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Feel so alone


I feel so alone. I feel hopeless and depressed. I have to be happy at work and smile all the time but I’m so sad inside. Sometimes I wonder why it’s worth it to go on

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Just remember your not alone.

Plenty of good people here to talk to.

Thank you, that is helpful to know

No problem, happy to talk any time

What's on your mind?

I’m just a mess. My mom passed away last September. I miss her so much, my heart is breaking. It’s so hard to live in this world without her

I'm sorry to hear that.

Any other family or friends that you can talk to?

Technically but I don’t want to bog them down with my issues. My husband plays video games whenever he’s home and doesn’t even spend time with me. It just sucks

Sweetie that is tough. I had a good friend who quite suddenly lost her husband last August so I understand what you’re going through based on what she’s going through. I would really recommend trying to connect with either a therapist or a grief group or something along those lines.

Thank you, I attend griefshare but I think I need therapy also. I’m going to look into it again


I'm thinking with nostalgia at the days when I was a child. They a gone and never return. At that time I run outside as long as day is and never had health problem. I missed those days. Now I'm older and ill. Why?

Missylluvv1 in reply to Hidden

I miss the old days too. Having both my parents and being so hopeful about the future

Agora1 in reply to Missylluvv1

Missylluvv1, I'm sorry for the loss of your mom. I so understand what you are going

through. No matter what age we lose our parents, there is an emptiness that can't

be filled except by good memories of the past. I think it's the rude awakening that

life doesn't go on forever. I found myself psychologically moving up in line after my

parents passed. Therapy did help me express these fears and sadness. Today with

each holiday and special events, I think of my loved ones that are no longer here

and bless the fact that I have such wonderful memories to hold on to. (not everyone

does). Give yourself time and the future will take care of itself. xx

I second third and fourth what everyone has said. You’re definitely not alone and there are some wonderful compassionate people here.

Thank you, that helps so much. Sometimes we find comfort and understanding in strangers online :)

Hi I have never had a job where I had to smile all the time and pretend to be happy! This is impossible as no one is like this 24/7 as we all have problems. You are allowed to be quiet if you want or be tired, fed up etc. As long as you don't overload others with your problems and do your job, stop wearing the 'mask' as much as you can. x

I’ll try but I’m a social worker so my role is to service the emotional needs of others. Sometimes it’s just too much. But I need to start practicing better self care if I’m going to last

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