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Anyone suffering from A & D who also waiting for gallbladder to be removed?

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Is there anyone out there I can talk to who is or has gone through this? I had to come off my A & D meds as was making gallbladder worse so have been right at the bottom of a never ending pain pit. Waiting for a surgeon review and then a date to get gallbladder removed. It's a constant pain, I can only eat twice a day child portion low fat low sugar toast with thinly spread manuka honey or dried toast dipped in chicken soup - 1/4 of a tin anything else gives me chronic diarrhoea and then cannot eat for 24 hours. Can't have more than a sip of water and too many of those makes me I'll. I constantly feel sick despite being on anti sick tablets and anti acid , pain killers had no effect. All smells make me feel sick. Can anyone give advice or support this is the worse I have ever felt and just don't know if I csn last much longer.

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Oh heck, I'm in the same situation as you.

They thought i had Pancreatic Cancer, but they have told me now that it's my Gallbladder causing a lot of

my pain. I also have an Umbilical Hernia and Haitus Hernia.

I have met my Surgeon that will do the operation for me but I have to see the Anaesthetist 1st because I've got Valvular Heart Disease C.O.P.D and Asthma . I've also got Chronic Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis as well as Osteoporosis.

All I've had to eat today is 1 piece of toast, no butter. All I've been able to keep down is little sips of water. Just about had enough of it. Im on the Butrans Patches and Pregablin but they're not touching me...

Im sorry i can't help you out,.I just wanted you to know you're not alone .😚

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Thank you I'm in tears that you replied! I can't sleep the pain off as have muscle spasms in my shoulders and neck causing left head migraines so there is no position to sleep in for longer than an hour at a time. I just want the pain to stop - I'm losing weight really fast which is increasing the gallstones pain. I can be in a sitting up position as my tummy feels like water and gets upset - can you sleep?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

No my sleep pattern is rubbish.Just can't get comfortable whichever way you lay.

I'm on Sleeping tablets now to help me. I don't like taking them, but I'm going nuts trying to cope with it all. But if I wake up to go to the Loo,that's it.

I can't go back off to sleep. The pain is so unbearable. Between the Fibromyalgia and my Gallbladder.

😱😰😨🤑🤢. This is me..

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

What is wrong with the NHS do they not realise the pain is the worst ever - why do we have to wait so long and why is there no concern that the impact on mental health and not bring able to take A & D makes the suicidal feels increase x 100 - I wonder how many have taken their lives over this pain?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Zoe, i know what you mean. Pain can push you over the edge. Even pain medication is being taken off us now as well. What the hell do they expect us to do..

It's alright for them, they're not the ones going through it.

Oh I don't know. I feel screaming. x

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Thanks for chatting to me x

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Anytime Zoe .We're both in pain and sometimes it helps to get things off your chest a bit. x.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi any news on your operation date?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, I'm having my Pre Admission Appointment next Wednesday ,i have to see the Anaesthetist as well to see if hell give me a General Anaesthetic .

Bloody marvellous, I've gone and got a Chest infection. My G.P have put me on Antibiotics ,So i hope it's gone by then. 🤞Fingers Crossed.

How have you been Zoe. Have your Tummy pains easeed up at all. Are you eating any better. If not, go to your G.P and tell them what's going on. You need to see someone pretty soon.Really push it.

Keep in touch zoe,and when I know when I'm going in, ill keep you posted. 🤔.x

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Oh that good news about appt! I'm still rough but found that instead of toast Warburton thins which are square they contain fibre too which allows me to drink a bit more water without suddenly pooping! I'm waiting on appt letter from hospital but I guess nothing will happen before Christmas.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hey Zoe, you could get a letter before Christmas to arrange an appointment for after Christmas .An early Christmas present. 🎁 🤶🎅Hahaha..

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Gjkas in reply to Gjkas

Hi Zoe, how are you doing today.

If you don't get a letter by Christmas I'd go to your G.P and really, really push them. You're GP can even tell you what Consultant you'll be under...

Then you could ring the Consultants Secretary and tell her you're in Agony, you can't stand it anymore.

Hope you're a little better today.

😙 x Gjkas

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi I will find out tomorrow what's happening with me. How did it go today? Any good news?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Zoe, i couldn't go. I was so ill.

I've been on Antibiotics for 3 weeks and they are not doing any good. My Hubby' called the Doctor this morning and she told me that I had Full blown Flu. Have to stay in bed, have plenty of rest & Fluids. ..

I told her that I wish I could stay in bed and rest, but I can't. Because if i lay in bed my arms and legs are so stiff that I can hardly move. So she said alright but you have to rest...

I had another appointment this afternoon that we had to cancel. They rang me up yesterday! afternoon,because theyd had a Cancellation. and rang me up to see if I could make the appointment. Well I said okay, but I shouldn't have really because i didn't feel very well then,!!!! But today things are really hard going for me .OH BUM I have to wait now again for my Pre Admission Appointment, oh never mind. Ill be able to get to see them after Christmas, so no worries.

If you get any news tomorrow ,don't forgot to let me know. Gjkas x

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Any News yet Zoe. ?.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi yes just had my pre op assessment and passed - yay. So just waiting on an op date and letter. Hope it's soon I've had a rough couple of days had to sleep sat up. How are you doing?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hey Zoe. Oh I'm so glad you passed your Pre Assessment. Fingers crossed it won't be long now.

I've got my new Pre Assessment date for January 16th. It's a good job really that it's not any earlier. Been really ill with this Flu. Finished the 2nd lot of Antibiotics but they've not really helped..Between the Flu and this Gallbladder GRRRR.

Oh that's how I feel.

What did they do at the Pre Assessment Zoe. Did you have to see the Anaesthetist as well ??

Hey what hospital are you going in ?.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Did my BMI, measured my neck and questions about sleep apnoea, had blood tests and ECG. Don't get to speak to anesth until day of op. She explained everything before,during and after op which no one has done! It's at Lymington hospital as Southampton general has a bad rep for cancellations due to emergency. Will be calling her tomorrow as having rough weekend not sure if my skin is a bit yellow or not haven't looked in the mirror for a long time!

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

She did say no op if I had a cold or flu.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Zoe. Thanks for getting back to me. I've met the Surgeon thats gonna be doing the Op for me. Its a Female Surgeon. The 1st Female Surgeon I've ever had. Did she tell you if it's gonna be Keyhole or

Open ??

Was it the Surgeon thats going to do your operation for you that gave you the information. ??

Oh. Im asking you so many questions. It's just that im really nervous about it all..

She told me that I'd have to see the Anaesthetist before i go in because I'm a high risk.

Oh for goodness sake keep warm. Don't you go catching a cold or getting the Flu now. The Flu Bug seems to be rampant where I live.

If i pass the Pre Assessment. Ill be having it done in Nevill Hall in ABERGAVENNY. I don't live too far from there.

Oh Zoe. I feel absolutely terrible. I took my Pregablin with my Paracetamol and Lansoprazole about an hour ago. Well they wasn't helping my pain 'so I had some CBD Oil. The one you put under the tongue. Oh my God . I feel worse now than I did before. I forgot that I'm on the Butrans Patches as well. I don't think they mix very well. I'm feeling really YUK.

Yeah if you're feeling rough Zoe. Give her a call. x

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi gosh that's a lot of meds you be careful! It was with the pre op assessment team 2 of them, apparently next surgeon sends me letter with op date. They gave me info pack and medicated shower gel/shampoo, have to have another blood test 2 days before op to check for any anti boddies as if I have some then they need to get filtered blood from Bristol in case a transfusion needed. But that's really rare. It's keyhole so take an hour then as soon I eat, drink and wee they send home no over nite care at the hospital unless something goes wrong then they transport me to Southampton for 3/4 days. So basically if goes to plan I go home the same day.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Only thing I don't like is putting gas's into tummy so skin separates from organs and they can operate. If it doesn't all deflate then I will be bloated and as we both know that really painful.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe.Thanks for all the information. Just wondering.

Why did they measure your neck.

No.No.No. Don't answer that...

Only joking..Ooh no the gas in the Tummy is not very comfortable...

How do you feel today. any better ??.

I feel rough. rough. rough...

My own fault. I persuaded my Hubby to take me to the Cemetery. Even though I didn't feel like going. You see. I lost my Dad DECEMBER 10th. My Mum DECEMBER 31st and my Brother in the January but not in the same year. and it would be my Mum's Birthday on BOXING Day DECEMBER 26th. So I thought I'd be okay to go and lay the wreath 'especially as they are all in the same plot. Well I wasn't alright. I got really upset and I was so cold. Felt awful then had Angina Attack. My Hubby got hold of me 'put me in the car and brought me back home. I was so angry with myself. My Hubby and I usually tidies the grave up a bit before we come home. But I couldn't do it. I was so out of breath 'i was shaking like a jelly.. Well 3 hours later and I'm still shaking.....

This Flu Bug is a real Bitch. I had the Flu Jab in November. But I don't think that it's strong enough to fight this bug off.

Im laying on the settee 'and our heating is quite high 'I've got my Warm Jumper on . a couple of nice and warm wheat bags and I'm still shivering... My Hubby wanted me to go to hospital.....Oh No.

So you stay warm and if you see anyone sneezing or coughing. stay well away from them. because thats how it starts. Keep in touch Zoe.

You Take Care. x

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

That's so sad about your family. My gallbladder makes me cry at any time or get super angry. Does yours?

You can attend to the family plot after your op it will be warmer then I'm sure they would rather you take care of your health first.

If you don't warm-up soon you best hi to a and e as sounds bad.

They measure neck as if over 40cm issues with breathing tube.

Your lucky you have a hubby to help. I'm on my own so if I need anything have to wait for my parents to visit. My car battery died as too sick to drive regularly so I have no transport.

Will spending Christmas on my own as too sick to see people plus smell of food makes me want to puke! But like you say best not to go out or see people as don't want the flu.

If I don't message before have the best Christmas you are able x

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. Yes i miss my Family so much🙏 .and I find Christmas so hard to cope with. When my Mum was alive we used to have all the Family to our house on BOXING DAY for her Birthday and it was just Great. But now they've all gone and i miss them so much.But you're right. we can sort the plot out when the weather gets warmer. Honestly Zoe i feel like screaming. I want to be able to do things that I used to do. but I can't....

Oh Bless you. Christmas ☃️⛄on your own. But it will be safer for you. I don't think it's gonna be long before you get called in. The bloody Gallbladder does nothing for us really except give us this pain. Yes im glad my Hubby is still here with me ♥️ .Weve been married for 56 years and he's as good as gold.

Hey.when you have your Gallbladder removed .you're gonna have to take it easy for a bit a .Can your Mum help you out then ??.

I know what you mean about the smell of food. Im the same. As far as I'm concerned 'i wouldn't mind egg

on a piece of dry toast for my Christmas Dinner. .

Anyway Zoe. if we haven't messaged each other again before Christmas 🤶🎅 I hope you can have a not too bad aChristmas. But will message you again soon Take Care x.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, how did your Christmas go??

Hope your Tummy pains didn't spoil it for you.

I spent most of Christmas Eve on the loo. But Christmas Day wasn't so bad. Since then it's been absolutely rubbish. Fibro pains and Gallbladder pains been really bad. Laying on the settee again with nice warm wheat bag .But they're not really helping.

Shouldn't be too much longer before you get your letter with your Admission Date. Bet you can't wait.

Anyway, You take Care. x.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hey glad your still with us after your chilly grave visit. I been on pain killers and the loo. Got neck pain so chiro tomorrow. Had to sleep upright due to sciatic nerve which then gives me neck ache so no rest bite. All this cause gallbladder makes me non mobile so I can't exercise or do Pilates! It's all never ending. Just want it to be over.

Waiting everyday on postman I can phone them after new year to find out if it's been booked in.

The pressure on my rib cage is too great for any type of bra now so will be ordering a sleep bra. Only a couple in my size as I'm a 38/40 JJ/k which is not a popular size so they tend to be expensive due to extra material and support required as they weigh a ton. Is nothing easy !

I watched almost every single kids Christmas movie to keep me occupied as well as all netflix and Amazon movies. So it's a difficult job to keep occupied and out of the heavily depressed mood. Just trying to find good things to do when I'm recovered like get out of this stinky flat and find a better one. Get the biggest foot massage and pedicure as I can't bend over to do me feet !

How are you coping?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Morning Zoe.

OOOH, you're a big boobie girl.???

My Daughter in Law has a huge bust.

She did ask the GP if there was any chance that she could have a boob reduction on the NHS. That was 2 years ago, she's heard nothing since so i suppose that's a NO.

She gets pains across the top of her shoulders and her back because of the size and weight of her boobs.

As for me,i haven't been very good at all. Was sat on the Loo most of Christmas EVE, off and on all through the night.

Ive been in Agony with the Fibromyalgia and my Gallbladder is driving me round the bend. ..😰

This Flu is not helping. Seems to be never ending. I ate a couple of the little mini sausage rolls a couple of days ago. OMG i was in flipping agony. 😭Stupid Me. My own fault.

I should have known better.

The trouble is, waiting for operation's this time of year.

With the Christmas and the New Year the waiting lists get longer because of the Doctors all being on Holiday. . Never mind Zoe.

You just keep thinking of when you've had that Gallbladder out.

When you're well enough you will be able to go and look for a nice little flat. But don't go rushing into it.

Or else you'll end up back in hospital.

OMG, you don't want that.

You Take Care. x

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Oh no sausage rolls - pastry and pork you must of been desperate! I had a dream I went to a bar and instead of drinks they had sweet pastries but I woke up before I could eat one.

Yep huge cursed boobs since I was 12 from my dad's side of family. Got bullied at school and had to change classes.

I'm craving a warm egg breakfast wrap but dare not risk it.

Have a happy new year!

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

I had scrambled egg on toast for my dinner and I'm sorry i ate that.

Those kids at school were probably jealous.

