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Welcome to Anxiety Season!


I’m fine, no I’m not, I’m fine, no I’m not, I’m fine, no I’m not...ahhhhhh!! Gotta love this time of year. We’re never alone though, that’s for sure!! It’s a feeling we all know too well. So lean on each other, keep busy, know it passes and just keep fighting! All my love peeps 💜

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Yeah I’m in those moments right now & the last past days too. I have Asthma & irritability has been kicking in these days too. It’s terrible but we can make it! Hope u okay ♥️

I’m so sorry. I hope you feel better!! It’s an awful feeling I know. But we just have to keep talking on here and fighting the fight!

Working on a project for school about generalized anxiety disorder, and it triggered mine. I also forgot to take my medication, because I was so focused on the assignment. I took it when I remembered, changed my medicine alarms. But my anxiety is now in full force. I also have asthma, and I know I will have a sleepless night.

Omg you have to keep up with your meds. Take everyday at the same time. Honestly, I finally got mine in order and that’s saving me right now. You can do it! And the assignment should be a good motivator 💪🏼

if that was a man in the picture I would have said it was me well most of the time anyway.

It’s all of us right buddy? We have to always work on a part of this picture. It’s so controlling but with baby steps we can control some of it. I’m just really feeling them all lately. Ugh.

Yep just gotta luv this time of year.......

Very much so!!

But the sun is shining this morning and so am I :)

Awwww I love your response! So positive 😀 We need more people like you in this world!! 💜

Respite from the blues


I'm terrified. Since the loss of my family I've developed Seasonal Affective Disorder. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, it's all over for me. I may check in to a center for a few weeks till this is over. I don't think I can make it by myself this year. Damn panicky, anxiety, ADD, ...it sucks getting old. Everyone dies and leaves you behind.

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I loved the facility I stayed at. It got me away from everything! My girlfriend who I met there struggles like me and I feel like I was meant to go so I could have her in my life. We are like sisters now. I’m telling you, you’ll meet people at the most random places. But again, it’s good to be around them. It’s so good for us!

This is how I feel one min im fine but the one after im not

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