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Am I being pathetic?


I don’t know why; but with the upcoming holidays and people having plans, I always feel so sad/left out. Last year I spent my New Years with someone I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. This year I probably won’t do anything. Stay home and be with my sick, elderly father. It just makes me feel so pathetic to be crying and upset that other people are going out of town and doing these fun things.

I just feel so alone. Like there’s nothing good in my life and nothing to look forward too 😢

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You’re not pathetic at all. Humans are community creatures. Before technology and all this modern stuff, humans lived packs and socialized extensively. I doubt that built in instinct and need has receded with only a few hundred years has changed that. The only difference is how we live in a society where we live in our own houses and break away from our family to be “independent”. Sometimes I feel like even though technology has made it easier to connect, it has also divided us more

I feel so alone at times as well. Especially at night. I ended a nine year relationship with my partner three years ago, and sleeping around night by myself is the most depressing thing ever.

I agree. It’s just really hard. I feel really stuck.

I’m sorry it’s been so difficult. Sometimes, it feels like life isn’t fair.

Yes it certainly does. I honestly feel like I have no one. Like I’m completely alone. I don’t know why I’m here sometimes.

I hear you. Remember that depression lies. And it’s most clever trick is make you feel absolutely alone so you don’t reach out. So many of us share that feeling, but that’s why this forum exists!

Your father is in your life. Is he part of "nothing good"?

My Dad is in the early stages of dementia. I’m his primary care taker. He is a good part of my life. But it’s difficult. And I’m here; watching while everyone else seems to just be living their lives and I have responsibilities and no one to really help me.

Your father is fortunate to have you....and whatever possible positives there might be from being in his presence I wish both of you love and peace, at least in the amount that's possible.

And caretaker burnout is a very real thing. Some places have local support groups for caretakers. You gotta take care of yourself so you can care for others

You are not pathetic!!!

I feel like it.

But what you feel isn’t necessary what reality is!!!

I know.

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