Happy New Year to you as well Zoe!!.x

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe , I've been in hospital for 3 days. But I've still got my Gallbladder. I was in so much pain my Hubby called an Ambulance.

Was rushed to hospital,,,high as a kite on Morphine. Had more tests done including a Cat Scan with the contrast dye. I had to drink a jugfull of it,,YUK. Then I had to have more dye put through the cannula.

The Consultant came back to see me within an hour. She said the Scans showed up the cyst on the Pancreas,,,But its also shown up Cysts in the Kidney and Cysts in the Liver .also the Bile Duct is dilated, but they're not sure whats causing it until they get me on the table..

I still have to go to Nevill Hall on January 16th for my Pre Admission Appointment, because I have to see this one Anaesthetist..

But the Operation has to be done in the Royal Gwent Hospital,,Newport.

I couldn't take it all in about what they were telling me. Still can't believe it. I thought that i was just going to have my Gallbladder removed and thats bad enough.

But all this is swimming around my head. No wonder I've been in so much pain. Back last April they said that the Bile Duct was blocked and for some reason the Liver was enlarged. Then 2 months ago they said the Liver had gone down and the Bile Duct looked clear.

Now I'm back to bloody square 1 again. Don't they realize how much pain we are going through????.

Anyway Zoe, how are you keeping

Are you coping okay.

Have you had a letter for your Admission day yet.???.

Hope you don't have to wait too much longer. It makes your nerves bad doesn't it.

You Take Care. Will keep you posted. Or when you get your letter just let me know. 😔.x

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Omg! What a nightmare you are in. All that and they didn't operate on you there and then ? How useless are they.

I phoned the op admin as no letter from surgeon. Apparently the anae put notes on to say need to stay over nite and of course no beds so no op date.

I was so angry and cried the pre op team said I would be in and out same day as I passed all the tests and was within normal risk level.

I would not of found out if I didn't phone which made me even more angry. They told me that no over nite stays at hospital so would have to transfer to the other one which would end up cancel the op as they only do beds for emergency.

Finally the admin lady confirmed I would not get transferred to the other hospital and could stay over nite at this one but no op date.

I couldn't even talk to op team as not there until Monday. So my mum will be phoning them then to question why I am suddenly high risk and what comments has the anae made and when I can have the op. Due to my anger and upset impacts on my already existing mental health and I just can't deal so my mother has to do the talking for me.

So I totally agree how crap we have both been treated. I will be totally wasted away by the time I get a op day both physically and mentally. I have lost 3 stone and still losing due to gallbladder prevent me from eating.

They don't give a crap that I can't take mental health meds as upset gallbladder I've been suicidal twice now and trying not to be a third time so all this mental health awareness on TV and in the press is a load of poop too.

I just hope my mum gets some answers tomorrow.

Did the hospital send you home with any high strength pain killers ?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe ,Oh im so sorry for all the pain and stress you're going through.

But what the hell can we do about it , bloody nothing .

I've been up all night in Agony.

When they sent me home they didn't give me any high strength Painkillers at all. My Husband wanted to get the Ambulance last night but I wouldn't let him.

But when I've finished my message to you i think I'll ask him to ring one.

I'm not handing this pain any more.

I can't eat anything, as soon as I do it goes straight through me.

Even if i have half a cup of tea it goes straight through me. I feel so very weak and tired. I've really had enough of the lot of it.

You keep me posted Zoe and I'll text you when I can..xx

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

I'm really worried about you, they should be treating you as an emergency and operating.

Hope they do x

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe ,My Hubby called the Ambulance today,the pain was so bad. Im texting you from the Assessment Room in the Royal Gwent Hospital. Been here for 6 hours with Cannula in arm just waiting to see the Consultant now.

I've seen the one Doctor and he wants to try and Lazer the Blocked Bile Duct, But the Consultant has to give the okay.

But he said that I'll have to come back in to have the other things done in a few weeks. ???.

My stomach is so swollen,Doctor said something has to be done now though. About time.

Will keep you posted ZOE.

How are you anyway. Have you heard anything. Hope the pain have eased up for you and that your Mum have been able to sort something out for you. xx

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

How did it go? Was the laser ok?

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Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

My mum got the op team to book me over nite at the hospital I wanted but they only do the op on a Mon or Tues it won't be until Feb and you guessed it no op date yet. Still no reason given by the anae as to why I have to stay over nite.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Zoe im still sat in the same chair that i was sat in when i messaged you yesterday. My back is simply killing me and my stomach looks like a pregnant Elephant 🐘 Couldn't have the Lazer because he wasn't happy with my breathing ,so i don't know whats gonna happen. Im so fed up i just feel like ending everything. I can't live like this Zoe. My life is just a misery.Well i haven't got a life. It's just a painful ,miserable existance..

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Oh no. I know how you feel the only thing you can do is demand as much attention as you can and tell them you have suicidal thoughts get your husband to demand to speak to management to make a complaint get him to state he is concerned about your mental health which is a direct result of your physical condition.

Stress that you cannot eat or drink.

In the USA they operate on high risk people all the time so why can't the NHS?

You need to demand action the time for being polite is now over. Way over.

You go for it.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Zoe, once again I've been let down. I hsd to stay on a .. recliner chair all night because they didn't have any beds .Had nothing to eat for 2 days. They told me last night that they were going to Lazer the blocked Bile Duct and that st the end of the month they would do the bigger operation. Then this morning a load of Doctors (12 )came to see me. I don't know what the hell they were on about,i was so tired.

Then one of the Doctors said it wasn't advisable to perform the operation because of my breathing.

I told them that I was gasping because of the pains in my stomach.

The only way I could answer them was to take deep breaths.

Well anyway my Hubby picked me up and brought me back home.

I'm in more pain now than before I went in there. The only pain relief medication that they gave me was a 7 day supply of codeine.

I had a packet of crisps in there last night and they had me doubled up in pain. I was crying and the Nurse saw me and asked me what was wrong,i told her that I'd ate a packet of crisps and she said NO NO you don't touch them. I told her that I was starving. I hadn't ate for 2 days.

I'm going to have to see if I can get it done Privately. I expect the cost will frighten me to death. But what else can I do ???. I have never been so down and depressed as i am now.

Hope you are okay Zoe.

Thanks for listening to my moans xx.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

That's just all awful. Not sure if this will help you but here is what my gallbladder tolerate s.

The only things I can drink are 500ml of bottled water or water with blackcurrant and apple and that's in sips. The only things I can eat are quarter tin of chicken soup or Heinz beef broth with a toasted warburtons thin which is a square flat bread. Sometimes I can manage a Tesco plain scotch pancake. So I only eat twice a day all those things are very low in fat. Gallbladder cannot process fat.

If I stray from any of that I get very sick both stomach pain and needing the loo. If I have anymore than a quarter of tin of chicken soup with the toasted warburton thin then I will become sick the same if I drink more than 500ml of water a day.

When I have diarrhoea I immediately take imoduim instant melts then not eat for at least 8 hours. Or I don't recover. If I have burps then take a

A big gulp of gaviscon.

I found that gallbladder needs to eat twice a day or process something every 8 to 10 hours or again I get sick.

This has been the only way for me to survive for the past 3/4 months. I used to have 8 cups of tea a day and I've had none all this time as it would just make me sick.

After I take the imoduim for pain I then take 50mg cyclizine hydrochloride wait 20mins then take 30mg dihydrocodeine and 2x 500mg paracetamol. The cyclizine stops your tummy from puking up any pain killers. I can repeat these meds up to 4 times a day.

I try not to take gastric meds like omeprazole as these don't agree with me every day so I only take them first thing in the morning if I've a bad gastric night and the galvascon didn't work the night before.

I don't know if these meds would suit you as you have other aliments. But it took a good couple of months for me to find the right ones that work for me or that my gallbladder would tolerate. My gallbladder doesn't like capsules it needs to be plain small tablets.

Hope this helps

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Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

A big no no don't eat tomato soup makes my Gallbladder soooo bad.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, thanks for giving me your Diet Plan. Im gonna try it. 😚.

I was looking at the forms that the Nurses gave me both times that i was discharged..The 1st Consultant's name is

Mr Rasheed. It was him and another Doctor that agreed about the Operation. But Yesterday the Consultants name on the form was a Mr Nutt .But I didn't even see him.

The Ward that I was on was S.A.U.

Surgical Assessment Unit..

I said to my Hubby that if that was an assessment that I had, it was surely out of order anyway.

I'd had nothing to eat for 2 days, nothing to drink for about 24 hours...

No sleep for at least 24 hours and left on a reclining chair for 19 hours. The Nurses came into the room and helped me get out of the chair..

My Fibromyalgia was really,really painful. My stomach UGH.

I was so stiff that I could hardly move.

So if that was an Assessment, it surely shouldn't have been done in those conditions anyway..

What would you do if you were in my position Zoe.??? Because as far as they are concerned there's no further appointments made for me.

Im just too ill to do anything myself but my Hubby will do it.

We just don't know what to do? x

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas


The SAU is what they have in every hospital one of my emergency visits was there A and E transferred me but all they did was take blood and swabs and change my meds. I saw a SAU consultant and he made the refferal for gallbladder surgery to the other hospital which I then got appt with the pre op assessment team.

Did you and your husband ask to speak to management and make a complaint whilst you were there like I recommended?

I think as you are home now all you can do is have a phone call with your doctor to find out what the hospital did exactly and what happens next. The hospital should have updated your medical records which your doctor had access to.

The only people that explained everything to me was the pre op assessment team. Nothing was explained in emergency visits to hospital.

Your doctor should be able to confirm the meds you are on, any appointments made or to be made and what they are about, what operations you need, what complications.

At the many hospital visits I had misdiagnosis and surgeons and doctors disagreeing. I managed to get a hospital consultant to confirm finally what's was wrong with me and he made refferal for the operating hospital.

Hope this helps

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Thanks so much Zoe. Yes it did help.

No we didn't complain to Management because I wasnt discharged until the evening My

Hubby rang my G.P and made an appointment for us. Then he rang my Consultants, Secretary but.

She said that my Consultant wasn't in today. But he's in tomorrow and she'll find out just whats going on .

Then she will ring us back.

He didn't tell her the conditions of what I went through. So I'm going to write it down ,so that he won't forget. Flipping Heck i was hoping that this year would be better than the last one. But up until now it's just as bad..Will let you know how things go. Take Care Zoe x .

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

How you feeling today physically and mentally?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Don't feel very good Zoe. I've been awake most of the night because of the pain in my stomach and the Fibromyalgia. Im laying on the settee and my Hubby just came downstairs with the sheet off our bed and said,( look Glo ).There was a small patch of blood on the sheet. Dunno where it came from. So will have to watch out for anything else. Been so depressed,

You Know when you get bad thoughts that you can't shake off.

Well anyway my Hubby finally spoke to Mr Rasheeds Secretary. Apparently I'm not taken off the list at all. He wants to see me in his clinic. I haven't got a date yet,I think he's going to wait for my Pre Admission Appointment at Nevill Hall Hospital on Thursday .

My Hubby told her about the other Doctor's that came to see me but she didn't seem to know anything about that. He didn't tell her what it was like when I was waiting to be seen. He should have done because it was appalling.

I had a Gynae appointment yesterday but we cancelled it because I was in a lot of pain. I didn't feel like them messing about with me. Im gonna have to make another appointment though because this Pessary has to be changed every 4 months to avoid any infection..

I feel so low and my Fibro pain have been really bad, i just don't feel like I have the energy to do anything.

Well that's all about me for now.

How are you doing ???.

Have you heard anything yet.

I k

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

That sounds worrying with the blood could be peassary infection or is it coming from poop? Are you able to see if you can find out? As it maybe another a and E trip? Where is your fibro?

So you just need to count down days to next Thursday , I know this seems a very long time to wait I've found that if you plan something to do each day it takes your mind off the waiting, even if it is just planning to put something in washing machine or give your hubby instructions to clean the cupboards and sort out clutter - you just sit there and supervise! Plan to watch a movie or get some new music to listen to. Order something on Amazon and wait for it to arrive or some new clothes-i expect you could do with some new underwear as being ill like this I've had to throw away pants!

I have bad tummy pain today and yesterday so not mobile, parents not coming until Monday so it will be a long 6 days since I've seen or spoken to someone . My sciatic nerve is zapping and burning see chiro on Monday.

Still no letter with op date !

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Still in a lot of pain. The Fibro pain is in my Arms,back and legs.Its also started up in my right groin area.

I think the blood is coming from where the Pessary is, not sure??. I've got an appointment with GP on Monday. Not that they are much help. When im down there ill make an appointment with the Well Woman Clinic.If they can't change it for me,then I'll take it out myself. My Hubby went over the Chemist to pick up my Butrans Patch and Joe the Pharmacist said they wasn't there. So my Hubby rang the GP only to be told that I hadn't had any since last October. He said to them,what the heck are you on about. Because they're Morphine Patches they are Pre Dated. They have to be changed every 7 days and she haven't got any left...

He couldn't get it into their thick skulls that they hadn't been stopped at all because they can't stop them. The Pain Management Doctors put me on them. So in the end he had to see the Practice Manager called Helen..

She's really nice and sorted it out for us. She told my Hubby that she don't know what the hell is going on down there..She's leaving and can't wait to get out of there.So thats all our good Doctors gone and all our good receptions have gone. Now Helen is leaving.that Practice is gonna be run by a bunch of bloody Muppets. 🤪

I've been thinking of changing Doctors for a long time but because of everything going on with me I haven't bothered.Im definitely gonna change now though ,because they are absolutely rubbish down there.

I've been doing some online shopping. New Dressing Gown,Nighties and knickers.

Just had a parcel delivered from Superdrug's. with new Flannels, Simple Bath Cream,Toothpaste etc.

Sorry your Tummy Pain have Kicked off again. Hey Zoe,don't know if you've tried it but if you haven't.

