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What is up with this?


Is anyone else likes me? All in a day’s time you can be so discouraged that you feel like your life is over and then encouraged and think I can overcome this and reach new heights and then back down again? An ever cycling up and down? All within a day or even an hour? What’s up with this? This is me most every day. I can feel so bad and think my life is over. Then boom I feel inspired then boom again what the heck was I thinking?

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Yes! I’m not sure what triggers it but it happens to me too. You’re definitely not alone. Some days (most) my mood moves like the wind.


Oh yes Dreamie I get this all the time everyday. It’s so annoying because you want the up to last.

I was literally just thinking this. I will be in so much pain and feel like my life is ending then the next moment I’m inspired and feel like my future is bright. It’s very discouraging.

Same stuff, feels like a drug or something sooo weird tho

Me too. It is exhausting. And it's terrifying to know I'm such an unreliable narrator. I get some piece of news about something in my life and my world flips upside down. Nothing has changed in the slightest beyond my feelings but it feels earth shattering.

Dreamie in reply to argh52

I like your description “unreliable narrator”. So true! I need to hire a better one! LOL! 😂😭😋. But really thank you! 💗

This is normal for me. I think a lot of people are like this ( everyone? ) I am trying to build resilience and understand that bad things or difficult things happen to people all the time and it is just how you perceive it or deal with it. You can start to think it is something personal against you but it isn't. I am learning to weather the storms and not react so strongly to things.

feel the same :'(

Dreamie in reply to aliza_

Well at least we know we’re not alone. Just got to wait it out when we’re having those dark times. Because the sun will appear again. Just wish it would stay longer. 🤗 xoxo

aliza_ in reply to Dreamie

Let's stay hopeful.

Hi, I know what you mean 5steps forward then suddenly 15steps back so discouraged like you were never driven. Write down those positive plans n how to achieve them in the process identify the stumbling blocks that normally come. Try identify them separately so that you get an opportunity to eliminate those you can once done plan on the challenges how to get them of your way of destruction. I say failing to plan is planning for failure in this instance I feel I too plan for good knowing that I encounter disruptions to destruct. So when I plan or feel positive i always roll back and identify possible destructions try eliminate the element that discourages you and if you analyse it's mostly similar patterns but different.

Don't know if I'm making sense but try it even with a mind map (project plan)...

Dreamie in reply to Wild_N

Thank you. You make great sense! It is wise to be aware of what “triggers” the symptoms of depression and anxiety. There are definitely ones that can be identified like the news and not eating and being alone for too long, etc. Then plan to avoid these things. I NEED TO DO THIS! Good luck to us both!! 💗

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