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Hello, I'm new here and i would first like to commend the people who had the great idea of starting something so needed like this. Congrats to you all. I have a lifetime of experience with my own war against PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, severe depression, social phobia, and finally agoraphobia. This all started as a young teenager in my life and continued into adulthood. Before we had google, smartphones, laptops, or even a desktop PC to help research ANY of these problems made it extremely hard to overcome. I quickly realized if i didn't help myself, no one was coming to save me. I was very scared and isolated during my decades long war,. I knew i needed to beat this as much as i needed to breathe. I eventually beat it all. But not without going to hell and back first. I'm not a therapist, but i learned so many techniques that worked for me throughout my whole ordeal that i feel i could write a book on it all. I genuinely would like to help anyone i can through their battles with these illnesses, if i could do it, ANYONE CAN.

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I'm happy and grateful that you found this site. Sometimes I like to go through the whole feed and encourage others with any thoughts that came to fruition. Other times (one few day episode, so far) I have really needed help and was helped immensely by this support network. Either situation I have not ever been disappointed or ignored. Welcome, this is a good thing to be a part of.

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Thank You kindly for the warm welcome and kind words. I hope that i may be of some help here. If you need any help with anything, please don't be afraid to ask me.

Tbine. Pleased to meet you. What an incredible story of sadness and despair, but what an amazing brave warrior and an intelligent and caring person you sound. Thankyou. for your inspiration in battling life’s hard challenges. I am sending u love and good wishes for happiness in your life.

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Thank You Kindly for the warm welcome, and your kind words. Because of what I've been through, i have always said that i hope that i get the chance to help someone that is going through their own battle. I never forgot how desperate i was to find any kind of help. That is what i remember the most when i read someone's need for help.

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I almost forgot to say that if you ever need help or have a question about anything, please don't be afraid to ask me.

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fragile58 in reply to Tbine

That is so kind. Thankyou. ❤️

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Your welcome.

Hi Tbine,

I totally agree, I find it’s been a godsend when I’ve needed a bit of reassurance and some tips. And it’s so nice to be able to pass on some tips too.


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Tbine in reply to shoppaholicsue

Hello, and thank you Sue. Believe it or not,. One could actually learn something here that would never be brought up at the therapists office, Lol. It's depends who the therapist is !

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shoppaholicsue in reply to Tbine

You're dead right there. I think the camaraderie of a shared experience is so valuable. It can't be matched by a therapist.


Hola Tbine...Welcome aboard... this place is like a tropical oasis. It is important that we focus on the good and don't let the challenges control our lives. We have so much to live for and I am glad you're here to help us get through those dark days. Being a 'veteran' fighting many wars against Panic attack syndrome I can be of support for you or anyone in this wonderful place. Be safe and take care. M

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Hola to you MEGL53, thank you much for your kindness. I am very passionate when it comes to the battles that rage on in the minds of those who suffer in silence with these issues. What i wrote in my profile is all true, and when you gi through something so traumatic in your life, there's no better thing than to be given the opportunity to possibly help someone you can totally relate to, it takes you right back to the time you were suffering and always hoping for help from anyone just willing to step up and speak. I'm here if you need anything also.

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