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Does anyone suffer from Generlised Anxiety Disorder.

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Hi guys I just wanted to know if anyone suffers from this disorder and if so is treatable and how is it managed, I feel I have this disorder because I worry about things that don't make sense and things that may not even happen, it makes my face burn up, my arm so numb, I feel sick and so tired, I feel like this is going to be the end of me, I can't take it much longer.

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I’m pretty sure mine has escalated to this with a mix of social anxiety- I’m on meds but seeing my dr and starting counseling

I am going to my doctor today to see what support or counselling I can get because I am not coping very well at the moment

Me either :/ hopefully your dr can help! I’m seeing mine this week as well as calling for counseling.

How long have you had these feelings for? How do deal with these day today because all I want to do is sleep.

Thank heavens for Xanax :/ I’d rather be home sleeping too

My doctor has referred me to the Mental Health Team because she said I have mental health problems, I can't manage my emotions or my fears.

Hi sje9078,

Thank you very much for the reply, it is very hard from day to day, sometimes it feels like surviving not living. I am due to speak to a mental health team and I am going to group counselling tonight to see what this will be like.

That is one of my fears that this will not get any better, I just had a son last week and when he came I was over joyed but now it awakened something in me, a tromendus crippling fear, I shake every time I see him or lift him, I feel so ashamed to even say this. I don't know what is wrong with me and it scares me because I feel I might lose everything I have.

Hello, I suffer what everything you are saying. It’s tiring I know it is but it gets better! Everyone is different I find that medication helps for me and also meditation, sounds similar I know haha. But also distracting yourself not laying around all day because that gives you more time to thinK. Just remember ANXIETY CANNOT KILL YOU. Please hang in there it will get better! Try going to see a therapist or a psychiatrist that specializes in anxiety. You are not alone remember that :)

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Hi there,

I know anxiety and depression can't kill me but it feels like it holds me dwn every day, it not really a quality of life. I am awaiting counselling from the mental health team and I am also going to a group session this evening to talk, I haven felt this bad in the past 6 years and it's hard because when ever life gives me a problem I fall apart I feel I can't handle any situation.

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I understand how you feel! I feel like that some days too. It’s tiring very tiring and overwhelming but it will get better give it time and STAY BUSY!

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Yeah I am trying to stay busy, walking the dog and things just to get some time to breath, it's hard to get through each day and then to think you have to do it all again the next day, it's tough.

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Yes I totally understand it can be really really tiring and exhausting but in the end it’s all worth it

Thank you so much, your a very kind person and it's great to hear your doing so well at present, I told my self when I walked the dog that this is a phase and if I work on it it will get better, I talked to myself like a friend would and I must admit it felt good, it's weird I have never done anything like that before.

It is a work in progress like all things a suppose, I just want to get through this hard time and come out more confident and educated because if I can learn the tools to cope with issues then when ever a tough time comes back around I can deal with it

I suffer from Generalized anxiety disorder. My anxiety at times seems almost like paranoia to be honest. I know deep down that this may never happen or that's not true, but I still worry about it. Double checking locks, finding out about sex offenders in the area. It's self defeating really. For me I have turned to God in these situations. Reading the bible and listening to christian music helps me.

I have GAD. It's totally manageable. It gave me a hard time at was a nightmare to get a handle on, but thru meds and counseling and finding the right system to handle the anxiety with, I beat it. I don't think about it most days at all any more. It's not even a problem. You can beat it, too. Pm me anytime. I'll get back to you.

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