Ask your Mam if she can get you a bottle of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

2 Tablespoons of the vinegar mixed with a little warm water and just sip it. Dont gulp it or drink it. SIP IT. over a couple of hours

Supposed to help ease Gallbladder pain. Anything is worth a try when you're in pain..Im dreading going to Nevill Hall Hospital next week. I gotta be there by 10.30 am. It takes us an hour and half to get there. I have to have a jacuzzi bath before my arms and legs are half mobile. That takes over an hour. We worked it out and I'll have to be up about 5.30 am. OOOH.

Never mind,i gotta be there..

I hope your letter comes soon. It's all the Holidays,Emergencies and Flu and not enough Doctors and Nurses...Not enough of anything. GRRRR. x.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, you okay. Did you manage to see your Chiropractor today. ??? If you did manage to get there ,i hope that it will help you.

I went to see my G.P this afternoon ,Oh i was in such a lot of pain because of my Fibro and my Tummy.

She wanted to give me a bottle of Oral Morph but I told her NO it makes me sick. Anyway she's taken me off the Butrans Patches and giving me the Morphine Slow Release Tablets starting tomorrow.

I only hope that they help me. 🤞..

She said that she's had a message from the Hospital and that they are going to do the operation for me at the end of January. I still don't know what they intend doing altogether.

I'm hoping that they're still going to be doing it at Nevill Hall Hospital not the Royal Gwent...

I'll ask when I go for my Pre Admission Appointment on Thursday..Now I'm getting really nervous. I even forgot to ask about having this Pessary changed ,even though I passed the booking office.

My Hubby's gonna ring them up for me tomorrow.

Any letter yet Zoe ???.

Will keep you posted. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Oh that's good news ! I had a very down day yesterday my doctor's too are complete idiot's. They phone and leave a message that they have a message. How useless is that ? And of course it takes me 6 phone calls to get through to a receptionist, it was info I asked to be posted to me due to my non transport issue.

You best sort out that pessary asap don't want anything to upset the operation - they need to make sure no pessary infection.

What is wrong with these doctors you have massive digestive issues and they want to pour morphine down your throat into your tummy ???????

I'm too scared to try apple cider vinegar the look of it makes me want to be sick I just couldn't handle the tummy and poo pain if it went wrong. I do every couple of days if I'm feeling okish eat a red apple as they are high in fibre and help better poop.

Chiro Found out not my siactica but

Meralgia Paresthetica which are nerves getting trapped in my hip. This is due to the gallbladder making me sit hunched over the right angle on my hip is squashing my nerves so I have to stretch my whole leg and keep hip joint as flat as possible also use ice packs no tight fitting clothes - I'm in loose jogging pants anyway due to tummy pain.l

Still no hospital letter with op date.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

Try not to be nervous about op. It's what you need to stop this dreadful state you are in. It's far worse being in pain for months then just being nervous for a little while. X

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hey No Zoe, DON'T bother with the Apple Cider Vinegar. I did try a little of it, but the 2nd day I tried it OMG

my stomach really played up. Not gonna bother with it again.

Been awake nearly all night with the pain. Don't know what to do with myself. I've got a banging headache,though lack of sleep I suppose ???. 😴Trouble is i won't be able to catch up on any sleep today either because the Fibro pain don't give me any rest. The only time I get any sleep is when I take a sleeping tablet,but that didn't even work last night. 😪.Oh life sucks.

Yeah, when i go to bed i sleep on my right side with my right leg outstretched and my left leg bent up.That way myTummy seems to have a bit of comfort with a little support. I had to take my Butrans .Patch off this morning and start on my Morphine tablets..

OOOH I feel sick. It's only just gone 10am and I've already taken 11 tablets. I've told the Doctors i think that I've got Toxic Poisoning because of all the medication I'm on. They only laugh,but i don't think it's funny.

I take 30 tablets every day..

They play up hell with my stomach.

Sure as hell don't do my Gallbladder any good that's for sure..

Can anything be done to help your pain in your hip. Or do you just have to grin and bear it until you've had your Gallbladder out.😪 ???.

Hope your letter comes this morning. 🤞.x

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

No news yet Zoe. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi how was your appointment?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Aw Zoe, I didn't pass the Pre Assessment because of my Heart Problem. 💔 We left our house at 930 am and didn't get back home until and didn't get back home until 4.30 PM..We were in the hospital for 5 hours. What a bloody waste of time.

Then the Phlebotomist started to take blood.Im used to having blood taken but it's never hurt like that one. 🤣She only damaged a nerve in my arm. IDIOT. It's no wonder she hit a nerve, she couldn't miss really. with the size of the needle that she used.

They are gonna have a word with the Anaesthetist because they think i will have to have another Heart Scan..It's just been going on and on..If they could eventually do the Gallbladder and Bile Duct,they wouldn't do anything else to do with the Liver or Kidney. I was up at 5 am yesterday. Didn't go to bed until 12 midnight. Couldn't go to sleep for a while,then i was awake again at 5 am again. I'm so tired but I can't sleep because of the pain...💤💤💤

Honestly I just don't think that i can go on much longer like this.

If the GP had listened to me a few years ago.,this would have been all done by now...

How are you Zoe, any letter yet.

About time that one of us has got some good news. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi ooh no did you complain and tell them how you feel ? Do you know what happens next ? Are they going to book you into a hospital that deals with high risk ?

No no news on op date. Had a bad toilet day today so in a lot of pain.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Zoe,it's just rubbish. Have to wait for a letter now..They think that I will have to have another Heart Scan before the Anaesthetist decides what to do for the best.

I know what to do for the best.

Get rid of the Gallbladder,

Regardless of the outcome..

Surely it's my decision as well as his.?

Im in so much pain today. It's been really hard to cope with .I was eating a little bit of dinner , It came straight back up on to my plate. I feel so weak and ill that I haven't even been able to have a shower or a bath..I look like a bloody tramp. But I can't help it.. Sorry you're having a bad toilet day today.. Hope you're Tummy feels a bit better for you tomorrow. x

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Gjkas

Hey Zoe. Do you know of any hospitals that deal with High Risk Patients. Even if I have to pay. I'll have a whip around with our Sons and see how much we can come up with..I don't even know where to start llooking. Glo x.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi Google private hospitals or private gallbladder surgery. Near me I have spire health care and nutfield .

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

I can't shower everyday so don't worry about looking like a tramp cos I've looked like one coming up for 4 months now. No one would recognise me if they saw me lushus locks of hair or makeup no pretty nails or nice clothes. Just me in oversized sweats with zombie vampire skin.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hey Zoe,, I had an Email today from Aneurinbevan Health Board.

They've got an Anaesthetist that is willing to see me in the Anaesthetic Department ,,at Nevill Hall Hospital February 5th. I know i mustn't get my hopes up too much, but at least it's something..😁🤞..

I've had a look at Spire Health Care and it looks pretty good..

I've also looked at St Joseph's Hospital. The Cholecystectomy Consultant there is Mr Rasheed.

He's my Consultant in the Royal Gwent..Ill wait and see what happens now at Nevill Hall and go from there.

My Tummy have been playing up really bad. I was eating just a little bit of Cornish Pasty yesterday..

OOOH It was lovely going down,,but 5 minutes later....

Up it came and landed straight on my plate. YUK..

I've got a horrid metallic taste in my mouth all the time. It's making me feel so nauseous

My Tummy is really getting me down. I think the Fibromyalgia pain is making it worse and being so stressed out as well doesn't help

How are you now Zoe.. Have your Tummy calmed down at all.???

Hope you have a good weekend x..

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi pastry is the worse thing you can eat it has high fat which your faulty gallbladder cannot process ! Give my food a try. You need to be keeping for down or they won't operate!

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

Remember low low fat and tiny child portions.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh thanks Zoe. Not doing myself any good am i....

Right. No Pastry . Low,Low Fat and

Child's Portions .. Got it. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Good luck with your appointment x

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Thanks Zoe.

Hope you're okay. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

How you feeling?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Feeling rotten Zoe. Butrans Patches are not strong enough to help ease the pain😰. So Doctor put me back on the Morphine slow Release tablets. Only started them this morning ,so i expect I'll just have to give them a chance to kick in..But i can't stop shaking, feel like I wanna puke up all the time. No energy and i feel so very weak and tired. But apparently those are some of the side affects when you first start taking them. It wouldn't be so bad if they were helping the pain. But they're bloody well not. Have to give them time I suppose ???.

How are you holding up.

Have you heard anything yet ???.

When we have a Pre Assessment,do you know how long it will be before we actually have the operation.

If its only 6 weeks, they'll be calling you back in shortly for another Pre Assessment. What the hell is the matter with the NHS lately. Don't they realise what we are going through .If the Anaesthetist don't pass me fit for the Anaesthetic im definitely gonna go Privately .

It'll cost about £ 10,000 but I'll have to find it. Can't go on like this much longer..Hope you're okay and haven't lost too much weight. 😊.x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi I had pre assessment on 19th Dec, if I don't get a letter by Friday afternoon I'm going to phone up the pre assessment team. You have to get another blood test 5-3 days before the op so they order in the correct blood which is either filtered or unfiltered. In case of any emergencies.

Hang in their with the meds hopefully this time next week they will be better. In the meantime get a tin of Campbell's condensed cream of chicken soup. This is my really ill go to as it's condensed it's nice and thick and no strong smell. Use a quarter of a tin with a tiny splash of water in a soup bowel and microwave on medium heat for 2 mins or less. Toast a warburtons thin and dip it in the thick soup to eat. It is a tiny portion but it lines your tummy also it's made from chicken bone stock which is known to have healing properties. Give it a few hours and if no poop then repeat again but remember small tiny portions.

Yeah gallbladder surgery is expensive if done private but you get it done almost immediately no waiting list plus they monitor you like you are the queen !

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

If I were you I would get a private consultation now so you know exactly what your complications are and how much it will cost. I think they do payment plans ? They won't fob you off or keep changing their minds as you are paying for it so you should get direct answers asap.

You could always get the gallbladder out private then go back on NHS for the other issues ? Or going private may give you a good deal ?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Zoe even if I had a Private Consultation,i know that their Anaesthetist wouldn't even take me on. I look and feel like a bloody corpse. Something out of THRILLER.

Oh those tablets are giving me terrible side affects..Thats beside the other pains i have. But in 2 weeks time when I see the Anaesthetist. I'll know one way or another.

NHS or Private it, has to be done.

Yeah if I were you I'd give it a few more days and get in touch with your Pre Assessment Team. I was watching the News yesterday and it was on there about the Bed Shortages and the Operations that were being cancelled and delayed in England. Straight away I thought of you...I hope that things start to work out soon for the both of us.x

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Zoe any news yet .How are you holding out with your Tummy ..

I've been in a hell of a state..Hardly any sleep because of those bloody Morphine tablets. Really bad stomach cramps,headaches and

nausea. No Appetite.. Im not taking any more of them. Im gonna go back on the Butrans Patches and ask my G.P for some extra Pregablin. Gotta do something.

I Can't afford to lose any weight or that'll be another problem that they'll go on about.

I've had a letter from the Hospital.

It's an Anaesthetic Consultant that I have to see. I'm not looking forward to it just in case I fail this one as well.

It's a good job that im not seeing him this week because I'd never pass.

In fact I would have had to cancel it.

I've had a lot of pain before,but nothing like this 😱😨😰. I suppose it's because of changing from one Opioid to another . Oh never again, my whole body is in Turmoil.

Stay safe Zoe. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Pain relief - what a nightmare. You have to do what's right for you not all meds work the way doctors expect them too. But some meds do take sometime to settle. The import ant thing is you know what works for you and you can keep what little food you eat in your tummy and not puke or poop it out!

Once I was on a drug and 2 days before my last dose I saw a small cartoon sailor sat on my chair in my bedroom and spoke to him for a while lol I remember it clearly!

I'm not getting any sleep due to the nerves in my hip, trying to stretch the muscles but gallbladder stops me doing most things. If I move too much I get painful wind and hickups which hurts.

When will it ever end ?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

The way I feel right now Zoe.

When im Dead. I've had enough of all this bloody crap.The Doctors don't know how to go about pain relief for me anymore,that's including Pain Management Doctors..So what's the point. ???.I've never known pain like this before..

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

How many patches can you have at one time ?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

The Patches go up 5. 10. 15 . 20 mg of Buprenorphine in each Patche. A few years ago i was on 15 mg. You have to change them every 7 days..

But I came down off them because i don't think there was any pain relief from them..

Im on 5 mg now, and they work just the same as being on 15mg ,except that you don't get that feeling like you're drunk and giddy throughout the day..

They've told me that I can go up with them. But that means that I'm going backwards just as to how I was a few years ago. I don't wanna go down that road again. I just don't know what to do Zoe. 😪

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, I've been in touch with my Doctor and she's put me back on the 5 mg Butrans Patches and given me an extra 25 mg Pregablin..Can't have the extra Pregablin yet because they're a street drug and they have to go in my Dosset Box which I won't have until next week..

I haven't been able to have a poop for 5 days because of those Morphine tablets,and I've been eating loads of fresh fruit and taking 2 lots of Laxidido every day.

My poor stomach is like a brick and really painful. At least I had 3 hours sleep last night. Hope that i can have a bit more tonight.

How are you doing ???.

Have you rang your Assessment Team yet. About time that you heard something by now..

I've got a feeling that when I see that Anaesthetic Consultant, he's gonna tell me that he wants a scan of my Heart ❤.A few months ago Cardiology sent for me twice to have another Heart Scan ,but i said No because they messed the Angiogram up and ripped the major blood vessel.I just don't trust them down the Gwent Hospital anymore.

If they will do it at Nevill Hall,i might agree to that. But that's going to make the waiting time even longer.

Wait. Wait. Wait all the time..

Anyway Zoe, don't forget to ring them... Good Luck.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi don't worry about going to the loo if your not eating much then you won't poo much I only go once a week compared to almost every day. You can really stress yourself out thinking about not pooing ! Only worry if your constipated and you spend ages trying to get it out.

