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New Position as a Chaplain at New Hospital


Good evening guys!!! So I was working at a local community suburban hospital for the last 11 months as a clinical chaplain and it challenged every single part of my life. As everyone knows that I have anxiety and panic attacks and have been to every doctor imaginable because I always think something is wrong with me. I have GERD which causes anxiety as well as my sleep apnea does.

As of today though I am extremely nervous and I am trying not to allow it to turn into anxiety or panic because I am continuing my training at another hospital in the city closer to me which is also the regional trauma hospital. I love being with the people and how I can be used by God to be with people in their time of need. I have to be honest and say that I dont know what I am walking into and how these experiences will affect me and impact my mental health going forward. I pray that God will give me the strength and the courage to be the best I can be with little to no anxiety as possible. I also pray that I am not walking into more than I can chew.....

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jocie609, you serve a most important part of a patient's healing and I respect you

for that. It doesn't mean that you can't have anxiety and fear. We are human and

react to everyday challenges with anticipation. I think right now you need to believe

more in yourself and trust in God that you will be given the courage and strength to

follow your passion in life.

Your training will follow you throughout your lifetime. Use what you learn to your

benefit. There are SSRIs that will not make you sleepy that can help with your

anxiety but if medication is not your thing, then Meditation and Deep Breathing or

other methods to reduce your stress may help. I wish you well in your new job.

Please keep us updated in how you are doing. :) xx

jocie609 in reply to Agora1

Thank you sooo much!!!! I appreciate this encouragement greatly!!


That is so wonderful. I suspect you will do great as you serve others, you sill also be helping yourself. You can do all things thru Christ who strengthens you💜

jocie609 in reply to Hidden

Yes I am grateful for you!!!

I will be a prayer warrior for you.

One thing about going into these situations is to put Gods armor on. You are going into battle. You’ll be like Healthcare workers who have ptsd but it’s the kind we know we’re going to get because we’re going into that battle every day. So cry when you need to. Take 10 seconds to breathe deeply and pull God closer. Make sure you don’t get hungry. You’ll soon find the people around you working will help you as well. Don’t be afraid to get friendly with the other people working. You need that human contact when you talk about the price of food or gas.

Be aware of your body and listen to it. It takes time but you can do this.

Praying for you💛


Yes I have to remember that and I am grateful for you praying for me!! Yes I have to listen to my body especially when it tells me that I am doing too much...

So proud of you.

jocie609 in reply to Gramz47

Thanks a lot!!!

It's great that your out there helping other's. Do you suppose this is making your anxiety WORSE by having to hear others problems all the time? I read that councilors have to get counciling themselves that dealing with others problems takes a toll on people like you?

Yes, I have a therapist who I see once a week that helps me with my stuff and the stuff I struggle with letting go from others.


You’ve been chosen to do an amazing thing... work with people in need. When God calls you to do something in this world he starts by working with you. Preparing you, opening the right doors and providing you with confidence to finish His work. You’ll be okay. Just trust in yourself like God trusted you when He chose you for this challenge.

jocie609 in reply to MEGL53

Thank you sooo very much!!! I appreciate this greatly!!!


I am so glad I met you here. There are a few nurses here on this forum that I just adore for multiple reasons. One, you have a very special gift to even be able to do the work that you do. Secondly, despite the struggles you go through, you have a strong passion to help others which is an absolutely gorgeous quality to me. The fact that you push yourself to do the work you do while dealing with something as debilitating as anxiety IS a blessing. YOU are a blessing!

Even though you're making changes to what you're doing, it is OK to be scared. It's natural and even though that level for you is much different than it is for others, you're facing those fears head-on. It's the most healthy way of coping with anxiety (to me). But you have to do you. You matter and so do your feelings. So I am happy you feel comfortable expressing them here. Given what I know already about you, I think you're going to ace whatever it is you're doing. Keep up the great work!

jocie609 in reply to Hidden

Thank you soooo much I appreciate that a lot...I have to confess that I almost had a small panic attack in the elevator today at work because it is soo small and I felt claustrophobic...

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