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Try to breathe and take in the holiday season


Hi everyone Hope all is well.

I’m just posting because I’m thinking of all of you. I hope this message finds you well and offers some comfort. Life definitely has its up and downs . For us suffers of anxiety and depression sometimes more downs. But just know how wonderful, Beautiful, smart, kind, understanding, lovable, extraordinary person you all are. You all bring something amazing to this world even if you can’t see it. Having a different perspective on life, love , lifestyle. Hobbies you creative one you. Be you and take charge this holiday season. Do all the things that bring you joy. Like running, music I want to learn Acoustic guitar, crafts, movie night, board games, museums, plays, train ride mystery dinner. Anything that fits your fancy. Go out and go dancing. Find a hobbie there is a lot out there so think outside the box. You are amazing and special human being your much loved. I’m going to also take my own advice and find a hobbie . It will help you feel whole give a sense of belonging and give us joy in something we love. I’m not so optimistic though my Screen name says just that’s what I want to be makes me feel better. So thanks to all you lovely human beings for all you do and any advice you may have given to others. You truly are special and I thank you for everything you do. Much love my friends. 😘🤗

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It's funny in that when I was reading your post, I'm thinking "wow how optimistic you are".

And then you stated you weren't really that but you want to be. And that's what it's all

about. Putting that positive thought in your mind that anything and everything is possible

in life if you never give up and you always go forward.

Thanks for the uplifting positive note. We certainly can all use that positivity in our lives.

Keep thinking outside the box and you can't help but win. Oh, let me know how that

Mystery Train ride dinner goes. Have a wonderful holiday my friend. :) xx

Positivity certainly does help it’s almost infectious. It helps me when I am negative to reverse my thoughts and turn into confident uplifting emotions. I really appreciate everyone on this site. It’s helped me through grief , anxiety and depression. Anxiety will always be a lifelong work in progress but it’s how we cope that makes better. I truly love all people and just drawn to help others. So just remember what fascinating creator you are. You may feel like you don’t fit in and are awkward at times but that’s what makes you special. You are different and special and not like everyone else. You sweet kind hearted being you. That’s how we should view ourselves. I often feel alone and misunderstood but realize I’m just special and I think when we get around like minded individuals our true Beauty will be radiant. So this post has encouraged me to start a hobbie this week. I have been needing friendship but have not tried lately . So hobbies I’ve found help and bring great joy. Hope this helps everyone and know you are special and not alone.

I will Optimistic and thank you :) xx

Wow thank you!! What a nice message. Happy Holidays to you! All the best!!

Thanks you too. 😘

What a great positive forward looking inspired me to go out and do these things....thank you

in reply to Boeta

Your welcome. I’m so glad. 😘

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