I phoned up and no operation for Feb booked. I am soooo pissed off after being told it would be Feb. My mum phoned them back and they said would raise with surgeons as apparently once you are on waiting list you have to have the op in a certain timescale or hospital gets fined. I don't know what timescale is we are trying to find out. They did say that at my hospital the pre op assessment is valid for 3 months not 6 weeks.

Mum then got my doctor to escalate in writing to the surgeon to raise my priority due to mental health and pain.

So I'm just again waiting to be contacted for an op date.

I would never of found any of this out if I didn't make contact with hospital. Not once have they contacted me which really irritates me. It's like your on a list but nothing will happen until you complain.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. Oh I am constipated, i really need to go,but i can't. I've been taking 3 lots of Laxido but it's not doing bugger all for me. I used to take Dulcolax. But when I was in hospital a couple of years ago my Hubby brought me in a bottle..

I had it in the bottom of my cupboard and the Nurse saw it and took it away, cheeky sod. She told me that I wasn't allowed to take it. I think it was something to do with the Lactose in it. If I still can't go tomorrow I'm gonna get my Hubby to get me a bottle. I gotta do something.

Yeah, you keep on at them Zoe or you can get lost in the System .

It happened to me a few years ago.

But we didn't chase it up,because I wasn't well anyway. When my Hubby rang my Consultants Secretary she got me in to see him within a week. He knew me anyway because he'd done a few operation's on my hands in the past few years. He asked me where I'd been,that i should have had the operation a couple of years ago. He thought that I'd cancelled it.

I explained to him about what had happened and he was really annoyed over it. There is a Timescale from when you have been put on the waiting list. I know at Nevill Hall Hospital that if I'd passed my Pre Admission Assessment I would have had it done by now..They try to do their Ops there within 6 weeks from your Pre Assessment,just as long as you pass it..

Crikey I hope you don't have to wait for 3 months..You'll be pulling your hair out. Or there's if you could get hold of them. I think the letter from your G.P will help. But ring up every week anyway,

10 years ago my Hubby was really ill.

He had a very large Haitus Hernia, which they operated on. The operation went well..But 12 months later he was having trouble swallowing. It got so bad that he couldn't even swallow a tablet,then he couldn't even swallow any water..I rang our youngest Son up to come over and take his Dad to the hospital..I'd only come out myself 2 days before because I'd had bones taken out of my right hand. I had pins in it and I was in a plaster cast and had my arm in a sling .Our poor old Staffie was really ill as well.

Anyway my Hubby was in hospital for 5 weeks being fed from a type of feeding bag above his bed,with tubes going into his neck and chest that was feeding him. Every day I could see him getting worse and losing so much weight. Every day I kept asking why they wasn't doing anything for him.. Oh.Hum yeah. All i was getting off them was. Well the Surgeon can't get the Anaesthetist that he wants to do the anaesthetic for him .

They need a slot in Theatre. Or.

They have to have a free bed in I.C.U...I was getting nowhere.

So I asked my Son to go to the Nurses Station and get me a complaints form. I didn't say anything to my Hubby because he would only have said...

Oh don't go causing trouble.

When I got home I went through the form and rang a number that I thought was the one that I needed..

I explained to the lady on the other end of the line what was happening..

She said okay leave it with me and I'll get you someone that can deal with this for you..She told me not to go far from the phone because someone will be ringing me back..

I thought Oh here we go again. I'm gonna get fobbed off..

But No. The phone rang and I explained everything that was going on. I told her that if something wasn't done soon I would be bringing my Husband home in a box..

And I said (. God Help them because I'll bloody kill someone up there if anything happens to him ).

Within 30 minutes the phone rang again and it was my Hubby. Oh Zoe he sounded so weak,but at the same time HAPPY. He said to me.

What the hell have you been getting up to. All hell have been breaking out up here. The Surgeon,the Anaesthetist and the Ward Manager had all been to see him .Hahaha..

The second lady that I spoke to on the phone ,was only the one in charge of all the theatres and operation's that took place in them..

I couldn't have spoken to anyone higher than her. Bloody hell.

My Husband had the operation the following morning and he was back home with me 10 days later..

I forgot to tell you,but while Hubby was in hospital i had Shingles. For a few days my Son used to drive me to the hospital and park outside the window so that we could just wave to each other. Because of the type of operation that my Hubby had, i couldn't go anywhere near him.

I rang both of the Ladies up to thank them for all their help. In fact I couldn't thank them enough..I wouldn't ever,ever want to go through anything like that again.

But alls well that ends well.

Keep at them Zoe. PHEW.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

So it seems like it's true then you can be on a waiting list but nothing happens until you complain! Good job you did or your husband could of wasted away there.

I too have had shingles on head ears neck and jaw a few times each time being put in home quarantine so I understand how you couldn't see your husband.

Have you tried senna tablets they work better are stronger than buscapan , they are natural. Also in hospital they give you a liquid to swallow for constipation. Could your hubby go and have a conversation with the chemist and explain about no lactose etc. As you don't want to make your tummy worse. I am lactose intolerant I was getting better with vit b12 injections and could manage a splash of milk in my tea but no milk on cereal as tummy would poop. But all that came to a big stop with gallbladder as the only liquid I can survive now is water.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Good morning Zoe..Still haven't been able to sleep. Between the pain in my Tummy and the Fibromyalgia pain. It's driving me nuts. My Hubby has to go to the Opticions this morning.

I'll ask him to get me some Senna Tablets. I want him to get me some Epson Salts as well to soak my feet in with some warm water..

Ive got ingrown toenails and they're getting really painful..Gonna see if Hubby can cut them for me...

Do you still get the B.injections.??

Yes it's right,you can be on the waiting list. But nothing happens..

Our middle Son was going in hospital for a knee operation about 5 or 6 Year's ago..It was because of a motorbike accident..He kept all his Appointments,also passed his Pre Admission Assessment. But that was that. He haven't heard anything since..When he had the XRAYS on his leg..They found out that he had a small Cyst growing between the two large bones in the bottom of his leg..

They told him at the time that they would have to keep check on it.

Because if it grew. it could actually break his leg.Hes nomt heard anything else about that either..I've been telling him over and over again to get on to them. But he just keeps saying Yeah Mam , when I've got time..

He'll be sorry if he do get a break in it..He's been moaning about his keg aching ..So I says, Well do something about it then.!!!.

So yeah,keep on to them.You can't be having that happen to you.

When I was in my 30s i used to work in that hospital..I started off as a Domestic on the ward. Then after a couple of years of being a Domestic i put in an Application form for a Nursing Auxiliary.I got the job.

I went to work in the Theatre Recovery Ward. I loved working there..But when I was in my 40s they finished me up on ill health. So they retired me early because they said that I was a liability to myself, the Patients and the other staff that I was working with..

I was in a horrific car accident when I was 29 years old and injured my spine.But we didn't realise how much the injuries would affect me until 9 years later. My Dad was getting over a stroke,but it was his Birthday Love Him. We decided to take him out. My Sisters Boyfriend was a Steward at this one particular club that we took him to. My Hubby stayed home to look after the kids.

About 11o clock i was gonna ring for a Taxi! to take me home,but my Sisters Boyfriend said ( No it's okay. I'll drop you off home and then take your Mam,Dad and Sister home ).

So i thought yeah that'll be okay

But it wasn't okay. We were going along the COLDRA in Newport..

My Mum,Dad and Sister was sat in the back of the car .I sat next to the Driver to show him where I lived.

Anyway he was driving a bit fast for me. So I asked him to slow down a bit and he said ( Oh don't worry.Ive been driving for ) and that was the last words he spoke.He was going round a bend in the road and the wheel of the car clipped a raised manhole. The Car rolled and my Sisters Boyfriend got Killed instantly..I can't remember much about it exept that i could hear voices in the distance and I was cold. The Firemen had to cut me out. Apparently i ended up in the well of the front seat. My Dad was sat behind me,but he went over the back of my seat and cushioned me..

Thats what saved my life. MY DAD..

My Dad had head injuries and my Mum even had to have her eyelids sewn back on. We didn't know what happened, but there was a car behind us and the Driver of that car rang 999 or God knows what could have happened to the rest of us..

He said that the car seemed to leap in the Air and rolled a few times before coming to a stop.

We didn't know at the time,but my Sister was pregnant ..She lost the baby anyway. I was referred to the Mental health Hospital because i started blaming myself for the Accident.I was thinking that if it wasn't for me,they wouldn't have been going that way..I lived the other side of Newport to my Mum and Dad.The Mental Health Doctor wanted me to have some kind of electric Therapy to help me remember what happened ,because it was affecting me mentally.

But I said NO, i didn't want to remember anything .

I didn't go to the inquest. Everone kept it from me. My Hubby took me and our Boys to Minehead for a week. But i can remember going across the Seven Bridge , i had a panic attack and grabbed the handle of the car door to get out. My Hubby had to stop the car for me to get out.I had to stay on the side of the inside lane. The Security Guards came, but my Hubby explained things to them..They were good as gold. We eventually got to Minehead..But when we got home i couldn't go in the car for about a year..At the inquest they said that the Driver was over the limit and driving without due care and attention. We didn't know that he had been drinking. He was the Steward of the club. So we didn't see much of him anyway.

Apparently it was an accident waiting to happen. Even without the raised manhole..

I didn't feel so guilty about it when I found this out..I hope you don't mind me telling you all this Zoe..We never talk about it..But sometimes like now, I remember certain things and i need to get it out .

My Dad passed away 9 months after

this accident..December 10th.🙏.We didn't know at the time, but my Dad had Lung Cancer and Cancer of the Bladder...

He was also getting over a Stroke.

It was also his Birthday..March 23rd

Im still gutted over it because my

Dad was such a lovely person and a Wonderful Dad.❤ i loved him to bits. .If i knew he had all that. He could of celebrated his Birthday with my Mum at our house.

Stayed up, or even gone to bed..

Oh S... .Like that song sang by Cher.

If i could turn back time. x


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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Oh how awful that's so sad. That's so much mental stress and the man wanted to electrocute you to remember - what a ass hole - you passed out so there was nothing to remember. There is no way you were to blame it's the person that was driving who had no intention of slowing down or not drinking whilst intoxicated.

Yeah your son needs to get his leg sorted - when it breaks it will be at the worst time these things always happen at the worst time. Not to mention longer he leaves it worse it will get. I don't know what your experience is with men but mine is they just won't go to the doctor's cos they think it's a sign of weakness!

Can't take the vit b12 injections at the moment due to my trapped nerves - I self inject in my thighs. So after my op will be going back on starting dose 1 injection a week for 6 weeks then once every 4 weeks. I will then be able to tolerate small portions of dairy. I started off having done private and then did it my self which is much cheaper. My chiro/osteo recommends for bone and muscle health b12 injections, vit D and k tablets which you chew but again gallbladder doesn't like them !

The only vits I can take are boots multivitamin gummies strawberry flavour. They look and taste just like sweets. I chew them to a pulp and gradually swallow my gallbladder is fine with those.

My shower broke today which really stressed me out no hot water. I cant get in and out of a bath so can't have a bath. Reported to landlord but won't be fixed until next week. Gonna have to try and wash in the sink. Won't be able to do my long hair as can't bend into sink. Just going to be dirty. I have chiro Monday so being dirty will be embarrassing.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. How do you go about doing the B12 injections by yourself. I've asked my G.P about the B3 vitamin

( The Sunshine tablets ) but she said that what I'm already on does the same job. I take Adcal tablets every day and Alendronic Acid once a week for the Osteoporosis. But I don't like taking the Alendronic Acid

because i find that every time I take them they make my Stomach worse. I'm Anaemic and supposed to be on iron tablets. But they make me so constipated that I've been buying the Liquid iron online from Boots the Chemist..

Ooh .your Shower packing up on you

because of no hot water. And not being able to get in and out of the bath must really be pissing you off..

.Have you got any hot water at all ???

If you haven't,be careful boiling any water up in the Kettle or Saucepan

to put in the sink..

As long as your body is clean,don't worry about your hair. Just tell your Chiropractor the situation you're in.

He'll understand..

Take Care. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Thanks for the advice.

Well I'm borderline iron deficient so I don't quite tick the GPs box to get b12 on NHS from what I gather on several forums NHS don't understand the correct dosage any way.

I use company

You get 6 injections for 24 pounds if you get it done private it 29 pounds for one injection. It's a whole kit all you need to do is self inject and dispose of needle. Takes 2 weeks to arrive very good customer service.

There are several types of b12 but the hydroxo is better for tummy issues and doesn't have any side effects. Loading dose is one injection a week for 6-8 weeks then you find the right frequency for you. For me it's once every 3-4 weeks. You can't over dose as it's a muscular injection needle goes all the way in. Your body would just wee it out if you took too much. As it's a muscular injection 100 percent gets absorbed into muscle then into blood, unlike with tablets. There are how to self inject videos on you tube. As this goes into the muscle it doesn't matter if there is a tiny air bubble which you can't tap out of the sirindge unlike with vien injections when you can't have air bubbles.

I am scared of needles so this was a huge thing for me to do. First time I felt faint but then you get used to it. The needle doesn't hurt it's when liquid gets pumped in, you can do this slowly as hurts less. But I expect your hubby can do it for you?

I didn't want to take iron tablets as my dad took them and made his tummy worse. Then I found out about all the benefits of b12 a lot of the things wrong with me symptoms were those of b12 deficiency and I couldn't risk any further tummy upset so b12 muscular injections were the best thing for me.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Zoe, do you think that those Hydroxo B12 injections would help ease these Fibromyalgia Pains. ???

I've been in agony all day today .

Can't stand on my legs,terrible pains in my Arms. Can't eat and I'm not getting any sleep.

My depression is getting so much worse. I really don't know what to do. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi I'm not sure about fibro but I googled it and it does help some people so give it a Google. I think they they both share symptoms so that's why it helps.

many people take b12 in relation to iron deficiency and anemia, tummy issues etc.

