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So hurt

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I made the stupid mistake of talking to my ex tonight. I was trying to be amicable and maintain some form of friendship but he is so fake now and I feel like I’m not even talking to the same person anymore. He was so dodgy and dismissive that I lost it and lashed out and said so many hurtful things. I basically let out everything I have been feeling and thinking about him and his borderline incestuous relationship with his overbearing mother and now I’m not sure if I’m feeling regret for doing it or shame for letting him get to me so much that I turned into a raging bitch. I usually pride myself of keeping my cool and tonight I completely lost it. Now I can’t seem to stop crying and feeling like a piece of shit for the things I said even though the things I said were 100% true. I don’t know what to do now. Help!

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We woman usually want to maintain a sort of friendship with exes but the trouble is men take it as we want them back or we are playing games. So they see it as flirting and teasing them instead of how we mean it. Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.

You have nothing to feel guilty about. You wanted to have a friendship which is a great aim and he didn't see it like that so please don't feel bad about it. Instead congratulate yourself that he is out of your life for good. You can now start to move on with the rest of your life. Don't rent space in your head to people like this. x

Thank you. I’m trying so hard to just not think about him anymore but I’m really struggling. I try to keep myself busy but then I feel like I’m just avoiding dealing with my grief. I burn out and then get depressed again. I’m still living in our home whereas he’s moved back to his mommy and is getting coddled all over again so that’s making it harder too. I just feel so stuck.

Yuck! He sounds like a real mummys boy. He isn't really a man is he and you deserve a lot better than him. Once a mummys boy always a mummys boy. These are types to avoid like the plague. x

I read an article not long after we moved in together that listed 5 types to stay away from and he actually fell under 2 of them. An addict and a mommy’s boy. I ignored it and now I’m mad at myself for not walking away sooner. I’m 35 and feel like my time is running out for a family.

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It’s his loss, not yours! 🤗

Don’t do anything. Incestuous can be more than sexual. My oldest daughter became the fill-in wife for my ex. She took over the house and his checking account. She was 13.

Passive-aggressive behavior can really bring out the worst in you when you have to deal with it. I forgive you. With my ptsd my first thought is physical harm but I don’t.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Next time walk away. We don’t need him or care what he thinks. You learned that lesson. Be thankful and move on.

Best of luck to you


All I want to do right now is smash the shit out of his truck because that was the only thing he treated with any kind of love or respect.

That’s my usual response. P-A behavior and wimpy people make me angry too. I think it’s healthy. Don’t do it. Police get mad.

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Punch a pillow. You can’t go to jail for punching a pillow.

Apparently this feed has been reported because some man found it sexist. Sorry if it offended anyone. Just seeking help and support.

We all say things that we regret. I bet that there isn't one single adult there is on this earth that hasn't said things they regret. If it hurts you to speak to him and he seems so different then maybe it's best not to

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