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Who knows about your depression

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Hi everyone,

So I’ve been diagnosed with ocd, depression and anxiety disorder .I’ve been taking prescribed medication for a month now butt no one knows. I don’t know if I should tell my family or not. Does telling someone helps?

11 Replies
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Over many years I've told everyone I know that I have depression and anxiety. It was good for me for the most part. There are always those that don't understand and think I'm faking or I can just get over it. All in all, I think it was a good thing.

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I have found it with me it is not helpful if I tell someone that's has no personal or family experience with mental health. I have seen too much judgement. But that is just my experience.

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It’s a difficult question. I tend to lean toward not telling anyone. It’s just a lot simpler. Everyones understanding and acceptance of mental illnesses is different and after you tell one person you can’t control where that information will go. I try to rely on therapists and online sources for support and information.

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I don’t tell anyone. I think people will judge and it’s too personal. I don’t share very much at all with people though.

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If you are close with your family, I think it would be great to tell them. Luckily, I was able to open up to mine and we are closer now than ever. They understand when I am not feeling like myself or if I am isolating, they try to help. It's somewhat comforting to know the people around you know what's going on, so you don't have to pretend to be happy or bubbly all the time. Family is unconditional love and if you have that closeness with them, you should be able to tell them what's going on. Best of luck with the new meds and Happy Holidays!!

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I have told my family, my bf, and one or two close friends. The thing is, nobody wants to talk about it. They listen to be polite, but they won’t have a really good talk with me about it.

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Tell your family if you feel their support would be helpful. My husband and children know. My best friend does too. Both of my siblings know but aren't supportive. I'm sure you'll know who to tell. HUGS and BLESSINGS!

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They should know!

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I tell anyone I think might NEED to know, not for me but for themselves-so they don't feel so alone, like a lot of us do. I have done talks in front of groups of women and discussed most of my personal business simply because, for me, there HAS to be a reason for all of it and I feel my reason is that God uses my struggles, current and past, and all the pain-to reach others and offer support and comfort for them. This route is not for everyone but the transparency is a way I cope while affecting others. People need to know they're not alone. As you see, by what you read here-a lot of people have the same issues we have. Yet we all feel alone and misunderstood.

Thank you for sharing with us. I have found that being able to talk about it at all is very important for me personally. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma in the world, sometimes that is within us and around us too. Whoever you choose to tell, please make sure you feel safe with them because it is a vulnerable time for you when you open up. I personally had to come to terms with it myself before I could open up to others. Either way, good job on beginning to learn more about yourself! Sending light, love, and positive energy.

I told my family and initially it was awful and became the scapegoat for things I said or did that they didnt like or want to hear about. "Oh it's just your depression" "WOW did you forget to take a pill today?" Invalidations like that. After about 3 years everyone got a little better but now I think they just believe I'm all good so? Depression for you deals a lot with perception, you perceive things differently then other non-depressed people but that also means the same for them so just be ready to see some crappy beliefs slip out of some respected people in you life and you'll be good. Talking about it though really does help even if its met poorly.

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