I made it to chiro today and they Lasered my hip nerves to brake down the pain so hope to be better tomorrow.

Hoping to get shower fixed tomorrow.

My mum's ulcerative colitis is the worst it ever been so really worried about her she trying to see specialist.

So again I'm waiting until Friday and if no response from hospital then I need to complain to my doctor.

I'm too at a all time low just making myself look forward to getting shower fixed to take my mind off depression.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. Sorry about your Mum being ill as well. Ulcerative Colitis can be very painful and can lead to Crones Disease. Have to be very careful she doesn't get that..

When I had a Colonoscopy a few years ago,the Doctor told me that I had Severe Diverticulitis but query Crones Disease .Bloody hell it was painful..Have your Mum had an Endoscopy or Colonoscopy to be sure of what's going on there..

You are worrying about your Mum and she's probably worrying and concerned about you..It's a vicious circle..Stress won't help either of you. But you can't help getting stressed when all this kind of thing is going on...

How have your Hip been since you had it lasered..have it helped at all.

Did your Landlord get your Shower fixed for you after ???. Hope so.

I went to our Well Woman Clinic today and had my Pessary changed..

Should have had it done at the hospital really because they examin you properly there..Where as in our Clinic they just change it for you.

Never mind it's done now.

I was talking to the Nurse in clinic today about the B12 injections.

She told me to wait a minute because she thought that I was due for a blood test anyway.She checked it out on the computer and she was right. Im booked in for another one on the 10 February and they'll do the B12 all at the same time. .

Ill wait until the blood tests results come back and if i can't have them from the GP I'll buy them off the internet like you do. I had a look on YouTube to see how to do the injections..Yeah,i can do that..

She asked me how I got on at the Pre Assessment. When I told her what happened she said Right...When you see that Consultant next week you bloody tell him straight. Youve had enough of all this pain. You can't go on with it any longer. Surely if you're willing to go ahead with it,so should he .Its not quantity of life anymore

. It's quality of life and at the moment you've got no quality life..

OOOH she didn't half go on. We've known each other for a long time,so we can speak our minds a bit..

I've got a Chiropodist coming to the house tomorrow. I've got 2 ingrown toenails that are beginning to give me gyp..i can't lean over to cut them anymore .If i leave them any longer ill have Talons....

I've changed my Butrans Patch today as well. It always makes me feel like S..t..And this cold weather doesn't help either..Hope you and your Mum will feel better soon. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi yeah do the b12 after blood test so doesn't impact on your test the injection can impact on your body for 3-6 months. your best off not doing b12 with doctors as they don't understand the guidelines or dosage. The information the NHS have is out of date as it takes a long time to get things NHS approved plus budget issues.

NHS don't understand that There is no point of NOT having a loading dose for several weeks then finding your regular dose there after. As it will not benefit you. Like me I had to stop injections due to nerve issues but after my op when I'm mobile will then need to restart the whole process and get my loading dose once a week.

My mum has had UC for a few years self managed as she reacts bad to steroids. She changed her diet after Christmas - she already on low sugar to self control diabetes. She then wanted low fat too and then she be bleeding on the loo many times. I asked her to go back to just low sugar as I believe the fat was lubricating her ulcers which means they wouldn't get swollen and bleed. She also very stressed over me. She been back on low sugar only diet and now not doing low fat. She is getting a bit better each day. She didn't need to loose anymore weight in the first place.

I'm feeling totally abandoned and unsupported by NHS so yes my advice to you complain complain complain.

I'm so desperate to get my feet done I don't have painful toe nails like you but my feet and heels ache, having a full foot treatment and massage at the beauty salon was going to be my celebration treat after my op but it seems that day will never be set in stone.

Shall I just get it done anyway? As I expect it would improve my circulation?

Just saw the weather and it's going to get warmer thank God as my heating bills just for me were 216 this month. Due to the type of meter I have and boiler I'm stuck with supplier.

Nope I chase every day and no shower fixed. Also southern water turned off water twice then had to wait 24 hours for it to run clear. I can't take anymore bad things.

I was thinking of applying for NSi premium bonds - have you ever won ?

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. This is the 3rd time ive tried to message you. I keeps getting interrupted and loses the message.

Yeah you're right about the Doctors not Knowing the guidelines about the B12..They're way behind on most things. When my Pain Management Doctors changes anything, it takes about a month before they sort it out.. I was going to order the B12 injections kit today and keep it until i have that blood test. I also have to see that Consultant next week...

So will wait and see what happens next.But if he says that he don't want to give me the Anaesthetic.

Ill just go Ape s..t up there. I'll sit on the floor if i have to,and I won't bloody move. They'll have to get Security to shift me. If I'm willing to chance it and sign the Consent Form, Surely he will realise how desperate I am. . And I am getting desperate.

I started sending you this message this morning,but have had so many interruptions. The Chiropodist have only just left .My feet feel so much better. She only charges £30 and she's really good. Gonna have her come every 6 weeks,but she said that if I need her before then,just to give her a ring. She was telling me about her Daughter who has PTSD and Anxiety. She's tried to commit Suicide a few times and also does self harm. She's been let down so much by the Mental Health Doctor's and she saying about the Stigma that is associated with mental health problems. Oh Bless her..

I'm glad your Mum's feeling a bit better .but if she keeps getting that problem she should go and see her GP. She could even have Polyps Zoe. Both my Hubby and I had them. They were removed when they did the Colonoscopy. The results came back good,all benign.

Yeah I'd have your feet done if i were you. Will make you feel a bit more comfortable . Aye the NHS needs a good shake up..Don't forget to ring them up again Tomorrow. They should have had the letter from your G.P by now.See what they have to say. A couple more days and it'll be February,so they should have the list for the beginning of March at least.

I hope you get some joy.

Flipping heck,you have a high heating bill ,especially as you live in a flat Have you complained to your Landlord about your Shower..

Or do you think. Oh bugger it and let it go. Because sometimes I feel like that when everything seems to be going against me..Like Now..

Except for my Tummy. OOOH.

We've had premium bonds for a number of years,but never won anything. Do you have to check them yourself,or do they notify you if you win anything.

I forgot all about them,and I bet my Hubby have. There's been so much going on with me all the time. I hope that our Luck changes soon.

Not so much money wise,although we could do with it. But Healthwise would be our 1st wish..Anyway Zoe,give them a ring tomorrow and let me know how you get on. Glo.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi doctor agreed I should of had response from the surgeon so she is chasing up as she had no response either from her email to him last week. Was told to phone back Tues afternoon if no response.

I just said all I need is a confirmed operation date before 19th march as that when my pre op assessment expires. I could then focus on a positive compared to my mental health suicidal thoughts.

Think my mum lost so much blood she doesn't have enough iron which has made her lactose intolerant. So she now doing b12 too. Apparently it's also good for her diabetes and ulcer colitis. She is also making sure she eats enough fat to lubricate her insides which is good. Giving her ulcers time to heal.

I was a qualified chef in my previous career so I can give her recipe advice like shepherds pie etc. I had a career change as was working 24/7 now in computers 9-5 but signed off sick for at least a year so no job I'm on benefits.

I have a new cook book arriving today that I can base my food on after my gallbladder operation. Will need more of a focus on less fat and more fibre, good stomach bacteria. All of course I cant eat now I'm just stuck with low fat plain scotch pancake for breakfast and my quarter tin of chicken soup and warburtons toasted thin for tea.

At least I look forward to cook book arriving then I have to try and find something else positive to focus on.

Hope your feeling better and the days go fast to your appointment.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. Flipping heck,they take their time don't they ???.

Do you know the name of the Surgeon or the Consultant that you are under. If you don't,ask your G.P.

Then You ring his Secretary up and explain what's going on .Tell her how much pain you are in. Tell her that you suffer with Mental Health Problems and that it's actually making you feel Suicidal. Even if you start crying on the phone.


The letter that your G.P sent them have probably been put in their files where it can easily get overlooked or mislaid. Ring his Secretary yourself Zoe. You'll be much quicker in getting an answer..She probably won't be able to give you a date straight away. But she might be able to ring you the following day,and give you a date then . .Will tell you then that a letter will follow.

Hope the B12 works for your Mum.

Let me know how she gets on with it. I was reading about Magnesium capsules being helpful in easing Fibromyalgia pain. My Daughter in law used to take magnesium when she went to the Gym. Her Chiropractor told her that it could help with pain and Anxiety .Also good to help with sleep. I'm gonna have a look on Holland and Barrett and order some. Im gonna order those B12 injections as well this afternoon. Have the B12 injections got a good date on them, because i won't be able to use them for a couple of weeks..

Oh. you were a Chef. and now working with computers .That will come in useful for you. Especially when your new Cook book arrives. My Hubby have got a couple of new cook books. I ordered them off the internet. The one is called

Food for a happy gut..and the other one is called

The Gluten Free Cookbook..

Don't know if they're any good yet..

If you find any good healthy gut recipes,pass them on to me Zoe.

As for me,I'm having a really bad day again. My Arms and legs are so bloody stiff and painful,my Tummy is so sore even to touch..I'm so depressed with it all.

And I'm worried about next week seeing that Consultant.

That Pre Assessment i had the other week. The Anaesthetic.Doctor was there. She was the one that listened to my back and chest. I know that I've got a Heart Problem,but bloody hell all this waiting and hanging around is enough to give anyone a Heart Attack. OOOH.

Rant over. Take Care. Glo x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi think you need to check magnesium doesn't make you poop just incase you have runny poops don't want to make it worse, large dose of vit c will make you poop too. Or if you constipated may work in your favour?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, my toilet is all over the place.

Constipated for days then Diarrhoea. I thought I'd have a go with the magnesium because it's got a pretty good right up for helping Fibromyalgia pain. I read that it's good for Diabetics as well,so i ordered an extra one for my Son.

Hope it works.!!!.

Im still going to get the B12 injection kit. Ill get that from the site where you get yours from. Im gonna do my best to come off some of the medication that the Doctors have been prescribing for me.

I've been on the same medication now for about 7 years and I think my body have just got used to them.

The GPS have tried me on a lot of other medications in between,but my body don't tolerate them. Some of the medication I've been on is....




Morphine tablets as well as

Oral morph. Which only makes me puke anyway. Im also on the Butrans Patches.. I take 29 tablets every day

and 30 on Sunday's. I've even said to the Doctors that I think I've got

Toxic Poisoning. They just go Hmm.

4 of those tablets are for the Heart and Blood Pressure, so I can't stop any of those. But the rest are supposed to be for the Fibromyalgia Pain and because I've got Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis I also have Raynards Syndrome..

Oh my parcel from Holland & Barrett have just come. That was quick. I only ordered them last night..

Will Text you later Zoe..Hope you are okay and can get some news about your Operation Admission Date today. Will make you feel a lot better once youve got that.

Take Care. xx

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi oh what a day lots of issues with hospitals and doctor trying to sort out today I've been in tears - I'm exhausted. Finally got escalated to Hampshire hospital coordinator who booked me for 17th march but I won't believe it until I have it in writing hopefully on Friday.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh finally. Fingers crossed 🤞 you'll have your letter on Friday.

What a How dya do. But at least youve been told something positive now ,even though it's over the phone . Roll on Friday for you.

I've gotta see that Anaesthetic Consultant tomorrow morning. Im dreading it. On one of the letters that came concerning this appointment it states that I have to have someone with me, Family or Friend. I've never had that on a Pre Anaesthetic Assessment before..

Any ideas Spring to mind as to why I have to have someone with me ???.

If they are thinking of doing any kind of tests, surely they would have had to have told me beforehand. ???.

Oh ill be glad when I know one way or the other what the hell they are gonna be doing..

If you got any ideas Zoe, will you text me back please. x.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi I expect I'm too late to reply? Maybe you need a witness to sign as you are agreeing to high risk op ?

I just got back from hospital for blood test my GP may need to arrange an IV drip for me depends if im anemic.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Zoe, it's a bloody nightmare ,i still haven't got a date to go in.

She told me that I'd have to have a bed in HDU for after the Operation because im a high risk for a Heart Attack, Stroke or even death due to the Anaesthetic. I told her that if they dont hurry up and do something for me that I'll be having a Heart Attack anyway ,because of the pain and stress that im getting all the time .She said that she'll get in touch with Mr Brown ( my Cardiologist ) and make arrangements for a scan to be done ASAP, because i haven't had one done since 2017. Ive refused the last 2 because they made a big blunder on my last Angiogram.

Bloody Idiot's.

Been awake since 2am.Then got up at 5 am because i was in so much pain. Only had 2 hours sleep last night. I'm absolutely shattered, but can't go to sleep because of the Fibro it's a horrible pain Zoe.

Gotta go now Glo.x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

I'm sorry about your fibro pain I've seen people suffer before.

Just agree to all scans etc do everything they say then they can't say you didn't get your op because you refused anything. That way if you need to make complaint due to no/delay in op date you have all the evidence that you have gone through all the pre assessment stuff.

That's what I did I proved I did all the pre assessment stuff and the delay in op date was all their fault. So they could be fined by government for not operating within timescales on me.

When you go for scan make them fully aware of bad history so they extra careful with you.

I understand no sleep -between the gallbladder my neck and nerves in hip when I do finally dose off the flat above me plays loud music or stumps around like there is a horse up there. My eyes feel like they falling out of their sockets and I'm dizzy. First thing I do when recovered from op is move out closer to mum and dad this flat is the worse one I ever been in.

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Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

Hey how are you feeling ? Suprise suprise no letter so I will be chasing yet again on Monday. And whilst I was on my way back upstairs from checking the mail I strained tendon in my knee so now I have that to deal with and can't fix until after op as it needs strength exercises. The injury list is never ending from all this gallbladder immobility.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hey Zoe,I was gonna leave it until tomorrow to get in touch with you, to ask you if you've had your letter yet. The way this is going on,you'll be having a bloody nervous Breakdown before you get your letter..

Will they do the operation for you if they know that you've hurt your Knee. ???.Because you won't be able to do any strengthening exercises for a while after your Op.

