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I thought I was getting better?


I feel like I’m not getting better again and I’m being dragged back down already. Like I ate a bunch of cookies and have a headache and now am not overly worried but concerned that it’s because the cookies are posited not because they’re very hard cookies. I also was playing sports today and the entire time my body felt weak and my chest felt strange and I felt breathless and had heart palpitations. I have been doing so much better though. So much better that I’ve been discharged from therapy without having to take any medication. (Not that I’m against medication I just have a phobia I was told to take sertraline on a low dose but never did) I just feel like I’m going back to that bad place any help suggestions or advice? Had anyone else been through this?

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Was there a reason you decided to eat all of those cookies? Did something happen?

Thanks for your reply no I just really like cookies haha

Like I haven’t slept well and I’m just really worried that everything is going back to the way it was

It feels so awful when you’ve been through such terrible times and then you start to feel better but THEN something triggers you and you begin to worry that the nightmare is going to come back. Yes I know the feeling. Only advice I have is to go back to basics. Do those things you know help you and don’t do those things that hurt you. Like for me I need to make sure I am eating (oh I eat cookies too but sometimes I don’t eat meals or anything healthy), get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and a big one for me is to spend time with my loved ones and friends. I also feel so much better when I go to a good yoga class. I also know I should see a therapist. And a huge DON’T for me is alcohol. It can and does send me on a downward tailspin. I don’t know what you’ve learned about yourself personally but give some thought to those things. What do you know will help you through? I know our thoughts have a way of causing us to panic and feel anxious. What helps you to get out of your head? Hugs and well wishes to you. 💗

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Thank you for your reply it was very helpful. I have been in therapy but I was doing so well that my therapist discharged me because she said all we are doing is discussing your progress. Which is great but now I’m just terrified I’m going to start slowly sliding back. I know I need to just sleep well and eat well as I found out I have a folic acid deficiency

I progressed to Sertraline from citalopram and it's definitely better, my pharmacy recommends Venlafaxine next as it works on two parts of the brain. My only advice , stay on the lowest dose, even if you take an extra one later in the evening, but don't move to double strength, it numbs my good experiences as well as the bad. And if you start and want to come off them do expect some withdrawal symptoms, seek advise on cutting down to stop. But no harm to stay on them anyway.

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I apologise I think I may of written that a tad misleadingly I am not currently on any medication thank you for your advice though

The same thing is happening to me. I’ve been stable for around 4 years, but this past week has been really hard. I’m having huge anxiety about chest pain. We’re in it together, don’t lose hope.

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