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Anxiety of the mind!

I'm the one always trying to help everyone and gives as much advise as i can.... and i will be the first to say that its all in the mind but this is what had been happening to me.... i have anxiety or panic every time I'm alone in the shower and or my head under the shower head. I feel like my heart is going to beat or of my chest! So I pull my head back and relax for a minute but the minute I start to put my head under the water my heart starts beating so fast that I have to turn the water off. I know I'm not going crazy but that just comes to show the power of the mind. I read about different symptoms every day... everything from numbness to hearty attacks and even though I know its my mind... there is little I can do to stop all of this. this is not the first time and I stast thinking...i need to take a shower every day!!! Another thing that happens is that my tongue starts feeling tingly for no reason. Like I'm sucking on a piece of ice! I know this would send anyone into a panic but I've learned that I cannot control my mind.... I just have to deal with the thought and move on. I hope I don't come off as insensitive because I'm not... I have to deal with these issues just like all of you. You are not alone. Knowledge is power. I'm reading up on this because I know that the more I know, the better I will feel. Please leave your comments below. every little bit helps. I read every single comment and invite you to be my friend.

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I'm dealing with anxiety and depression also. Try taking a bath instead of a shower, that might help.

I know the feeling of a heart attack caused by anxiety. I went to the ER a few times with chest pain, shortness of breath and a month ago I had to stay overnight for 24 hr EKG monitoring. So far all my MRI, CT and EKG results came back normal but I still feel that something more should be done because I don't feel well.

Anxiety plays tricks with us, hope you feel better.


Thank you for bringing this up. Sometimes fighting anxiety just makes it worse.

I used to have an irrational fear of driving over bridges. I felt like I was going to lose control of my car and go over the edge. It was terrifying.

Eventually there was a place I needed to go almost everyday that had a long bridge I could not avoid. At first I just white-knuckled it. My legs felt so shaky I was worried about the gas and brakes. You would think doing this over and over again would lessen the fear, but no.

Somehow I stumbled on the idea of reciting a long poem I happened to have memorized as a kid for school. Saying the poem seemed to use up some of the brain power that went into making me so anxious. Now I say the poem over every bridge. What's ended up happening is that a few times I've just gone over bridges without saying the poem or being scared. Maybe I rewired my brain, or just stopped caring. I don't know. I sitll say the poem, though!

For me, anxiety kicks in so automatically that trying to reason with it is not helpful uness it's pretty mild. Sometimes I get mad and remind it who's boss - me. But otherwise, noticing it, accepting it, and focusing on other things can be very helpful. I'm a human being first, not my anxiety.

Thank you again for your wise words, JoseLuis25. I think I'm going to make up a song for you to sing in the shower! Maybe it will help, maybe not, but we can have some fun trying it out. I'm going to make it such a stupid song that hopefully just singing it will make your anxiety run away, powerless.

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It's very sweety of you to do that and I appreciate everything you guys do for me or anyone for that matter. I always want to help everyone because I know how bad it is to feel this way and the funny thing is that for the most part... I'm in control but we all have our days and its my turn today. I'm a firm believer in karma and if I help people will help me. You have been assigned as my person. Thank you. I really mean that.


Hi JoseLuis25, did you know that is not unusual to feel anxious while taking a shower or washing your hair. It happens to many people who suffer from anxiety disorder. Maybe if we understand why, it will help in reducing the stress of showering. My theory is that it has to do in being vulnerable during that time. The "what ifs" come into our minds whether we realize it or not. What if I have an anxiety attack while under the shower. What if I have an anxiety attack while leaning over the sink with shampoo in my hair and I feel ill. It boils down to not wanting to feel trapped in a situation. Needing to be in control at all times and having an out for an escape.

I found by using deep breathing during the showering or shampooing, it allows the anxiety to stay low. The capability of deep breathing is with us anytime, anywhere. It's ours for the asking...Deep breathing allows both the mind and the body to relax. The rapid thoughts disappear, the fast heart beat is slower as well as all the other symptoms that may arise during anxious moments. Breathe

A simple word, a simple gesture can solve that problem... Hope this helped some JoseLuis :)


It dies help so much. Thanks for the thought I actually found something similar on YouTube!


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