Thats all you need!!!.

When you walk upstairs just remember,good leg to heaven.

Bad foot to hell. One step at a time..

I know that if I did anything like that they wouldn't do it until I was walking okay.

My Grandson is bringing his Wife and little Boy over from Thailand next week. The little Boy.

( My Great Grandson ) is 14 months old and I haven't even seen him yet..

But my Hubby have told our Son to tell his Son ( my Grandson ) not to visit until I've had my Op because my immune system is low..

I know that the Corona Virus isn't anywhere near by where they live.

But we don't know what else they can bring over here. Its a shame really because my Grandsons Wife and little Boy have never been over here.I can't wait to give him a kiss and a cuddle. He'll be our 9th

Great Grandchild..

Gotta have Bloods done tomorrow.

Will give you a text tomorrow Zoe.

See if you've had your letter by then.

Be careful with that knee.!!!.

Love Glo x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Oh that's great news it will lift your spirits. Yes I will remember good knee to heaven - that made me laugh!

Re my knee I don't think it will make a difference as same issue with hip - I can't get active or do strength exercises until recovered from op.;I managed to do some stretching whilst sat on sofa but of course I have limitations.

I looked at my feet today and they are awful like shredding crocodile skin. I felt sick. I got a beauty razor and it was just layers of dead skin on the top of my foot so God knows what the bottom of my foot looks like. I'm going to cover in moisturiser each day and wrap up in socks then at night air them out. I am absolutely horrified -they are not my feet.

Good news my new earphones arrived for my mobile phone so I can listen to music and watch movies whilst in hospital - if that day comes.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe,yeah years ago the Orthopaedic Doctor told me that.

I know what you mean about the exercises. Ive got Osteoarthritis in my hips , my knee and in my Shoulder. I've got Rheumatoid Arthritis in both hands and this cold weather makes everything worse.

I had a Bunion operation done about 40 years ago. I was in plaster for 6 weeks with a rather long pin inserted between my toes.

Bloody hell it was painful. I had to go back to Orthopaedic Outpatients to have the plaster and the pin removed after the 6 weeks was up.

But when I got back home I could hardly walk. After a week of agony

My Hubby took me back to Outpatients. The Doctor took one look at my foot and said ( I'm sorry but you're gonna have to have another XRAY. ).I knew something had gone badly wrong by the look on the Doctors face. The Stupid idiot of a Surgeon had only put the pin in the wrong place. My Toe wasn't even attached to any bone. All that was holding it on was my skin,tendons and Ligaments..They were going to take a piece of bone from my hip and graft it into my foot. But i had so much inflammation in there that they couldn't do it. My leg looked like the meat you get in a tin of Corned Beef and my foot was so swollen,oh it was unbelievable. I was in bed for 6 months. My GP was coming to the house to give me injections..

But they messed my foot up good and tidy. I've got a permanent Fracture there. I can't wiggle or bend any of my toes. Got a job to get a shoe on that foot. I always used to wear high heels because im only

4ft 11ins and i used to Love wearing them, but they ruined that for me .

Sometimes that foot still gives me a lot of pain even after all these years.

Everyday when i have a bath..After I'm dry, i sit on the floor in the Bathroom and smooth some Vaseline Intensive Care cream into my feet,legs and arms. It's the one in the yellow bottle. I buy it online from Superdrug because I can't go out shopping..When the Chiropodist came out a couple of weeks ago to cut my toenails, she said. ( Oh youve got lovely feet, theyre lovely and soft)..Im finding it hard to smooth it into my feet. But when I can't manage to do it, I'll just have to get my Hubby to do it for me. .Try the Vaseline one Zoe, it's really good..

I'll be going to bed early tonight. Not that ill get much sleep anyway , because my bodily pain is bloody killing me. It's been like it all day.

Really getting to me. 😭😪.OOOH.

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Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, Oh well I've had my Bloods done this morning. Just waiting for my appointment to have the Heart Scan. I hope they don't take too long now. Have you tried your new Ear Phones yet..

I bought a portable DVD PLAYER 2 weeks ago. I hope it works ???.

I've looked at the instructions but I haven't got a clue. My Hubby had a look as well, but he's as bad as me. .

No that's wrong,he's worse than me..

Im just gonna play around with it.

Trial and Error..I wanted it to take in hospital with me. I've got the earphones so that I won't annoy anyone. I can't wear the earphones that you put in your ears. I had to buy the ones that cover your ears...

Any letter yet Zoe. ???

You made me laugh when you said,

( Theyre not your feet..

Don't forget good knee to Heavan and bad one to hell..

It will help,when you have to walk up and down your stairs. x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi no luck with letter. Phoned back doctor who told me to phone hospital coordinator who told me to phone surgical service manager and they not answering their phone.

My mental health can't take this anxiety so I phoned back the hospital coordinator and ask her to send email to the surgical manager I explained to stop my mental health anxiety I needed confirmation in Writing as it's making me sick.

Good luck with dvd player I'm sure it can't be too complicated? The big head phones are good so you should be ok.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. Do you know the name of the Consultant that your under.

Because if you do ,ring his Personal Secretary up and explain everything to her..You wlll get more information, doing it that way..👍

You will be going round in circles otherwise. The people that you're speaking to don't seem to care.

To them you're just a number..

How's your knee and hip been ????.

This cold weather is creasing me..

Have you had any snow yet where you live.

Weve had to have men here this morning to put scaffolding up at the back of our house. They only live 6 miles away in Pontypool and they said that theyve had snow up there..

So it won't be long now before we get it..We've got Twm Barlum Mountain and Sugar Loaf Mountain at the back of us..Between Pontypool and Newport where i live.

So I expect that's what have saved us for a little while.

We have to have our chimney taken away because weve got a bloody leak up there. We had a Roofer in last year to fix it, but he couldn't find it either. So he put new tiles and flashing around it to see if it would help. But it's still leaking and it's getting worse..

They can't take the chimney out today because of the high winds..

Our Gazebo out the back is torn to shreds and only the one side of it is exposed..The weather here have been dreadful.

You watch half of the Operations being cancelled due to Flu and the Holidays etc coming up.

That's all we need. I know that I won't get an admittance letter yet because of the Heart Scan..I just hope Cardiology don't mess me about now because I refused to have the 2 previous..Heart Scans ...

But that was because they messed me up when they did the Angiogram.

I should of said when they attempted the Angiogram..

When I've had my Gallbladder removed and Bile Duct sorted out, i might sue them for what they put me through. Because they were told that they wasn't to go through the groin again..But they did..

Anyway ,we'll see.

Haven't taken the BIG headphones out of the box yet. There were headphones in the box with the DVD player. But they were the little ones that go in your ear, and i can't use them because of the Arthritis in the side of my face .It affects my one ear..Im falling apart Zoe.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi hope you get that chimney sorted more storms are coming.

I got a phone call from surgical services they said op was booked for 17th march and if no letter phone them on Friday. Then said it was sent first class but first class doesn't take 2 weeks? I think they never posted it and did it yesterday.

I still can't rest the anxiety until I get it in writing.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, yes I know, more bad weather Forecast BRRRR.

Gotta wait now until the men can come back and take the chimney down..Theyre piled up with work..

Oh Good, if surgical services took the time to ring you this morning

I think you're gonna be getting your letter in a couple of days.

You're right 1st class letters don't take 2 weeks to come. Probably popped it in the post after finishing work yesterday evening..

I know ,when you're waiting for that kind of letter and it doesn't come ,our anziety goes through the roof..

But i think that you'll get it this time. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

The men that are going to take the chimney down can't do it until next week..My Hubby just spoke to them on the phone ,they've got a few emergencies because of the storm.

Some people have had half of their roofs blown off etc.So we won't be seeing them until sometime next week. I hope we don't have too much rain before then.

Take Care Glo xx

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Gjkas in reply to Gjkas

Hi Zoe. Have had a real shit day today. My Hubby had to go and have his INR test done today..While he was out i thought I'd have a little go at sorting some of our Kitchen cupboards out. A lot of our cooking stuff is stoneware and really quite heavy. I shouldn't have even started doing it.I started shaking like a jelly,couldn't breath properly,felt so weak I thought I was just gonna collapse. I've been warned about what can happen. told that I gotta learn to accept and adapt to things .

But I can't. Anyway I got into the living room and went to have a lie down. HUH.

The bloody phone went. Our middle Sons Wife had been involved in a car accident with an Articulated Lorry.

My Heart skipped a beat. Our Daughter- in- law is a Carer for the Elderly .She'd just got back from doing a bit of shopping for the Elderly Lady. Parked the car up and only opened the car door up about 3 inches and BANG. The Lorry went right into the side of the car from the back end. She's gonna be okay.

Thank God 🙏.She's got a discolated shoulder and obviously in shock. They said that she's very lucky not to have lost her hand..If she had stepped out of that car,she wouldn't be here now. Her Husband ( my Son )

was doing Drug Testing in Tenby when he got the phone call. His Boss brought him back home. He haven't long left our house He's as white as a ghost. Whereas he always looks tanned ,he follows me for that.

Their car is a complete right off and they've only had it 2 months..

But the main thing is she's gonna be okay🤞. Now I am an absolute wreck. I feel really rough. Took my sleeping tablets about an hour ago but im so wound up. My Anxiety is hitting the roof and I can't seem to be able to wind down.

Gotta go now Zoe. I'm seeing double.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi glo finally got my letter which was posted 2 days ago ! But now I'm stuck - really stuck with chronic constipation. None of oral laxatives working chemist said to try microlax micro enema but that not worked either! Any ideas ? Doctor not phoning me back until after 1pm. I'm in agony.

LilyAnnepuppy profile image
LilyAnnepuppy in reply to Zoe99

I hope you can get your surgery done, finally!

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

Hi glo how scary about accident ! Finally I got a result thought I share with you as we both suffer from this

Result: had a 2nd dose of micalax and slight movement little came out very painful. doctor phoned prescribed laxido. An hour later drunk 500ml water with 4x powered laxido orange flavour and 40mins later softer smaller less painful poops. Don't think I'm done visiting the loo yet.

I am sooooo glad as was really worried never had it this bad before I guess my gallbladder stopped the bile being produced for me to poop?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Oh Hi Zoe,

Sorry i haven't got back to you earlier. But everything have been so Topsy Turvy. I don't know whether I'm coming or going..

Can you remember a few weeks ago i was so constipated, i couldn't go for a week. Oh my God i felt so I'll..

I asked you if you had any idea what i could take and you told me to get some Sennacot Tablets .You were right. You take either 1 or 2 tablets

before going to bed and they work really good the following day. I only took the 1 tablet ,but it was enough to do the job..

I take the Orange Laxido, got it on repeat prescriptions. I'm supposed to take either 2 or 3 Sachets a day .

But I forget and that's when the trouble starts. Yeah, keep your bowels open for when you go in for your Operation. You don't want to be bunged up when you go in..

OOOH I've been rough the last couple of days. This Fibromyalgia is driving me up the wall. My Stomach feels like ive got a boulder in there.

Last night i don't think that i had 1 hours sleep,even though I took my Sleeping Tablets,Diazepam and Mirtazapine, also Paracetamol..

I couldn't bloody switch off. My Head was all over the place.

Anxiety and depression are just about rock bottom. I feel like doing

You Know What.!!!!!.

How'd you feel Zoe. Are you getting nervous yet..Won't be too long now..

I bet your Mum is feeling a little easier, knowing that you've had your letter..

Take Care and stay in touch. Glo.xx.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi I had to take imoduim a couple of times as after 24hrs was still pooping. Think I'm safe now but I just can't keep up with this gallbladder - one minute too much bile and get runny poo then not enough bile and massive blockage. I'm totally exhausted. I think I was naturally only pooping once a week due to the extremely low amount of calories I can eat. So if I don't go once a week then will have a orange laxido and see what happens. This is all too complicated for me - it's too hard. I don't even have the will power to think positive about operation on 17th march

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi, Oh if it's not one way it's the other. 1st we can't poop. then it's too much.

Yeah, if you're not eating many calories, you will get constipated .

But if you leave it too long,you'll get what you call an overflow (Diarrhoea).

You know when we have our Gallbladder taken out. We have to watch what we eat then.

We'll be more prone to Diarrhoea

then. Because of how the Bile works.?????. Not sure how.

I know what you mean about Willpower..

Mine Is gone. Done and Dusted.

You'll be thinking more Positive when it gets nearer to the 17th March. Only a few weeks to go.

Won't be long now.

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Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Thanks glo sun has come out today so at least that something for a while anyway.

I had 4 pints of water come through my still in repaired window over the weekend. How's your house did it survive the storm ?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, the house itself have suurvied the storm. But the garden is another matter. Everything that have been screwed down is okay, but all the rest have moved. We are lucky really because we live on a small hil, and we have a garden in front of our house, so the rainwater is running past our house right the way down to the Brooke.

The Men were hoping to come and take the chimney down today. But their Boss rang us up at 8 am and said it looks like a No Go again.

The wind have eased up a bit,but it's

p.....g down... Kath the Lady that delivers my medication every Monday morning was telling us how bad it is where she lives .She lives not far from Tredegar House and she said the grounds around it looks more like a Lake. 🦈🦆🦎Shame ,all those people whose houses and shops have been flooded out. Must be terrible..

What's wrong with your window

to be letting in water like that ????.

Love Glo.xx.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi sounds like you were lucky with all that water Glo.

I'm sure the rubber seals have gone I've asked my property agent If my whole window and frame is being replaced as the did it before the storm on flat above me. It's my living room window gets all the weather the wind blows in the rain.

Dad took me to Tesco as I'm still on imoduim got some fluid replacement sashets then had chiro appt. Chiro was a bit worried about my pale face and weight loss. I must look like the walking dead.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, yeah we've been pretty lucky with the weather. Chepstow and the Wye Valley have been flooded..They're not too far from where we live. There's been pockets around us that have had it bad..But yes we've been lucky..

