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Hello Everyone,

So this is my first post, but I just started taking Zoloft, a very low dose, and I did the one thing I shouldn't do which is to read a bunch of stuff on the internet and kind of freaked myself out. Is any one else on Zoloft? If so, how did you react to it. I've always been nervous about taking medication. And it took me a year of therapy to agree to finally start taking medication. I just read a lot about the possible interactions that Zoloft can have with other medications like simple cold medicine. Any advice would be really appreciated!

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Ask your doc about side effects you're worried about. As you know, they put every conceivable thing down to cover their butts, and many will never bother you. I took Zoloft without ill effect for years. Every body is different. Best wishes!


I took some awhile back from my therapist and it was what I needed as the extra push through the day. Took my awhile to take it too as I hate taking medicine. Welcome to the group though!


Hi Jazmine0821,

Each person has a different blood signature so prescribing is an uncertain art practiced by doctors.

Zoloft seems to be frequently prescribed as a first line antidepressant - you may be one of the lucky ones who finds it works for you and you do not experience too many side effects.

Dr Google is useful but cannot replace the knowledge & experience of a pharmacist. If you have a cold /flu or any other condition, talk to your pharmacist about the best thing to take.


I agree with everyone , it really depends on your body. I had Zoloft before and it didn't help me , it made my very irrational with mood swings, but that's just me. Please don't be discouraged. You don't know any mrs unless you try.


Thanks everyone! I have an upcoming appointment with my Doctor and will be sure to ask her :)

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