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Feeling so alone

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This is my first post, but I need to reach out to others who have this horrible disease. with so many people as being diagnosed with Major Depression, why do I feel so alone? I have a wonderful husband, a close family and many wonderful friends, yet I feel so isolated. Like nobody can truly understand why I feel this way. It's like there is nowhere safe for me to be. I am on meds, I see a counselor and a psychiatrist. I do all the things I should be doing. Can anyone relate??

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Hi 💗I completely relate to your feelings and I know so many on this site can as well. You will find great support here. Praying for a healing of your heart and sending hope your way!

Thank you. That is just what I need!

Hello Daisy,

I've done something silly just now. I wanted replying to you and I had some computer issues and it restarted and wiped out my message to you. I here if you need some to talk to.


Hi Randy! Computers are definitely a blessing and a curse lol. I tried going to a depression support group, but felt alone there as well! I am struggling to find my place in this big world...a place with no darkness, but I don't know if that is possible. I feel like my family expects me to get over it. I get so tired of the battle that goes on in my head.

Yes we can. You are not alone. For those who have not had depression, they cannot understand fully. This is a great place to get support. I’m glad you found us.

You're right, they try to understand, but if only they could live in my shoes for even a day. It's draining. I get tired of fighting in my head...but I can't give up!

So many people on here feel the same way. I have a wonderful fiancé, family and friends too. I totally understand what you mean by still feeling isolated and alone. I met someone very special on this site and we talk about the illness of course, but we joke around a lot. She brought a lot of joy to my life. I feel strongly now about friendships. I never really had good friends. Our families are there for love, support and can cheer us up, but having a friend or friends that you can laugh with, hold onto it 🤗

You came to the right place. Besides meds and doctors, I find writing, essential oils, doing one accomplishment a day and getting into a good show helps. I hope you find ways too. We just need to keep trying and definitely help each other out 💜

Thank you Maria. I have some great girlfriends, but I know I can only talk about my illness for so long and then they tune out. I think it will be different here. :) It's so wonderful that you found a good friend who supports you and makes you smile. Hold onto that!!

Welcome. :) I like it here. I have found support & encouragement & cheer from some pretty cool people. I hope you find that, too. Love to you!

thank you LovelySnow! I think this site is exactly what I was looking for. I feel surrounded by people who truly get it and truly want the best for me.

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