The Roofers have taken our chimney down. We had 2 leaks in our Attic. So that's 2 things sorted out up there. Poor men had to finish it while it was raining. They said it's no good waiting any longer or we'd have more problems.

They should replace the whole window,not just go messing about with the seals..

Zoe you know my Anaesthetist wants me to have that Heart Scan..

When I was at the Pre Anaesthetic Assessment, the Anaesthetist said that I should have had the scan within 2 weeks. And we'd go from there..Well i haven't even had a letter yet to arrange for the bloody scan..My Hubby rang up Cardiology,but got no answer.

He rang the waiting list Clerk.

He explained to her what was going on.. She told him that i wasn't even on the list for a Scan..She said..

Oh Wait a minute..Ive got it on screen that your Wife attended a Pre Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic.

But the Consultant Anaesthetist wants your Wife to have a Heart Scan before she does the procedure..

My Hubby said yes that's right,but she haven't even had the letter yet to arrange for the scan ,and she was supposed to have had it done by now. The waiting list clerk said.

Yes well she hasn't had a referral.????

Then he rang up Nevill Hall. Couldn't get the department he needed to speak to. The Lady on the other end of the line asked my Hubby if she could help.

My Hubby then explained to her what was happening..She said to him Why on Earth have your Wife been referred to the Royal Gwent Hospital for the scan. When she's having the operation here in

Nevill Hall. She was said she'd see what she can find out. But nobody's got back to us.

So my Hubby rang my G.P. The receptionist answered. She said she didn't think that they could help. HUH. Who do they think they are???

Hubby said ( LOOK, i need a callback from one of the Doctors. ).

10 minutes later the GP rang back..She was a new Doctor.

Never spoken to her or met her before. Probably another Locum...

Anyway she wanted to speak to me.

So then I told her what was happening. She said ( Oh, we can't get involved with that because it's between the 2 hospitals ).

I couldn't bloody believe what i was hearing. She said that if she had requested the scan, the results would have gone back to her..

I said ( Yes i know that, but I haven't even had the scan yet. or even a date to have it done ) .I said to her.

Look, you're my G.P, surely you can find out what the hell is going on..

Oh Zoe. I was soooo pissed off.

She said, well I need to speak to the Anaesthetist.I said well i don't know her name. I forgot. I told her the name of the Surgeon. But she said yes but I need to speak to the Anaesthetist. So I said, well can't you get it up on your computer Screen..

She said, No it doesn't work like that. I said ( Look i don't care where I have this scan done. Everyone can't understand, Why the hell im having the operation in NEVILL HALL HOSPITAL. But supposedly having the scan in the Royal Gwent Hospital it just doesn't make sense ).

I was losing my temper. I'd had enough of the lot if it .I think she must have sensed that I was having a Hard time of it because she said..

Alright ,leave it with me. I'll see what I can find out....Big Deal.

She's my G.P ,surely she's got access to my medical information..

And ideas what else we can do Zoe..

My Stomach have been killing me.

I can't eat,sleep. In fact I just can't cope with it all...

Take Care. Keep in Touch Glo xx

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

What on earth ? Of course the doctor has access to all your medical records! And all the people you have seen.That's how my doctor escalated my operation.

Can a anea book a scan or would it be the surgeon who has the permission? Think you need to contact the surgeon and state you want to make an official complaint.

Whoever has the authority can make the refferal to your chosen hospital. But be prepared your chosen hospital may have a longer waiting list? But they should have all that info.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

I just can't believe the crap we both have to get through just to get what is supposed to be a routine operation.

It's our lives here and no one wants to take responsibility for NHS non communication. It's like they switch on their computers and wait for the operation fairy to magically input the information and generate letters and appointments. When it's not a fairy it's a person who has the responsibility to do it.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. Oh im sooò peed off with it all. My Hubby rang Nevill Hall this morning, but once again it's the bloody answerphone. You leave a message but nobody rings you back..

He did get in touch with Mr Brown's

Secretary. She don't know what the hell is going on. She said that my name is on the list. But we don't know when. That's not good enough.

Yesterday they said that my name hadn't been referred. But that the Anaesthetist wants me to have the Scan before the Operation..

Well If that wasn't a request for a scan, i don't know what is. DRRR.UM

Anyway the Secretary told my Hubby that she's gonna ring us back.

( hopefully ) .

Can't understand why it's gone so Topsy Turvy..Well yes I can..

( They're a bunch of bloody Muppets that haven't got a brain between them. ).

Oh I feel so angry and frustrated with it all.

The Hospital im having the operation in is the same one that I met the Surgeon in. Nevill Hall.

But it looks like they still want me to have the scan done in the Royal Gwent. I wonder if it's because my Cardiologist is based in the Royal Gwent.

But why wasn't it tagged as urgent.

The Anaesthetist told me that the scan would be done in 2 weeks. It was 2 weeks yesterday that I saw her,and i haven't even had the letter yet, to arrange for it to be done..

Will message you later Zoe.

Im just gonna have a bath.

( Think I'll bloody drown myself ).

That's just how I feel. My stomach is giving me Grief. and I feel like I wanna puke all the time. Been sat on the Loo most of the morning..

Even though I've only had Half a cup of tea and 1 piece of toast.

Speak to you later Zoe. x

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Gjkas

Hi Zoe ,Me back again.

Well Mr Brown's Secretary did ring us back. They had me down as having it all done at Nevill Hall Hospital ( including the scan ).

Then the results were to go back to my Cardiologist, ( Mr Brown ).

My Hubby said NO and explained it all over again. She asked my Hubby to wait a few minutes again, because she had to speak to somebody else.So he waited and the phone went again.

It was a Lady from Cardiology. She was very apologetic. She said that wires had got crossed somewhere.

She told my Hubby ..

Your Wife's having the operation at Nevill Hall Hospital. But the Anaesthetist wants her to have a Heart Scan before she can have the operation. My Hubby said , Yes well that's what I've been trying to explain to everyone.🤯😱

So anyway she arranged it there and then. I'm having the scan next Wednesday 26th March. 🤞👌

I don't have to worry about getting a letter. Just go straight to Cardiology,

They'll be expecting me.

My Brown wants to see me again on a routine appointment. Thats fine, because i only saw his Registrar a few months ago, so i don't need to see him for a while. ❤🤞🤞.

Can't believe how things have got so mixed up.Bloody Idiot's.

At last Poor old Hubby doesn't have to have the phone stuck to his hand for a while.🤝.Just shook hands on it.

Keep in touch Zoe xx

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe. Sent you 2 messages.

But I touched the button that sent the 2nd one to myself..

Flipping heck. Im getting as bad as them in the Gwent..

No I don't really think so,I've got a rotten headache..Can't Concentrate.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

That makes 2 of us with headaches I've been out of it today. Just to let you know when they say your on a list that really means - we know you need attention but there is no date for you.

So you have to make it happen by complaining. Every single time I phoned I was told I was on a list month after month went by.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Morning Zoe. I've still got this rotten headache. Can't shift it.

Oh i wish I could have a good sleep..This bloody pain won't leave me alone. It's got worse since all the stress of this last couple of weeks.

It's really unfair to have to sort all this out..

Do you really think that they could still cancel your Admission Zoe..

On your last message you didn't

seem very convinced of anything..

Or perhaps it's just a feeling im getting. I dunno???.

I haven't got my date to go in yet.

Not until she gets my Scan results.

I expect itll be a couple of weeks after that because of having to make sure that they've got a bed ready for me in HDU.

Wouldn't it be good if we we're going into the same hospital at the same time .But no chance of that.

You live in England, and I live in South Wales..Oh gotta go Zoe.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Lol that would be funny! Glo you really need to chase and keep on top of getting a operation date. Ask how long can will get to person and when they review it and then phone that person when time up don't wait those magical computer fairy can't be relied on.

I've had so many knock backs and so much bad luck I don't want to get too positive - it will crush me if my op gets cancelled I'm in tears now just thinking about it. It will really set off my mental health if it's cancelled I know my suicidal thoughts will be uncontrollable.

I have tried to be mentally safe and not go to a hospital that has an A and E as there would be a high chance of my op cancelled due to higher priority emergency operation. Also that people are less likely to go to a hospital with no A and E who have viruses - again my op could be cancelled due to viruses.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Zoe, I've been thinking about the same thing as you ?????.

When I've had my scan done next week,I'll ask the Radiologist roughly how long its gonna take before my Cardiologist gets it.

Because he has to see it before the Anaesthetist gets the results.

Im bloody fed up of worrying about it all the time. Do you actually know the name of the Hospital that you're booked up in..You seem to be really worried about it being cancelled..

They shouldn't cancel your operation surely. Not unless it's a real Emergency..

That can happen at any Hospital.

Let's keep our fingers crossed 🤞

that they don't have a big Flu intake.

Because the Holidays are gonna be starting up now shortly.

I have known people that have actually turned up on their actual day of their operation, only to be told ( Oh I'm so sorry. We've got no available beds. ).

Oh Zoe, i dunno about you. But I think that I would pass out..

Oh we mustn't think like that..

We have to think Positive or were gonna make ourselves ill..

I haven't even had my scan done yet..

That's another thing getting to me..

Soooooo Bum.🤔

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Gjkas

You somehow got lost on my phone.

I couldn't find you for ages. How have you been anyway.?? Another day nearer. How's your Anxiety issues going..

I've been terrible.Didnt even get dressed yesterday. Don't know if I'll bother getting dressed today either.

I had the Heart Scan done on Wednesday afternoon.

They said that I should hear something in about 2 weeks.If i don't hear anything by then, im to ring Nevill Hall up..

Take Care Zoe. Glo.xx


Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Zoe is your username Zoe 99.

I've been trying to send you a pm message .But I must be doing something wrong.

And advice ???

Glo x.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi don't think I can do pm on mobile? Can't see any options on the menus. I don't have computer only mobile phone.

Got trouble with constipation again, how often are you meant to take laxido? My doctor on holiday for 2 weeks. She only gave me advice on it once which was for the emergency I had. So I don't know about taking it regularly? What is the dose you take ?

You have to wait 2 weeks ? Thought the results go on your medical records - scan get sent via email ? I would make enquiries on Monday to the person review ing it as I thought it was a priority job ?

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Awwww Zoe i did write you a long message. And I bloody lost it..

Ill Message you again tomorrow because im seeing double at the moment. But before i go..

Take 1 Laxido in the morning and 1 Laxido in the lake evening.

Will message you again tomorrow.

Love Glo.xx

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Gjkas

Hi Zoe. Oh what a day. I've been in so much pain,it's unbelievable. It's the Fibromyalgia that's making everything else worse.

Constipation is bloody awful all the time. Doctor told me one sachet in the morning and one in the evening.

When things are back to normal,take

one sachet each day.

When we have our Gallbladder removed, we're gonna be more likely to have Diarrhoea. So stock up on the Imodium,and buy some Dioralite,

so as to replace the salt we lose.

My Grandson emailed me yesterday

to tell me to stay away from the Royal Gwent Hospital. Because he said that they had Corona Virus in there. He said that A& E was closed and everything was on Shutdown. So we rang our Middle Son up and asked him if he'd heard anything. He said No,he hadn't heard anything about it. So he rang our Local Newspaper ( The Argus )

to ask them if what we heard was right. They said NO , apparently some stupid Idiot had put it on Social Media. ( Facebook ).But there definitely wasn't any Corona Virus there. Just some fool trying to cause a panic.

How are things going where you live Zoe. I hope they don't get it up near where you live

What I'm gonna do, is ask my Hubby to ring up Nevill Hall Hospital towards the end of next week. They should know what's what by then.

Thats the trouble when you're going between one Hospital and another.

It takes longer to sort stuff out..

Tara Zoe x

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi thanks for the advice ! I've been reading up on after op and it depends what you eat as to which way your tummy goes so I'm going to start with 3 - 5 percent fat a meal - basically no diary or fatty oily foods or pastry then increase slowly as the more fat you have the larger risk of runny poops. But at the same time some people have been constipated after op.

To make sure I'm going to induce poop each week and 3 days before op with senna and laxido so I don't have to worry about constipation. With a clean tummy will be easier to monitor what I eat an effect on poop.

Runny poop is much quicker for me to fix with imoduim and rehydration sashets.

Watched news still not saying how that surrey man contracted the virus as he had not been outside UK I saw they deep cleaned the doctor's and pub he was in. Hope it just stays away.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe,have you been keeping an eye on the News. Another 12 confirmed cases of the Corona Virus in the UK.

Our Middle Son Alan and his Wife usually comes over for a visit every Sunday. But he rang us up and said he wouldn't be over today because he feels like S..t...Chesty cough,runny nose etc.. He's afraid to come over, just in case he passes anything over on to me. I told my Hubby to ring him up tomorrow ,and if he's still like it then. To tell him to ring 111 and get himself checked out.

He travels all over the place Drug Testing .You can't be too careful.

Not long to go now Zoe.

Are you getting nervous yet ???.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi mum took me for a short walk in forest there was blue sky that I not seen in a long time I needed her walking stick but just about managed it.

Not nervous about op yet only anxiety if it got cancelled.

I took a huge risk and made scrambled egg with no fat or diary, added cooked flaked salmon , green beans and broccoli. Just waiting to see how tummy takes it, could go either way. I'm desperate to get some nutrition into me.

Just want my normal tummy and normal poo back !

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Zoe99

Hi Zoe, Oh id Love to go for a walk. I haven't been out of the house for over 5 years,except for Hospital and Doctors Appointments. Then I have to use my electric scooter.

Well everything youve ate today should be okay for you. I bet you enjoyed it.

My Hubby made a cooked dinner for us today. I had potato,Broccoli,luscious green runner beans, Yorkshire Pudding and a lovely thick Sirloin Steak with Gravy. I ate 3/4 of it. But Oh BOY have i suffered for it since. Been doubled up in Agony. I'm fed up of it all now Zoe. My legs are getting worse and so are my Arms.

