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How’s everyone doing tonight? I’ve been an emotional wreck this whole week, no sleep, not eating, I’ve had to call the Suicide hotline just to calm down & have someone to talk to.

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Oh no so sorry to hear that you have had a bad week! I am so happy you called the hotline to get assistance. I pray this passes from you soon. I have had a rough week with lots or panic attacks waking me up from my sleep while driving sighs...I just hold on to this too shall pass. We can do it! We can keep going

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LucyKe in reply to kkat37

Panic attacks while driving is the absolute worse, sorry about your bad week I’m praying for you as well. I’m definitely praying that all this shall pass

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I’m always here if you need to talk. I know what it’s like to feel that way. Stay strong.

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LucyKe in reply to pink83737

Thank you so husband works a horrible shift he’s off today but sleep so I’m still alone

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I’m so happy you’re reaching out here. That’s a good sign and the first step. We all know how you feel. You can get through this. Can you write in a journal? Watch a funny show? Or just keep taking here. I know you’ve got this and I believe in you!!!



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LucyKe in reply to dee_bells

Thank you so much other than praying & talking to God, I literally have nobody

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dee_bells in reply to LucyKe

Please continue to come back and talk here. We’re here for you. Hugs. You’ve got this. We’re your friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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I’m glad you called the hotline! And that you have this community as support as well. I have definitely been an emotional wreck this week as well. And no sleep. But sadly lots of terrible eating (2 birthdays so lots of cake eek).

Have you been prescribed any medication for the sleeping? I have to use prescription pills sometimes. I find lack of sleep makes me even more delirious and prone to emotional outbursts.

You are not alone. I hope you have a better day tomorrow! and thay there will be at least one thing that can spark a smile. Sending best wishes your way.

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LucyKe in reply to rothko

I really appreciate it. I love cake Lol it’s ok you can splurge at least once or twice in your life! No meds I’m terrified of meds due to a horrible allergic reaction I had to Paxil, I just recently started going back to therapy.

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