be eligible. Depressing though, I don't know least I'll be warm next year. :)

Star Wars is not nonsense. 🙃

I agree, its actually my favorite thing haha. Well, all the old books and stuff anyhow.

Have you ever seen the art of the Scotch Trooper? Great stuff!

I made the insulation in my attic with plastic shopping bags. If they haven’t gotten rid of them in your state look on YouTube for how to make a blanket with them. You just use your hands. Put it under your fitted sheet. We do this on our air mattress in the camper too. So, I decided to fill in spots in my attic with plastic bag blankets. My house is old so then I made them to cover windows in rooms we don’t use. My electric bill dropped $150. My eco-negative footprint-hug trees daughter cried with happiness at me. I’m a warm success.


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