On the News not long ago they were talking about non urgent case's being cancelled in some Areas ???.

I hope it doesn't come to that.

Thats all we need..I'm just wondering, describe Normal. I forgot what it means. Nothing is normal anymore..

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Gjkas

Hi I had a lot of gurgles in my tummy but think I'm ok.

That meal does sound lovely but I expect Your gallbladder would have reacted to potatoes if fat or oil used, same with steak, Yorkshire puddings would have milk in them and again fat or oil during cooking. The gravy would depend on how it's made could be large amounts of fat in that too.

Try to not eat things that require fat and oils to cook or contain fat and oils, same with no milk, cheese, cream etc. Think of microwaving, steaming and boiling instead.

Eat small kid sized quantities and often as if your tummy does react then it's only a small discomfort and not one which will last forever.

Example breakfast 1 slice of toast - just have toast and little bit of strawberry seedless jam, no butter or spread. Wait 3 hours if no poop then eat your next meal.

You can always message me and I can give suggestions as due to my chef experience I can let you know what would be a better option for you. Things like nutrition values and methods of cooking are program med into my brain during chef school many years ago !

I have tried a few variations which are safe for me so if you are interested I can share these with you, may help your husband a bit as I understand it's a real pain not to eat the same things and prepare 2 different meals.

Hope your tummy settles soon.

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

Hi Glo are you any better today ?

Zoe99 profile image
Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

Hi Glo you ok ?

I've been experiencing with eating a packet of quavers and I'm ok there is hardly any fat or sugar in them just having a packet once every 2-3 days its as close to eating cheese as I'm going to get !

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Zoe99 in reply to Zoe99

Hi Glo are you ok?

Rosiemarie82 profile image

Gosh, I hope you 2 get some relief soon!! My gallbladder attack was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, and that's including a high risk, toxemia induced premature birth!

I am in the U.S., but when mine went out, I was scheduled for surgery 4 days later (I am overweight and have been on bp meds for a decade). I can't imagine having to deal with that kind of pain as ling as you have.

Hopefully everything you need to come together will fall into place SOON.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Zoe99 in reply to Rosiemarie82

Thank you for your well wishes we are in the UK . The NHS doesn't operate on overweight people with a BMI over 39. Then when you reach 39 you have to pass a pre operation assessment before you get put on a waiting list for the operation. Then it depends which waiting list you are on as if you need a bed with overnight care or have to stay in hospital several days its a longer waiting list. We don't have spare beds in the uk we have a bed shortage. So it's a very long process it's been 4 months for me so far. If your rich and can pay 10000 then you can get it done privately.

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Rosiemarie82 in reply to Zoe99

So sorry to hear that! Mine was a laparoscopic surgery, so I did not have to stay overnight.

You never know the things you take for granted until you learn about situations like yours. I will continue to pray that you get some relief soon.

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Zoe99 in reply to Rosiemarie82

That is true! Lots of people come to our country to get free health care by the NHS but we have very very long waiting lists and the NHS can refuse to give you treatment if you don't pass their health assessments !

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Ragdoll15 in reply to Zoe99

It's not free to UK citizens, we have to pay for it. Sadly it's become the international health service.

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Gjkas in reply to Ragdoll15

Yeah, you are so right.👍 Thats why we have Bed Shortages 🛌 and such long waiting lists. 🤨..

Rosiemarie82 profile image
Rosiemarie82 in reply to Gjkas

People here do not think of this stuff when it is election time. If a few people had their way, that's what we will have here as well. Too many people that want everything for free, but don't take time to research what they are actually wishing for. I love our private insurance. I've worked with elderly and veterans, and I wouldn't wish government ran healthcare on anyone.

(I'll get off my soapbox now :-) )

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Gjkas in reply to Rosiemarie82

Rosemarie, you stay on your Soapbox. What you say makes sense..

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Gjkas in reply to Rosiemarie82

Thanks for your well wishes Rosemarie.

Yes the Gallbladder is a real painful problem. We'll both be glad when we've had them out. I had my Pre Admission Assessment last week, but I failed it because I've got a Heart Problem.

But I had an Email from the hospital on Saturday and apparently they've made me an appointment to see an Anaesthetist on 5th February. So im gonna keep my fingers crossed that he will pass me for a General Anaesthetic. Otherwise i will have to go Private to have it done. The thing is that it'll cost about £10.000 to have it done. Then I'll still have to get an Anaesthetist that will take me on because I'm a High Risk Patient. I've got Chronic Fibromyalgia, 2 Heart Valve's that aren't working properly, but they can't find a Surgeon that would do the valve replacement's for me because they said that I wouldn't survive the operation.I also have C.O.P.D Angina, Asthma and a 16 cm mixed Haitus Hernia. As well as the Gallbladder trouble I've got a Blocked Bile Duct,Cyst on the Pancreas,Cyst on the Kidney and Cysts Inside the Liver , also a Uterine Prolapse..

I haven't been out of the house for over 5 years,except for when I'm in Hospital or have to go to the Doctors. That's not living ,that's just existing.

I told my Husband that if I can't have this done,I'll go to Switzerland. If that's the only way I can get some help with the pain,,SO BE IT..

I've had this Gallbladder pain for 2 years now and I think enough is Enough.

I live in South Wales and it's getting really cold here. Outside it looks as if it's been snowing ,BRRR but it's the frost.

What's the weather like at the moment where you live ???.

You Take Care Rosemarie.

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Rosiemarie82 in reply to Gjkas

Bless your heart...that's a lot to deal with. Seems the hernia problem and the gallbladder problem would not pair well. I hate to hear all that for you. Maybe the anesthesiologist will pass you, and you can be taken care of soon. I've had cysts on my ovaries on and off for a decade, so I especially feel your pain on that...NO FUN!

I live in the southern U.S. in the magical state of Tennessee. We have all four seasons every week, for instance, this time last week I could comfortably wear sandals. Today we are bundled up like eskimos, as the temperature never climbed above freezing. Give me sunshine any day!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that February 5th is your lucky day!

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Gjkas in reply to Rosiemarie82

Oh ,you live in Tennessee .I love the Americans,i know that we can have good and bad people everywhere.

But I've been to the STATES a few times and I Love it there.

Been to Memphis because ELVIS PRESLEY is and always will be my idol. I went with my Friend, because my Hubby doesn't like flying .

And he said that it wouldn't be a holiday for him.

Would be more like a Pilgrimage..

Hahaha . He was right..

But we enjoyed every minute of it.

Been to Florida with my Hubby and one of our Sons and his Wife..

Exhausting but I wouldn't have missed it for anything..Would have gone back there again if these illnesses hadn't got hold of me.

We went everywhere there .It made me feel like a kid again....

Been to Texas.A much quieter holiday ,but it was just Great.

Yes Tennessee is a magical State for more reasons than one.

You're right, give us Sunshine anyday. You make sure that you're wrapped up warm while the weather is that cold. BRRRRRR..

Those were Magical Memories.

But I gotta think Positive about the here and now.. Yes Please keep

you're fingers crossed 🤞 for the

5th of February for me..

Thanks so much for getting in touch.

😚 .Gjkas x

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Gjkas in reply to Rosiemarie82

Hi Rosemarie, how are you doing ???. How is the weather over there.

Have you had any snow yet..

It's been raining Cats and Dogs over here and very, very windy.

We usually have snow a few weeks after we you have it in your part of the World. Well Zoe and I are still waiting to have our Gallbladder out..

My Anaesthetist wants me to have another Heart Scan before I can have it done. She said that because im a high risk,she can't be too careful about anything.

She said that I'll be going in the HDU ward after the operation.But its the waiting all the flipping time..

Never mind. At least I know now that they will do it. Even though she would prefer not to have to..

Anyway Rosemarie,keep in touch.

Take Care and.

Goodnight Godbless 😊.Love Glo.x

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Rosiemarie82 in reply to Gjkas

I am doing well, thanks!

We have had all 4 seasons in one week here. Last week our schools were closed due to flooding, then yesterday it snowed several inches, enough that I took my daughter sledding. It melted away by nightfall and today it was sunny and 60 degrees 😂.

I hope your heart scan goes as well as it possibly can, and that you BOTH get the medical attention you need quickly.

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Gjkas in reply to Rosiemarie82

Hi Rosemarie, so glad that you're keeping fit and well..

Wow,4 Seasons in one week. It's really cold over here and weve had torrential rain.

But we've not had any Snow just yet.

Zoe is still waiting for her letter to confirm her hospital admission.

They've been messing her about really bad. She was supposed to have been going in one hospital 1st. But now she's going in a different one...

She was given a date for her admission over the phone, but nothing to confirm it...

I hope my Heart Scan appointment doesn't take very long, because once my Anaesthetist gets those results back,it should be all symptoms go 🙏. Just got back from having Bloods done. I'm gonna get in touch with Zoe now, see if she's had her letter in this morning's post. I hope so.

Take Care. Will keep you posted.

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LilyAnnepuppy in reply to Gjkas

I'm going to finally jump in here and add my support to what the two of you are going through with your gallbladders. I can't fathom the pain and anguish of what you've had to endure.

And Rosemarie, I agree with G, stay on that soapbox or we'll be in the same situation.

I live in Florida and I'll send some warmer weather to all of you (even though we had all four seasons in a week, too - sans snow).

Y'all take care now. I'm sending G & Z healing energy and loving hugs. And a big old Southern hello to R.


Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

Hi Lily, Thanks for jumping in and

giving us your support. We can sure do with it. I don't think that Zoe have had her letter yet to confirm her Admission date. Even with a confirmation letter, the operation can still be postponed right up until the last day. Its a Nightmare..

I don't know what pain is the worst,my Fibromyalgia or the Gallbladder..To be honest I'm a bit worried about having my Gallbladder removed because of how it will affect my Fibro. I've got Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis also Osteoporosis ..

Today i am in a heck of a lot of pain.

There just seems no end to it all..

Ooh, you live in Florida . Yes please,send us over some Florida Sunshine and as much healing Hugs as you can manage. It's very cold over here with torrential rain..

We had a big Gazebo in the garden and it's been ripped to shreds due to the high winds.Everythings a terrible mess. Got scaffolding on the back of our house because we're going to have the chimney taken out.

The rain is coming in from somewhere near the chimney,but they can't find where it's coming in from.???? We had a Roofer in back last year to sort it out,but he said that he couldn't find where it's coming in from either. But he put new tiles and sealant all around it, but the flipping thing is still letting water in.So it's coming out..

OOOH Nothing is easy..

Sending you Love & (((((Hugs))))).

From a Welshie gal called Glo xx

LilyAnnepuppy profile image
LilyAnnepuppy in reply to Gjkas

Hi, Glo; Sorry to hear about your extra struggles along with your medical issues. Leaks suck. And as you said, they can be coming from anywhere.

Oh and to lose your gazebo! I love gazebos (as long as they're screened here in Florida).

I'm sending not only warm weather and sunshine but colorful flowers, too.

((((((Healing hugs))))))

Lynne. 😎

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

Its me again Lynne. The men have just finished putting all the scaffolding up.They can't take the chimney down today because of the high winds. They only live in Pontypool just about 6 miles away from where we live ,and they said that it's snowing up there. So it won't be long before we get it..

We've got Twm Barlum Mountain and Sugar Loaf Mountain between Pontypool and Newport,that's where I live ..

Oh, just got a message from Zoe.

She still haven't had a letter .

Poor Love. Its not fair.

Will message her back now,I'll also let Rosemarie know what's going on.

Take Care. Love & Hugs Glo xx

LilyAnnepuppy profile image
LilyAnnepuppy in reply to Gjkas

We can PM as well. 😎

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

How do you do that Lynne. 😎 x

LilyAnnepuppy profile image
LilyAnnepuppy in reply to Gjkas

Look for the little chat symbols on your screen. With my phone, I have to go to your home page and click on the little circles. I know it's different with a computer screen but the symbols are identical.

LilyAnnepuppy profile image
LilyAnnepuppy in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

I just sent you a PM. It should tell you on your screen that you have a message. But sometimes mine neglects to tell me so click on your message screen anyway.

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Rosiemarie82

Hi Rosemarie, well Zoe is still waiting for her hospital Admissions letter. Poor Love,she's been ringing everyone trying to sort it all out..

I told her to find out her Consultant's name and give his Private Secretary a ring .Tell her how much stress she's under. Surely she should be able to get some answers then. ??? .

Zoe lives in England and I live in South Wales. I am absolutely freezing ..It's been blowing a gale here and the wind is so very cold.

I had hardly any sleep last night because of the pain I'm in. When I got up this morning I could barely move. It's making me so depressed and irritable. I'm so fed up of the lot of it now. The Fibro pain is worse than anything else that I've got wrong with me.

Why Oh Why can't they find a cure for it ?????????????????????????????????

Hope you and your Family are all doing okay.

Love & ((((( Hugs )))) Glo xx..

Rosiemarie82 profile image
Rosiemarie82 in reply to Gjkas

So sorry you are having to deal with that for SO LONG. :'(

Hopefully everything will get better soon, including the weather. Leaks are not fun at all to deal with.

It has finally stopped raining here, for now (supposed to start back tomorrow), it is just grey, and depressing. My child got out of school 1/2 a day early yesterday, and they didn't go at all today. Love her to pieces, but we are all going stir crazy!! Haha. We have a friend over today for a play date, so I haven't seen either of them much. :-)

When I have rough days, I turn on Pandora and clean house (a weird habit I picked up from my mother), so that's what I've been doing today.

Sending sunshine and hugs your way!

Gjkas profile image
Gjkas in reply to Rosiemarie82

Oh Rosemarie, when I have my rough days i can't hardly move..

My arms and legs are as heavy as lead and I can't even lift my head off the pillow for a couple of minutes..

It makes me so mad,because there's so much to do here. But I can't do it for Love or money.

Have to go now..

Bed is calling.

Will message you tomorrow..

Goodnight Godbless, Glo.xxxx.

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