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Anyone with children suffering from anxiety/depression?


Just wondering if anyone on here can give me some advice. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I am a single mother with a disabled young child. I have very little support around me. I try and force my self to go out places like play centres, parks ext for my son's sake as I don't want him to miss out on anything because of the way I feel. I don't even like staying in the house with him and if I do I feel guilty like a bad mother for not taking him out. On the other hand when I do take him out I feel so anxious about being judged ext that when I get home I just feel so down and disgusting I feel like either way I can not win. It's a constant battle. Does anyone find themselves in similar situations?

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Are you seeing a therapist? If not, I strongly encourage you to start seeing someone. Please don't blames yourself for your condition. Do your best to take care of yourself. That is the best gift you can give your child. You and your child are both so special and important!

ShellW18 in reply to countryboy1

No I'm not seeing a therapist. I went to my doctors late last year and they gave me some antidepressants but they didn't seem to help. Thankyou I am trying to stay strong.

I have two young boys and a much older one. I feel a lot of the same! Outings are good but difficult with my anxiety but if I stay home guilt and anxiety and depression ... lately though I feel good after having been out, a sense of accomplishment... it’s just hard to get going and hard being out mostly and hard not thinking up terrible scenarios of what could happen. I do so much for my kids but still feel it’s not enough no matter how much I do. But sometimes I do tell myself I’m an awesome mom and you sound like an awesome mom as well!

ShellW18 in reply to Starrlight

Thank you for sharing that. Sometimes it's comforting to know I'm not alone with these feelings. I feel like nowadays there is so much pressure on mum's to do everthing and be perfect which then makes me feel worse and guilty. Thankyou I shall try and be more positive. Having a bad time with it at the moment x

Starrlight in reply to ShellW18

I understand. Sometimes it’s just so amazingly difficult to be positive. I think we should try not to be hard on ourselves about it. It’s weird, at times it seems the positivity just comes out of nowhere. And when I try really hard it may not work another time. It’ can be so random.

As someone who also had anxiety and depression and who took care of elderly parents (one with Parkinson and Parkinson Dementia and the other parent with dementia) I know where you are coming from. I am also a special education teacher so I totally understand about caring for a disabled child. I, too, was trying to do it all alone. I don't know if you go for counseling but that would really help you to deal with the stress. Also, I don't know how old your child is and what kind of disability he/she has but look into activities geared to children with disabilities for your child. That way he/she can get out and do things with other children and it will give you parents who are in the same situation as you. If this is possible, try to find someone who could babysit for you once in a while so you can give yourself a little break. You have a lot on your plate and that will only make having the anxiety and depression worse. You need to take care of yourself as well as your child. Remember you are special and important to your child.

I am also a mother of a special needs child and I am a program Director of a program for adults with special needs. I also suffer with anxiety and depression. I have spent this past weeks suffering so bad with my anxiety and depression I barely got out to do anything with my children for their spring break. I’m under so much pressure right now some days I don’t think I’m going to survive the day. I’m praying so strength and peace. I don’t get breaks really because I’m constantly on the go with my kids and a full time high pressure job.

I have an appointment this week with a new therapist and I hope it’s going to help me. Both my parents are gone and I don’t talk to or see my two siblings much. I spent Easter alone with my kids and went to church. I’m praying for small goals to accomplish like getting through my work day today successful.

Please keep me in your thoughts.

Thanks for listening.

Thankyou for sharing with me. It sounds like you have so much pressure on you. It must be very difficult to deal with all of that. I think small goals is a step in the right direction. I am currently doing a degree and feel immense pressure at the moment. The depression and anxiety leave me with little energy and the bit of energy I do have is used on my son. This is causing me to fall behind with my work I have 5 weeks to complete 3 assignments and revise for an exam. Today I have pushed my self to my laptop to get started on my work. My goal today is to complete one section of an assignment. However I feel like that is not enough and I have to need to do more which is causing me to stress!

Muchneeded in reply to ShellW18

Hang in there! I get it! Anytime you want to chat let me know! I’m here!

ShellW18 in reply to Muchneeded

Thankyou and same to you!

I don't know if i have any advice but I can relate. I am a full time single father of a daughter and it can be daunting while suffering from depression. It is hard enough doing things for myself but I also need the drive and energy for my daughter with doing simple things like making dinners and helping with homework.

I used to do volunteer work with kids and teenagers with disabilities and it was an awesome experience. They were great kids and it was a lot of fun. I was a volunteer with a professional worker and my job was to help out and be an extra set of eyes. It was a win-win situation with me and the parents of the children. We gave the parents a break and we had a good time. Maybe you could find a place like that for your child.

You’re def not alone. I’m new to this group and I find it comforting to know that I can find other parents dealing with the same issues. I have been struggling lately as well. I have thos constant guilt that I’m cheating my daughter out of a “normal” happy childhood. She is getting older and is starting to notice that mommy is always sad. Maybe we can support each other on being positive bc Im struggling with that right now.

Yes that sounds like a good plan. I know theese guilt feelings all to well and they are unbearable. Hopefully we can over come them x


I had anxiety so bad I couldnt be the mom I wanted to for my child for a while. I could barely function. But my daughter always knew that I loved her and that I wanted to get better for her. And now that I'm doing better she not only feels loved but has an excellent understanding of mental illness as well.

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