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Go away already!


I’m just ready to go back to feeling normal!! I have a precious baby who needs me and I feel like I’m just stuck!! My mind makes me think I’m going to just die some days! I just went to enjoy life with my 8 month old!!! 😭😭😭

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Your baby is so lucky to have a mama that wants so badly to be the best for him/her. Just remember, that little angel can't understand a thing you're saying, he/she can't speak to you or judge you. But I bet your baby smiles when they see you right? I bet they get SO excited when they see you first thing in the morning. Your baby LOVES you for no other reason other than that you're you and no one else. Keep pushing, mama. Go to therapy if you can, take medication if your doctor wants you to. Take time in figuring out which helps you the best. I'm not a mom yet, but I already know mothers are the STRONGEST human beings on this earth. You will get through this!! I am praying so much for you and your little nugget.

Thank you for the encouraging words🌹

You have a wonderful Christmas with you 8 month old. Santa will arrive, with something Special. I like Teddy Bears Lol

All the best


I can relate- I feel like PPD and PPA robbed me of my bonding experience with my baby in many ways. As others have said, seek resources for yourself. Often as mothers we neglect ourselves when everyone benefits from us at our most healthy.

I understand completely As I have going through this traumatic dance since u was 19. Age 38 now. I have a baby and I understand your pain

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Since I was * sorry about typos

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I don’t like this

I’m so sorry did I offend you in anyway .. I don’t mean to ?

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Not at all, I was saying I don’t like the feeling

Me too ☹️

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