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Still cant find my way out of depression

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it does help immensely being here and posting or talking to people and i thank everyone who has been there for me and those who will be in the future.. but nothing seems to change for me, i try to be better. i get a day or even a couple weeks where i feel like i just might be able to make something out of my life and then get overwhelmed with all the steps i have to take to get there.. i feel as though i’ll never find peace or love or anything besides this deep pain and loneliness. I had a job offer about 6 months ago but didn’t/ still dont have the transportation to get there. I still can’t seem to find the courage to contact my old friends, even if i did how would i go see them? i'm trapped in my own mind most days, there’s plenty of things i can distract myself with temporarily but in the grand scheme of things i feel as i'm nothing and never will be. i know some of you probably think it’s odd that i feel this way with some advice i've given. but ive been stuck in place for years now, with nowhere to go

27 Replies
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I’m so sorry you’re feeling all of this.. if I didn’t know that you wrote these words, I’d swear I wrote them!! Sending many hugs & Love to you💕💕

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Thank you for taking to the time to read and reply. I appreciate the love and hugs and send some back your way :)

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You’re welcome. I wish I could do more to help..knowing how you feel..makes it doubly hard not to be able to help..I want you to feel comforted as that’s what I wish for everyday..Nothing greater than peace of mind🙂

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I know what you mean, i thought twice before posting it, because it feels there’s not much to say.. so thanks for being here for me, and i do feel a little comfort knowing im not the only one :)

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That made me smile when you said you felt a little comfort💕I want to be helpful anyway I can..and I too take some comfort in knowing I’m not alone on this journey..that I so pray takes a turn for the better for both of us soon😊

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thank you, i will pray for us tonight as well :)

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Thank you!! 😊

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thanks, im sending hugs back your way my friend

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can your friends come and pick you up for social events? You would probably feel good getting out for awhile.

Depression is a chronic disease. Seems like you think you are out of the " hole" as I call it and then you slip back in.

You don't have a car so are you in therapy or unable to do that?

Exercise? Meditation? Any hobbies or interests to keep you busy?

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thats a good point, but i dont even know how to start getting back in the loop, it’s probably been about 2 maybe closer to 3 yrs now without talking to anyone

I was in therapy, my therapist did support me trying things on my own for a while, i was doing much better when i stopped than now, but it almost felt like i had it under control ( its been over a year since, so i did alright for a while) as silly as it sounds at the moment.. and my father was driving me there at the time, but he would normally have to take off work and it kinda makes me feel like a burden

and hobbies yeah ive got quite a few but sometimes i just cant make myself do any of them, starting to get to that point where i loose focus and get disappointed with myself .. i promise im not trying to be difficult, its just where im right now i guess

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You are not being difficult. It's all part of the illness.

Motivation is so hard. I totally understand. I get in the same spot. Just don't want to do anything.

I just picked up a book to read the other day. Haven't read a book in a year.. other than self help. Reading was a passion of mine but I lost that passion when I lost my ability to stay focused.

I wish I had a magical answer for you. I guess none of us would be here if there was a magical answer.

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Thank you for being so supportive, and your suggestions did definitely help me to think about some of those problems a little more clearly.. i wish there was a magical answer too, it would make things so much easier

And how did that book go?

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I'm almost done with the book. Very excited about it. Thank you for asking. Sad but I used to read up to two books a week, I don't watch tv. Mayb I will continue.

Yes, we all try and offer suggestions. Hoping something might help. But, some of us have been in this position long enough to know there's no simple solution.

Curl up with your dogs. They will keep you happy. Give you a purpose:)

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I am sending you good vibes. Please, don’t let this darkness consume you. Maybe you should start slow? Find a support group, you will be able to talk to people in person, people who understand you perfectly. Friends sometimes are of little help if they don’t know how to help us.

Feel hope. Just find it within you. I am pretty low myself right now, but when I find hope inside - it is the warmest and best thing ever to feel.

Just know, that whenever you need support, you can PM me.

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thank you, i am fighting this darkness, its just hard sometimes. i guess a support group might be a good idea

that bit about hope is really touching, it did help some, so thank you :) and sorry youre feeling low right now too

Thats very much appreciated i might one day.. you can also PM me if you ever need to

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Hi !

I can relate to nothing seems to change ! I am so sorry you are feeling like that .

If you live in the USA I can help you find a good support group ! It would be a good way to “ hang out “ with people again . I have been attending a support group every week for the past 6 months .

I also volunteer a lot ! You can start with one day a week for an hour and see how it goes ! It is a good way to keep your mind busy while helping others and the perfect way to get back to social interactions.

Exercise is also great ! A short walk , stop for a coffee ☕️ afterwards ! ;) I do that a lot alone !

Small steps ! ❤️ Never lose hope !

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thank you for the suggestions and support. the volunteering sounds like it could be good for me, and maybe i’ll start looking online for a support group around me

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You can contact the food bank in your town or even a mental illnesses organization like NAMI ( I attend their support groups ) they always need volunteers . ;)

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okay, i probably will soon once i work myself up to it. thank you again

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Sending hugs

I also relate to what you said at the end of your post. Considering the advice and encouragement that I give others, you’d think I’d be fine most of the time. But I’m afraid that the opposite seems more true 🤷🏼‍♂️

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yeah it’s kind of a weird thing, but its always nice to see that’s not just me.. i think part of it is we understand what others are feeling and like to help, but sometimes we would probably benefit from taking our own advice lol

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That is so true! I’ve been told I rank high in perception and sometimes I wonder if I’m an empath. if I could just follow my own advice lol

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Hi , just wondering how you’re doing?

Hope you are a little brighter.

Your post made me feel sad , especially after you had replied to me and made me feel better!

It’s so difficult this anxiety/ depression stuff .. it takes a long time to pull yourself from the hole . Hang in there.. here if you want to chat !

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yeah i am a little brighter, thank you for checking in. it’s very much appreciated.

and dont feel sad! like you mentioned it’s difficult to pull yourself from this hole of depression/anxiety and it also likes to pull us back in often. i hope you are doing well and thank you again:)

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