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Anxiety, goodbye!


I haven't posted here in awhile because I took some advice from some of the other great members of this forum and my palpitations had subsided. The main reason I experienced palpitations in the first place was because of my anxiety/health anxiety. I was to the point where I was having them all day, every day. I eventually started to ignore them and controlled my anxiety and such as well as I could and they were gone. Now they're back. And guess why? Because I've been dealing with tons of stress which has brought my palpitations back. The moral of this post is this. If you are experiencing palpitations as I have, and you have been checked and your heart is deemed good, try to get to the root of what's causing them. I know it seems easier said then done, but believe me I never thought I would stop having them even for a day, and I stopped having them for months. I just knew they were caused by a heart problem that was overlooked and I was dead. All I could think about is dying from them every day all day. Anxiety is a lie! You can beat this. We can beat this. Now it's time for me to beat this anxiety again! And I will! Blessings to all of you, and I wish you all a VERY happy holiday season and new year!

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I haven’t been on this app in MONTHS and this was the first post I saw. Thank you for the encouragement. I am inspired. Blessings to you 💛

Lightattheend in reply to JM1064

You a very welcome 🙂

Omg how ive been feeling for 5 years. Did younfeel pauses thumps flutters ? I dont fewl.anxious thought but i have had it all my life and currently more health anxiety. I think aboit heart palps 24 7! Its hand is glued onto my.neck. ive been researching magnesium all day :(

Yes. I experienced thuds, flutters, skips and all. I had them daily, all day for almost a whole year. I too always had my hand glued on my neck or my chest because I experienced them in both places. I went to multiple cardiologists because I was constantly thinking one had missed something so I kept finding new one's just to be told my heart was good. I was also constantly at the ER having EKG's, chest xrays and blood work because of the palpitations. All I thought about from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep was them. I couldn't wait until bedtime because sleep was the only break I had from them.

I feel. just like you noe five years on and off. How did y o u heal?

I started having them again recently because of stress I believe, but not as bad. I managed to get rid of them before by not focusing on them. I believe when I was constantly focused on them I brought them on more often or made them worse if that makes sense. The mind is powerful. When I did have one, instead of letting them stop me in my tracks and crying, I ignored them. I accepted them as being caused by anxiety, and not a heart problem.

Wow 5 yrs on i still let them.control me im in fear daily. Even when im calm happy relaxed they happen. You take magnesium?

No I don't take magnesium.

I want to get better and dont know how. How many did u feel.a day i dont know how to heal

To be honest, I felt them all day every day. Mines got so bad that when I held in my breath they came. I was constantly having them and constantly in fear. They were controlling me and ruining my life. I often asked myself, how would I live the rest of my life like this. Have you saw a Cardiologist or had your thyroid and all that checked?

I have hypothyroid have for 6 yrs now. On meds and well monitored. Ocd. Then ive had echo ecg hospitals and 5 app in thr last 3 yrs to my electrophysiologist. Same when i held my breath omg i feel you understand ans are.just!!!

I was constantly having them and constantly in fear. They were controlling me and ruining my life. I often asked myself, how would I live the rest of my life like this how a tee no joy and think aboit them as i wake as i sleep what position forums drs i just want them gone!

Maybe your thyroid issues could be the cause of your palpitations?

Ive looked into it by 3 drs thry say no

All.say im.within range what else can i do when specialist after specialist says im ok. I dont know how to cope with thr heart without running to the hospital or dr

Believe me I can completely relate. I was at the Cardiologist so much and the ER getting chest xrays, EKG'S and blood taken so much that I have scar tissue in the vein in my right arm from constantly getting blood drawn. I was just miserable. You will overcome this. Believe in you...

I gpt vertigo last nigjt something ive been battling for 10 years and ectopics last 5. How do i ignore ectopics? Any tips pls

When they come try not to let them take all of your attention. I know it's hard but it can be done. If you do let them take your attention you can make your anxiety, and in my opinion the ectopics worse. When one comes on start doing something to take your mind off of them. You can do things like clean/tidy up, listen to music with headphones, call someone on the phone to chat, or come to this site to chat. Anything to take all of your attention off of them.

Ive tried what if they keep coming? Like you mentioned tpu had them.all day like every second beat? If ypu kept busy and they still came.then what?

After being cleared by several Dr's, I just took them for what they are caused by, anxiety.

See my.electrophysiologist said thry are.ectopics i just feel.them and only bad if my heartbeat isn't sustained.

Im so sorry tp bother you but im inconsolable can i msg you

Yes sure.

Thank you for your inspiring words. Bless you!

Thank you for the inspiring words of encouragement. I wish I had your confidence and strength to move forward.

Thank you for that post. Something I needed to read! You are inspiring others with that one!

You are very welcome and thank you 🙂

Blessings to you too. Thank you for sharing your positive and encouraging story.

Thank you and you're welcome.

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