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A Way To Deal With Depression and Anxiety

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This summer, I felt like my anxiety and depression were starting to go away and now that school is about to start up again, I feel it flooding back. I cant sleep at night, my thoughts just consume me. I have tried ways to help me deal with my depression and anxiety but nothing seems to work. I have tried drawing, but it also seems to stress me out because of I'm not good at it, and I have practiced and tried to get better for years and nothing improves and then I see one of my friend's artwork that is just beautiful, which makes me more upset. I have tried writing as well, but I'm just not as passionate about anymore and every time I write its not what I want it to be. I have tried making edits... not my thing. Photography, I don't have a nice camera, even on my phone and all my photos just don't look good. I want a way to express myself, but I feel like I've tried everything

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Hello!! Have you tried reading? That’s what I do and I have to say my books are my best friends. Do you talk to anyone about wanting to express yourself more? Is there something you feel is lacking in your life?

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I do seem to watch a lot of Netflix, I binge it so much, partly because It puts me in a different world, distracts me from my own life, essentially like reading does. I do really like to read but don't really read a lot, I have trouble finding books I enjoy.

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Yeah Netflix is my friend too haha. Well what was the last book you read that you like?

Netflix is great! Maybe you can get into a series? Any series you recommend? I love Netflix. I enjoy reading, working out. Sometimes I have to push myself to work out. I joined a dancing type exercise class and seeing my friends there helps me get there :)

Hello Shewolf511!!

Good morning! 🌞 I’m sorry that you’re experiencing depression/anxiety...try not to allow your thoughts to consume you! Live in today only, focusing on the problems you have control over. Let go of the rest. If you’re living in the past or future, you should stop! Stay in today. When you start obsessing over negative thoughts/problems you can attempt to replace them with positive thoughts...searching for the good in situations and letting go of the bad aspects. It takes practice, but I know you can do it!

Some people can draw very well and there’s people like us that can’t do it. Being able to draw is a natural ability...you either have it or you don’t. That activity isn’t something necessary, just keep looking for something you like and feel good about. It doesn’t have to be profound!

Work on changing your attitude from negative to positive. You will feel so much better. Finding a way to express yourself will come in time. Don’t force it. Posting on this forum is a form of self-expression! Keep fighting! Wishing you the best!!

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Thank you! I really needed this. I will definitely try to take your advice.

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You’re very welcome 😊

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