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I'm a new member suffering from A & D and also a senior citizen.

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I have a hard time dealing with A & D at this age. I'm 66 and everyday life gets the best of me. I have lost interest in everything I do and I have found myself creating and inventing methods to kill myself. I need to find help. I don't want to spend time in an institution again as it only makes things worse. I'm not going to kill myself as I have tried 3 times and failed so I figure I need to learn how to deal with it.

7 Replies
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I just joined this website yesterday, but there seems to be a lot of supportive people here that understand what you are going through.

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Know we are all here for you and you are not alone. Please don't hurt yourself. You are loved and needed. xo

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Dee Harvey

Have you tried to contact Age Concern, they have day centres in various places in the UK. However I would imagine you will have various centres that are similar in the States..

You can go to these centres have Lunch and mix with people with the same type of problems.

Where we are there are Mental Health Day Centres, generally charities where you can also mix with people who have concerns and they help eachother


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What is going on in your life?

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Are you on medications to treat a health condition that have psychiatric side effects? Do you have a medical condition that causes psychiatric side effects? Are you bored and unhappy with a recent retirement?

Do you have opportunities to get out and do things, meet people, get out of your head?

Do you get enjoyment from anything?

Are you in the midst of a serious life event?

It really depends on what you are dealing with. Psychological counseling ... Just saying no to people putting endless demands on you and taking a break ... Sitting down with clergy ... Finding a support group ... Starting an exercise program ... Starting a healthy eating program ... Lightening up on alcohol ... Finding healthy ways of rewarding yourself for any good thing you do.

If you're working and not retired you may need to take a " mental health day " to just slow down.

I realize that's a good honest photo, but how about looking in the mirror and saying, "I love you" to yourself, and then taking the selfie. It can start from the inside out, or the outside in. Whichever way brings you out of the misery.

I'm glad you're reaching out and want to deal with this stuff.

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hi, please don't hurt yourself. I am aged 61 years with anxiety and depression, which I have had over 30 years. do you have a good doctor you could go to and talk. life is very lonely and hard when you have these problems. have you spoken to the Samaritans they are good listeners. please reach out for help, I know it's hard but please get help. are you taking medication for this. take care xx

hi DH. i'm new here, too. and relate: gimmicks for every moment.

for what it's worth, and i don't know this forum, it strikes me as 'resilient' that we are looking for something healthy that will support us. something community-oriented. hopefully it pans out that way.

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