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I wish this would go away


I just want my myself back the days of not feeling dizzy off balance like I’m going to fall over and die days where I wasn’t Afraid to go tot the store because of how horrible I feel and my weakness in my body that’s all I want to do is enjoy my life I’m tired of feeling this way it’s feel like so long I been living this I forget how it is to live without these symptoms but each and everyday they scare me as if they were new I’m so stressed out a lot on my mind I just want to enjoy my life 😭

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I hear you! I know what that feels like! And it's OK to feel this way. You are allowed To cry it out. But once you are done crying, get on your feet, and keep on trying. Get the help that you need. Work on yourself. And keep going. With time and work these things can be worked through. Some people who live everyday with other ailments dont have the option of working towards healing and a cure.

Hello sunnidayz

Yes that’s exactly what I do I cried and I seen my therapist and cried a lot and I felt really good to talk to her about what is going on with my life I always feel rejuvenated after I leave with her

Yes I have to think that way I know one day my life will be better I just need to stay strong and let this pass

Smart girl. Good work👏👏👏👏 Kudos to you!!!!

I have days where it's like what the ---- !!!!!

And I say why do I have to live this way!!! And I hate this!!! And I gotta tell myself what I told you. It's not easy to go through life like this...

I have to keep it moving & heal...........

we all do!!!!!

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Your so right


This sounds like me speaking!

Stephanie89 in reply to Hidden

This is horrible and I’m sorry u are going through this as well but I know we have to be strong and know we can overcome this

Yes!!! 💜🧡💖💗 Go to my profile and follow me

Thank u I just followed u ❤️❤️❤️


Sunnidayz1 in reply to Hidden

Go to my profile and follow me! We are all in this thing together.

I suffered panic attacks for 15 years solid and was so broken and worn out from the exhaustion and fear that I decided enough was enough and every time I panicked and it stopped me doing something I said to myself if I die I die but I will do what I want.

I realised that none born today has been promised a tommorrow so I will take my chances along with the rest of the world and see if I stay alive.

I am still here and that was 25 years ago.

I have not had a charmed life infact I think a very difficult one but it is the only one I got so my motto is

If you cannot accept that you can die you will never be able to live

Somethings are a mystery and not for our ears and brain it is a good job in a way because if one could buy guarantees for life the rich would live for ever and the poor would be dropping like flies and I would be in the fly section.

So please try to take that first step to freedom and see how you do take care

Stephanie89 in reply to trimmso

Hello trimmso

I am sorry u been dealing with this for many years

But I feel how u feel me thinking I’m going to die for a year and a half has stopped me from doing so much and I hate how I ave two kids 9 and 7 and I feel I missed out on so much I just wish my Brian wouldn’t go to I’m going to die cuz it panics me and scares me but ur right I do have to accept it in order for me to live thank u for that I will do my best to accept so I can live my life

I know exactly how you feel... it’s horrible I went through two years of being house bound not really even leaving my bed it was my medication and my dr had me on so much that it disabled me pretty much. He had me on 8 mg of clonazepam a day and one day I just was so frustrated that I went to emerg to see a phychiastrist to find out what was wrong. He changed all my meds and that feeling changed. I just had another med change this week that is making me feel the same very weak but I’m hoping it’s just adjusting to the new meds and the weakness and dizzyiness and feeling of my hearts going to explode will stop. I’m giving it another week then going back to my phychiastrist if it doesn’t but you don’t have to feel this way please go back to a dr or emerg and they will help you

Hello lostgirl75

I’m sorry u are dealing with this as well

I was housebound last year for about 3 1/2 months was a horrible time in my life couldn’t leave the bed without having constant panic attacks

My dr told me my dizziness and weakness is the anxiety and my body feeding off the fear it going haywire and the only way to make me feel better is to overcome this and think positive and change my way of thinking he told me if I do that I will have my life back I hope ur meds make u feel better I am so afraid of taking them I don’t I’m trying to find ways of beating this myself it hasn’t been easy though I must say I just want my life back and for these horrible symptoms to go away

I had a traumaitic medical catalyst that set my panic attacks off when I was 18 a long time ago when many poor mental health patients were still being detained in mental institutions because they had a baby without being married. They were left to rot some for 40 years + others died in these places without ever being released. Thet did not finallly close these institutions completely before the 1990s.

I was the next generation up but attitudes towards mental health issues were still in the dark ages.

At least now on the surface one is allowed to have mental health issues without risking the entire collapse of your family life.

Dont answer if you do not want to but did your panic attacks rear over a particular issue or just generally build up over the pressure of living?

You have 2 children so your conscience ls being pulled in all directions I had kids through my worse times and it was heartbreaking to involve them in my daily survival regime.

But like I already stated the entire globe of people are all in this mishmash melting pot together and nobody has a freehold for their life only their house if their lucky to own one.

So somehow you must get back control of your life so the children that you dearly love can start living.

Most kids are loyal to their mum and dad regardless of suffering but the sweeter you can make the time with your children the better chance they will have to go forward in love and stability.

Every one born has their demons but do you control them or do they control you?

I am going to be harsh now and say that is is lovely to hold hands with your children but yours are the bigger hands and should be leading them as their hands are too small yet to lead you.

Maybe contact a doctor or nurse practitioner and tell them your symptoms. You deserve to live a stable, joyful life. Is there anyone in your life now that you can tell this to?

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